Asa (BABYMONSTER) proudly accepts her new identity as the symbol of airport fashion

Gia NhiJun 18, 2024 at 13:34

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Member of rookie group B.aby Monster - Asa was awarded the title "airport queen" by fans, as her fashion sense every time she appears here is extremely eye-catching, making fans fascinated. infatuated with no way out.

Information about BabyMonster's Asa causing "riot" at the airport has reached the top of searches across online forums in Korea. The female idol born in 2006 appeared in public with an appearance reminiscent of the Y2K style of the early 2000s. This is a trend that many idols love and have made a mark, including Ningning (aespa), NewJeans or Jennie (BlackPink).

Asa (BABYMONSTER) proudly accepts her new identity as the symbol of airport fashion - Photo 1

While most stage and event outfits of Kpop idols are chosen by stylists, demonstrating the style direction from the management company, the airport is where idols have more freedom to express themselves. Wear what suits your personal preferences. Appearing at Incheon International Airport to depart for Singapore to hold a meeting with fans, the female rapper of B.aby Monster group "overwhelmed" the other members to become the brightest.

Asa (BABYMONSTER) proudly accepts her new identity as the symbol of airport fashion - Photo 2

"Airport fashion" has also become a popular concept in Kpop. Shows the artist's true style, as they break away from the company. In a series of viral airport photos, Asa proves herself to be a stylish fashionista, with a layered outfit reminiscent of the 2000s.

With a slim b.ody, perfect b.ody proportions and beautiful, harmonious facial features; The Japanese beauty has truly captured the hearts of fans. Netizens have had positive reactions to this image of Asa: "Wow, her outfit and figure are perfect"; "She described the true spirit of Y2K style"; "This is what I want to see from a YG g.irl group."

Asa (BABYMONSTER) proudly accepts her new identity as the symbol of airport fashion - Photo 3

Other opinions commented that Asa and B.aby Monster members in general have gradually created personal charm. This is similar to the direction that YG Entertainment developed for Blackpink. Personal charm in terms of talent and style will help the members attract a loyal fan base early, which will later be favorable conditions for solo activities.

Not only causing a fever with her beautiful appearance, Asa is also considered to have a strong, smooth rap voice. Many fans expressed that the BabyMonster member is the perfect "inheritor" of the title of top female rapper of the new generation in Kpop from senior Lisa (BlackPink).

Asa (BABYMONSTER) proudly accepts her new identity as the symbol of airport fashion - Photo 4

Along with Ruka, Asa are the first Japanese members to debut in an idol group managed by YG Entertainment. In contrast to her pure and gentle visual, Asa possesses an extremely powerful voice, true to YG's style. With her pure beauty and outstanding talent, fans believe that Asa will be even more successful in both singing and fashion.

Asa (BABYMONSTER) proudly accepts her new identity as the symbol of airport fashion - Photo 5

When she first debuted, in the introduction clip, Asa was memorable through her attractive eyes and divine profile, compared to BLACKPINK's eldest sister Jisoo. Asa is expected to be one of the members that attracts fans and attracts many advertising shows in the future thanks to her outstanding appearance and multilingual ability because she is a Japanese idol.

Asa (BABYMONSTER) proudly accepts her new identity as the symbol of airport fashion - Photo 6

Even though she is a foreign member, she is highly appreciated for her ability to speak Korean fluently like a native. In particular, Asa also stands out with her extremely good Hip-Hop and Rap dancing ability. Before joining YG Entertainment, Asa had experience singing musicals and participated in "LADYBIRD Green Musical" in 2017.

Asa (BABYMONSTER) proudly accepts her new identity as the symbol of airport fashion - Photo 7

Previously, Asa was suspected of being treated unfairly by YG. She is often divided into quite a few rapping/singing lines and is almost the least of B.aby Monster. YG President Yang Hyun Suk once introduced Ahyeon, Chiquita, Rami, Ruka, Pharita as the B.aby Monster members chosen by YG and Asa and Rora as the two audience members chosen. This statement raises suspicions that Asa debuted thanks to a "salvage ticket".

However, up to now, it can be seen that Asa has proven that his piece of the puzzle is difficult to replace in the group.

Asa (BABYMONSTER) proudly accepts her new identity as the symbol of airport fashion - Photo 8

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