Yeji: The leader of ITZY, once had to f.ight for his life due to a serious illness

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Yeji's real name is Hwang Yeji, born on May 26, 2000 and has an impressive height of 1m67. She is known as a Korean singer, dancer and Rapper. Currently, Yeji is a member of the g.irl group Itzy under JYP Entertainment.

The female idol entered JYP in 2016 and trained for 3 years before debuting with ITZY. When auditioning for JYP, Yeji sang the song "Like Ooh-Ahh" (Twice). She also played a Cameo role in "Twenty Again" episode 08 in 2015. She also appeared in episode 01 of the survival show "Stray Kids" in 2017. In addition, Yeji was also a contestant on the SBS show "The Fan" in 2018 but was eliminated in episode 05. In the family, besides Yeji's parents, there is also an older sister named Hwang Yeju (born in 1998). Yeji has 2 pets named Hongsam and Insam.

Yeji: The leader of ITZY, once had to f.ight for his life due to a serious illness - Photo 1

Yeji auditioned for JYP Entertainment in December 2015 with the audition song "Ssenunni" by Jessi. Then, she joined the company in the same year. She first appeared in public as a guest on the survival show "Stray Kid" with other group members including Chaeryeong, Ryujin and Yuna at the end of 2017. After that, Yeji joined "The Fan " in 2018 and was described by 2PM's Junho as "JYP Entertainment's secret weapon". At the program, her name also rose to the top of the Korean online search engine Naver. Yeji spent about three years as a trainee before debuting with the group Itzy in 2019.

Yeji: The leader of ITZY, once had to f.ight for his life due to a serious illness - Photo 2

Yeji is considered the most talented member of ITZY as she not only dances well but also sings well and raps well. This is also the reason why the female idol is favored by JYP. Every comeback gives her many singing parts and creates conditions for her "darling" to shine.

Yeji thought she had it all in her hands, but few people knew that ITZY's leader had a rough childhood. She wanted to be famous but she didn't like dancing, and she almost died due to a serious illness.

Since childhood, the female idol has cherished the dream of becoming a star. However, as a c.hild, Yeji really hated dancing, even though she is now... the main dancer of ITZY and is considered one of the best dancers of the new generation in Kpop.

Yeji: The leader of ITZY, once had to f.ight for his life due to a serious illness - Photo 3

Even though she wants to be a star, Yeji still has a reserve dream of becoming a soccer player. But the funny thing is that just last year, the leader of ITZY revealed to fans that she was terrible at this sport.

Although Yeji was inclined to pursue sports, her mother saw that her daughter possessed star quality. Knowing that the female idol doesn't like dancing, she still encouraged her to learn this skill. So Yeji diligently practiced dancing to please her mother even though she herself was not interested in dancing.

Yeji: The leader of ITZY, once had to f.ight for his life due to a serious illness - Photo 4

The incident happened to Yeji and her family when she was 8 years old. At that time, she had a very bad flu. Other children usually recover very quickly, but Yeji's condition did not improve even though the doctor prescribed many medicines.

One day, Yeji's health deteriorated so much that she had to go to the emergency room. During a livestream conversation with fans, the ITZY leader recalled that when she woke up in the hospital bed, she discovered her mother was crying but still tried to comfort her daughter that there was nothing to worry about.

Yeji: The leader of ITZY, once had to f.ight for his life due to a serious illness - Photo 5

After being transferred to a specialized hospital in Seoul, Yeji underwent a series of tests and was diagnosed with three serious diseases: pneumonia, osteomyelitis and septic s.hock. Although doctors in Jeonju could not find the right antibiotic for Yeji, luckily the hospital in Seoul had a suitable regimen, helping the future female idol avoid a serious surgery. She then had to undergo minor surgery to remove fluid that had accumulated due to pneumonia.

Yeji: The leader of ITZY, once had to f.ight for his life due to a serious illness - Photo 6

After the illness, Yeji had to stay in the hospital for about a year to recover. When she asked her mother why she cried that day, she confessed that the doctors wanted her to prepare herself for the worst case scenario: Yeji could not survive.

Luckily, Yeji has fully recovered. Although she was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (a condition that causes allergies), the female idol affirmed that her health is now very good. After recovering from her illness, the g.irl born in 2000 immediately started practicing again to realize her dream of becoming a celebrity.

Yeji: The leader of ITZY, once had to f.ight for his life due to a serious illness - Photo 7

At the fansign on August 6, 2019, fans learned that Yeji is the one who sleeps the least in the group. However, with her fresh and lively expression, she did not show her fatigue. Chaeryeong also said that Yeji's condition, although she slept little, looked better than the other members.

After their debut, ITZY quickly became a "super rookie" of Kpop by sweeping a series of records. They are the group whose debut MV was viewed the most in the first 24 hours, overturning the record of the g.irl group whose debut song won the most trophies that SES held for 22 years.

Yeji: The leader of ITZY, once had to f.ight for his life due to a serious illness - Photo 8

The JYP g.irl group also collected 15 major awards, being one of only 5 artists to receive the Grand Slam Rookie title for rookies in Kpop history. This is the word used to refer to Kpop groups that receive best rookie awards from prestigious Korean awards ceremonies, including Melon Music Awards , Mnet Asian Music Awards , Golden Disk Awards , Gaon Chart Music Awards and Seoul Music Awards. .

Yeji: The leader of ITZY, once had to f.ight for his life due to a serious illness - Photo 9

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