"Grandma" top 1 box office movie: made her first movie at the age of 78, shaved her head 4 times

Bút MáyJun 19, 2024 at 16:32

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Recently, the film crew of Grandma's Fortune (Thailand) including director Pat Boonnitipat, screenwriter Thodsapon Thiptinnakorn, and actress Taew Usha Seamkhum (role of grandmother) were present in Ho Chi Minh City to interact with the media and perform cinetour.

Right from the moment she appeared, 78-year-old actress Taew Usha Seamkhum attracted sympathy from the attendees thanks to her slow, sometimes humorous answering style. Her appearance with platinum hair is also impressive.

Grandma top 1 box office movie: made her first movie at the age of 78, shaved her head 4 times - Photo 1

Ms. Taew Usha Seamkhum shared her surprises when she first stood in front of the camera: "This is my first film, so I had a little difficulty remembering my script and that of my co-star, and remembering when to speak. I use the method of writing scripts and writing lines on paper to learn because if I forget, it will affect the crew.

About her co-star Billkin, who plays her grandson in the film, she said: "My impression of Billkin is cute, looking at him I feel like this is my grandson. Billkim often teases me, makes me feel attached to him."

Grandma top 1 box office movie: made her first movie at the age of 78, shaved her head 4 times - Photo 2

Talking about memorable scenes, Ms. Taew Usha Seamkhum confided: "There is a scene that I remember the most is when my character was sick and took off his shirt to help him clean himself. That scene really touched my heart, I I feel like I'm really sick and have a grandchild come to take care of me and truly love me.

The hardest scene for me was when we were walking on the road. The distance was quite long and the weather was h.ot, so I had to stop and rest for a while. Billkin walked next to me and covered me with an umbrella, which was equally difficult. The easiest scene for me is the scene where the two of them sit and play, just a little filming and then it's done."

Grandma top 1 box office movie: made her first movie at the age of 78, shaved her head 4 times - Photo 3

According to the film crew, Mrs. Taew did all the scenes in the movie Grandma's Fortune herself to achieve the best cinematic effect: from the scene where her grandson bathes her to the scene where her head is shaved due to chemotherapy. She even shaved her hair four times during filming to ensure uniformity of the image. Although she was a bit hesitant at first because she had never done that in real life. In the end, she wanted the film to be lifelike, so she decided to sacrifice for the character.

After the unexpected success of the film, Ms. Taew was loved by many people and established a fan club. She was very surprised when she went out to meet many young people happily running to hug and call 'ma'am'.

Grandma top 1 box office movie: made her first movie at the age of 78, shaved her head 4 times - Photo 4

There were even middle-aged men who shared with Ms. Taew that in their lives they had never cried while watching a movie, until watching Grandma's Fortune. The audience's shares made the actress feel like they loved the character Amah like her. From then on, she felt happy every day because the movie she acted in was truly meaningful.

The film crew had a different way of working to support Ms. Taew Usha Seamkhum during filming. The producer also said that coincidentally, as the filming progresses, the filming schedule becomes more and more crowded, so sometimes the 78-year-old actress gets tired. This is consistent with the image of a grandmother gradually exhausted by end-stage cancer. Therefore, the images on film are more realistic.

How to make millions before Grandma dies is set in an idyllic working-class neighborhood in Thailand, where grandson M returns to visit his grandmother's house.

Grandma top 1 box office movie: made her first movie at the age of 78, shaved her head 4 times - Photo 5

M is his mother's only son and also her only and oldest grandchild. With the dream of becoming a streamer (live broadcaster), M buried himself in video games all day. However, his future is not very promising.

When faced with difficulties, M heard from his mother that his grandmother had cancer. Remembering that her cousin Mui inherited a house from her grandfather, M hopes that she will inherit her grandmother's inheritance, which is the house where she lives.

Grandma top 1 box office movie: made her first movie at the age of 78, shaved her head 4 times - Photo 6

M decided to return to take care of her in the last days of her life in the hope of inheriting the house. From here, the daily life of the sick grandmother and her careless grandson is portrayed, bringing many emotions to the audience. Audiences watching the film seem to find themselves in the story of their grandmother or M.

Grandma top 1 box office movie: made her first movie at the age of 78, shaved her head 4 times - Photo 7

The film ranked #1 at the Thai box office in the first months of 2024, surpassing a series of blockbusters such as Tomb of the Worms and Godzilla x Kong at the time it was released in its home country. After nearly 2 weeks of release, the film grossed more than 58 billion VND in Vietnam, becoming the Thai film with the highest opening revenue ever in the Vietnamese market.

Grandma top 1 box office movie: made her first movie at the age of 78, shaved her head 4 times - Photo 8

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