Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved unprecedented achievements in Kpop, fans criticized BABYMONSTER

Phúc SenMay 27, 2024 at 06:47

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Idol female artist Lisa - a member of the group BlackPink has just announced good news to the public, when she became the first Kpop solo artist to have a song surpass 1 billion views. The fans started comparing with a member of the junior group, BabyMonster.

Lisa is one of the few Kpop artists who has been praised by critics since day one as she has sought to challenge herself in this project of her life and show the world the confidence she has in musical ability by competing with artists in the pop music field.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved unprecedented achievements in Kpop, fans criticized BABYMONSTER - Photo 1

Lisa's hard work, dedication, and ability to inspire others were rewarded when recently on May 26, her solo song M.oney finally surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube. Thus, along with Jennie and Psy as a K-pop solo artist, Lisa has a song that has reached that number threshold on this platform.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved unprecedented achievements in Kpop, fans criticized BABYMONSTER - Photo 2

This is also an achievement that helps Lisa become the fastest female solo artist to reach this milestone with 972 days. Not only that, Lisa's dance video performing the song M.oney is also the second dance video in history to reach 1 billion views on YouTube - before that was BLACKPINK's How You Like That Dance Practice.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved unprecedented achievements in Kpop, fans criticized BABYMONSTER - Photo 3

Lisa's M.oney is also the first and only song by a Kpop solo artist to surpass 1 billion views and streams (streaming) on both YouTube and Spotify platforms. With her achievements on Spotify, Lisa has put her name on the Spotify Billions Club list (Artists with over 1 billion streams) along with Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Bad Buny and rapper Post Malone. Previously, the female idol's song M.oney also set a Guinness record as the first Kpop song to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify in September 2022, exactly one year after its release.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved unprecedented achievements in Kpop, fans criticized BABYMONSTER - Photo 4

Previously, BlackPink also announced good news about the world tour. Kicking off from October 15, 2022, BLACKPINK's world tour titled BORN PINK officially ended on September 17, 2023. This tour not only exploded in terms of revenue. but also established many achievements to be proud of. A few days ago, Touring Data announced BLACKPINK concert revenue after nearly 1 year ending. Specifically, with a total of 11 legs and 66 shows and 1,815,183 tickets sold, the BORN PINK tour brought in more than 331.8 million USD (8.4 trillion VND).

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved unprecedented achievements in Kpop, fans criticized BABYMONSTER - Photo 5

This number helped BLACKPINK become the Asian artist with the highest-grossing tour in history, surpassing their predecessor One Direction.

This achievement of Lisa quickly made fans think of her junior Chiquita, the youngest member of YG's junior group - BabyMonster. Accordingly, since debut, Chiquita has been considered "little Lisa", but many fans also think that this is a "too broad" title compared to Chiquita, because to become a junior version of Lisa is not simple. simple.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved unprecedented achievements in Kpop, fans criticized BABYMONSTER - Photo 6

Chiquita, from having the same hometown of Thailand to her face, expressions, smiling face,... all make Chiquita have special similarities with her senior Lisa. In the debut MV Batter Up, this becomes even more obvious. However, many people argue that Chiquita is trying to imitate Lisa in her debut product.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved unprecedented achievements in Kpop, fans criticized BABYMONSTER - Photo 7

Specifically, in many scenes, Chiquita's charisma and emotional expression all have Lisa's image. Even the dance moves in solo scenes match the choreography that the youngest member of BLACKPINK once performed. On social networks, many international audiences were also surprised to see BABYMONSTER's debut MV but thought that Lisa was also appearing in the MV.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved unprecedented achievements in Kpop, fans criticized BABYMONSTER - Photo 8

The fact that many of Chiquita's scenes are similar to Lisa's makes the online community think that YG's youngest rookie sister is trying to imitate her seniors and become a copy of Lisa (BLACKPINK). Besides, there are also opinions that this may very well be the image orientation of YG company when they want Chiquita to have many similarities with Lisa. However, fans want Chiquita to have her own color so she won't be confused with anyone in Korean showbiz.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved unprecedented achievements in Kpop, fans criticized BABYMONSTER - Photo 9

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