Runner-up Ngoc Hang deserves the title of LUNAS's formidable opponent, her voice is like Jisoo - Rosé

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Not long after announcing the lineup, the group of 5 Beautiful Sisters - LUNAS has encountered a formidable opponent. Even though she has the appearance of a runner-up, her voice is compared to Jisoo - Rosé of BLACKPINK.

Recently, netizens had an exciting opportunity when LUNAS - the music group consisting of 5 beautiful girls from the show "Beautiful Sisters Who Tread the Wind and Turn the Waves" the first season was officially revealed, including members: Trang Phap, Diep Lam Anh , Khong Tu Quynh, Lan Ngoc and Huyen B.aby.

Runner-up Ngoc Hang deserves the title of LUNASs formidable opponent, her voice is like Jisoo - Rosé - Photo 1

Not willing to be outdone by Sister Dep, the Golden Lotus Company - the copyright holder of a series of prestigious beauty pageants in Vietnam - also quickly announced the first g.irl group called SLAYDIES - to directly confront LUNAS group.

SLAYDIES is a play on the words "slay" (a slang word meaning someone gorgeous) and "ladies". According to information from Golden Lotus, the group will consist of 4 members and will be debuted this year.

Runner-up Ngoc Hang deserves the title of LUNASs formidable opponent, her voice is like Jisoo - Rosé - Photo 2

Immediately, names like: Thuy Tien, Tieu Vy, Hoang Phuong, Lona Kieu Loan... were called out by the online community because of their excellent appearance and extremely admirable stage talent.

SLAYDIES made the audience even more excited when they suddenly announced the first member and leader of the group - runner-up Ngoc Hang, stage name HERA. By posting a video, she showed off her powerful and attractive voice, proving that her group SLAYDIES is "not your average"!

Runner-up Ngoc Hang deserves the title of LUNASs formidable opponent, her voice is like Jisoo - Rosé - Photo 3

Below the comments, the audience praised the singing ability of the Vietnamese runner-up 2022 and her performance style just like a Kpop idol. She is even considered the perfect version of a Korean idol with the combination of Rosé's voice and the signature black hair of BLACKPINK's visual - Jisoo.

- This is the best voice of the Golden Lotus family. The most multi-talented person!

- Why does my voice sound similar to Rose and Jisoo? The rap part is similar to Lisa's.

- She's beautiful and tall, she's also good at studying, sings and dances well, is a vegetarian,... and has a great catwalk, is good at English, tall and has a beautiful figure!

- I'm already preparing to become an Idol, so please debut quickly!

- This guy is so talented. When she was crowned, she wasn't as pretty as she is now, but I already paid the most attention to the top 3.

- Honestly, the rap is full of YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK qualities, the words are really great!... are the comments left by netizens.

Runner-up Ngoc Hang deserves the title of LUNASs formidable opponent, her voice is like Jisoo - Rosé - Photo 4

On the evening of April 6, Ngoc Hang released her debut product with a new stage name. A few days ago, she also announced the official poster and changed her avatar on social networking platforms.

In the MV titled "Weak Heart", the beauty born in 2003 shook hands with Ung Duy Kien - the young director behind a series of Vietnamese music videos such as Truc Nhan's Really Surprise, Toc Tien's Does Anyone Love You Like You. ..

Runner-up Ngoc Hang deserves the title of LUNASs formidable opponent, her voice is like Jisoo - Rosé - Photo 5

The song was composed by musician Hung Cacao - who is known as an experienced musician, singer, pianist and music producer in the Vietnamese music market.

He is also the owner of many hits such as: Kem Duyen - Rum x Nit x Masew, How Will You Feel At That Time - Lou Hoang, Neither Love Nor Loneliness - Do Hoang Duong, Open Words - Suni Ha Linh. ...

Runner-up Ngoc Hang deserves the title of LUNASs formidable opponent, her voice is like Jisoo - Rosé - Photo 6

Ngoc Hang said that before officially debuting, every day she always spent some time practicing singing, dancing as well as researching and learning more about music knowledge. With the MV "Weak Heart", the runner-up had about more than 1 month to complete from the preparation stages to finishing the product.

After Ngoc Hang, the next names are also rumored by netizens to join SLAYDIES' lineup. Netizens constantly call out the names of multi-talented queens, especially girls who are famous for their performance skills or have won awards in the arts field.

Runner-up Ngoc Hang deserves the title of LUNASs formidable opponent, her voice is like Jisoo - Rosé - Photo 7

Among them, Miss Tieu Vy - the creator of the "Fire of Hatred" trend "made waves" based on the song "Flower" by the eldest sister BLACKPINK when the group came to perform in Vietnam in 2023. Fans believes that if Tieu Vy is the next member to appear in SLAYDIES, she will definitely be named by fans for Jisoo's position next to "Rose" Ngoc Hang.

Runner-up Ngoc Hang deserves the title of LUNASs formidable opponent, her voice is like Jisoo - Rosé - Photo 8

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