Billkin "Grandma's Wealth" emerges as the new "box office king" of Thailand

Thanh PhúcJun 14, 2024 at 15:36

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Young actor Billkin, thanks to the explosion of the movie Grandma's Fortune, helped him suddenly become a highly sought-after name throughout Asia. In Vietnam, the movie is also making waves in all theaters.

Billkin's role in Grandma's Wealth is considered very important, as he must show the transformation from a self-serving, heartless nephew to realizing his feelings for his grandmother, and giving her his love. flawless sincerity. Thanks to his progressive acting, Billkin conquered the audience, contributing to helping Gia Tai Cua Ngo b.ig in his homeland. The film conquered the 100 million baht mark after only 5 days of screening, and quickly conquered the numbers 200, 300 million. Currently, Grandma's Wealth is the highest-grossing film in Thailand in 2024.

Billkin Grandmas Wealth emerges as the new box office king of Thailand - Photo 1

Many fans have called Billkin "the 100 million baht hero", and now "the 300 million baht hero" when he officially holds the title of male star with the highest first film revenue of all time. Asked about this title, Billkin replied that he felt "it's crazy" but had to accept reality. The day Grandma's Fortune was released, his management company let all employees take time off from work to go to the theater to support "homegrown chicken". It can be said that Billkin is receiving many "sweet fruits" for his film career.

Billkin Grandmas Wealth emerges as the new box office king of Thailand - Photo 2

Although famous as an actor, Billkin surprised the audience with his "huge" family background. Billkin's full name is Billkin Putthipong Assaratanakul, born in 1999 in Bangkok, Thailand. Since childhood, Billkin was almost named Eyeore after the donkey in the cartoon Pooh Bear, partly because his cousins both have famous character names such as Mickey and Minnie. However, after that, his family named him Bill. Ultimately, the name Billkin was born because he was often called that by his older brother.

Billkin Grandmas Wealth emerges as the new box office king of Thailand - Photo 3

Billkin's family is rich, powerful and has deep roots in Thai business. His family works in the field of bronze making, under the name Wattanapanich Bronze. Not to mention, Billkin is also the nephew of the COO of B-Quik, a vehicle company. Since childhood, Billkin attended one of Thailand's leading private boys' schools, Saint Gabriel's. With his parents taking care of his education and life in a thoughtful and complete way, Billkin has almost never been "away from" designer clothes. As soon as he was in high school, Billkin wore branded clothes like Versace, Hermes... on his b.ody. He is also often seen going to school in a Porsche. That's why in Thailand, fans often call Billkin HISO (High Class Society).

Billkin Grandmas Wealth emerges as the new box office king of Thailand - Photo 4

However, Billkin later chose to pursue the entertainment field instead of following the family business. This 9X started showbiz activities under Nadao Bangkok company. In 2016, Billkin officially debuted as one of the main hosts of the show Love Missions, as well as participating in a number of fashion events as a model. He only started to gain fame as an actor thanks to participating in the project My Ambulance, whose story line was paired with PP Krit.

Billkin Grandmas Wealth emerges as the new box office king of Thailand - Photo 5

Because of the explosive effect of both, Nadao Bangkok planned to make a separate film for Billkin and PP, with the original name BKPP: The Series in February 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the project encountered difficulties and changed its name, then officially launched in October with the name I Told Sunset About You (Decoding Your Love With My Heart). The film quickly exploded throughout Asia.

Billkin Grandmas Wealth emerges as the new box office king of Thailand - Photo 6

The film helped Billkin and PP become famous and become bright stars of T-Biz. The couple also caused a stir because of their familiar, "shady" relationship from the movie to real life. In fact, Billkin and PP have been friends since childhood, grew up and matured together, and even became descendants of both families. That's why BKPP is considered a special, rare boylove couple in Thailand.

Billkin Grandmas Wealth emerges as the new box office king of Thailand - Photo 7

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