King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinh's new public boyfriend, super b.ody

Thiên DiMay 23, 2024 at 15:57

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Recently, King Ngoc Tinh and King Vu Linh revealed that they are in the courtship phase, attracting attention from netizens. People quickly searched for the identity of Truong Ngoc Tinh's boyfriend.

Recently, social media forums were buzzing about sharing the news that King Truong Ngoc Tinh and Queen Vu Linh were publicly dating. The source of the incident is the clip that Truong Ngoc Tinh posted on his personal page. He and King Vu Linh had a very emotional hand holding action. Not only that, during the joint livestream, the two also had many intimate gestures such as creating a heart shape and the runner-up Vu Linh was not afraid to kiss his senior's cheek.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 1

Many people believe that Truong Ngoc Tinh and Vu Linh are dating, even the relationship is at the level of lovers. Recently, the two models have been "sticky" at events, shows and daily activities.

Besides the comments supporting and blessing the sincere feelings of the insiders, a part of netizens expressed doubts about Truong Ngoc Tinh and Vu Linh dating. Many people think that it's because the two are just close brothers and are just creating "moments" to let fans "push the boat". Some comments even commented that Truong Ngoc Tinh and Vu Linh were using their love story to promote their names.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 2

However, recently Mister International 2017 confirmed with Sao Sao that he and Vu Linh are currently in the stage of getting to know each other.

"Vu Linh and I have known each other since 2014. At that time, I was a judge for a modeling contest and Vu Linh was a contestant. We have only been close for about two years, currently at the level of getting to know each other. I love Vu Linh because she is very gentle and gentle. We are having happy days, but love is difficult to say in advance, everything needs time to answer," Truong Ngoc Tinh said.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 3

Mister International 2017 said that his relationship with Vu Linh was fortunate to have the support of his family. The two models share the same opinion that everything should follow naturally. The important thing is that they feel happy and comfortable when they are together. "Being both models, we easily sympathize, share many things, and get along well in both work and life. Both are always willing to accompany and support the other in everything," Ngoc Tinh said.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 4

Contacting Vu Linh, the male model admitted that he and Ngoc Tinh are in the courtship phase. "Currently, we are close teammates at work. We both went to shows together for nearly 2 years and then became close, cared for and cared for each other. We are seeing if we are compatible," Vu Linh share.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 5

It is known that Vu Linh (real name Nguyen Vu Linh) was born in 1994, from Ben Tre. He has a height of 1m83 and a toned b.ody. Besides being a freelance model, Vu Linh is also a flight attendant. In 2017, he was nominated for Mister Universe Tourism 2017 in the Philippines. Returning from the competition, Vu Linh became more active as a model.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 6

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 7

He won the runner-up position in Vietnam Fashion Model 2018. By 2022, Vu Linh became more known when he appeared in the show The Next Gentleman - Perfect Gentleman 2022.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 8

At the program, Vu Linh joined coach Xuan Lan's team. Even though she only stopped at the Top 10 position, Vu Linh succeeded in leaving an impression on the audience. In August 2022, Vu Linh was appointed to replace Minh Kha - runner-up of The Next Gentleman - to Trinidad and Tobago to compete in Mister Grand International - Mister International Peace 2022.

With the advantage of appearance and confidence, Vu Linh performed well in the additional competitions within the competition. He is also highly appreciated by international media. Before the final night, Missosology website also predicted that the Vietnamese representative would win the runner-up position in this beauty arena. Until the final, Vu Linh finished as runner-up 4. In addition, the Vietnamese representative also excellently won two additional awards: Best in National Costume and Top Model.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 9

Talking about his achievement as runner-up, Vu Linh confided: "Although I have a bit of regret about not being crowned the highest position of Mister Grand International 2022, I am satisfied with this result. I am fortunate to receive more energy from The support of the audience at home and friends around the world. The title of runner-up will help me be more responsible for community and social activities in the future."

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 10

In addition to possessing a toned appearance and masculine face, the Vietnamese representative confidently expressed himself at the competition rounds within the framework of the Mister Grand International 2022 contest. Before the final night, beauty site Missosology also predicted Representing Vietnam to win the runner-up position in this beauty arena.

Vu Linh's victory also contributed greatly to Vietnam's golden table of achievements in the Mister Grand International competition in particular and international competitions for men in general.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 11

At Vietnam Beauty Fashion Awards - Vietnam Model Awards recently took place with the participation of hundreds of artists from many different fields. Here, runner-up Vu Linh overcame other strong opponents to officially become the owner of the "Most Popular Model of the Year" a.ward.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 12

This is the first time Vu Linh has been nominated after more than 7 years of working as a model. In the moment of receiving the a.ward, supermodel Vu Linh shared that Linh felt like she was being crowned runner-up again.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 13

After w.inning the title of International Peace Runner-up 2022, Vu Linh regularly participates in performing at large and small fashion shows. In addition, Vu Linh also regularly holds the role of judge and professional advisor for many fashion shows for children.

Therefore, the title "Most Popular Model of the Year" is a completely worthy achievement for Vu Linh's artistic efforts.

King Vu Linh: King Ngoc Tinhs new public boyfriend, super b.ody - Photo 14

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