Chaeryeong (ITZY): Missing member of TWICE, career linked to her sister Chaeyeon

Gia NhiMay 23, 2024 at 15:34

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Chaeryeong's real name is Lee Chaeryeong, born on June 5, 2001 in Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. She is known as a Korean female singer and is also a member of the g.irl group Itzy under JYP Entertainment.

Currently, Chaeryeong is taking on the position of Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper and Main Dancer of the group. Chaeryeong started her career as an idol when she appeared in the reality show "KPOP Star 3" on November 24, 2013 with her sister Chaeyeon of the group IZ*ONE. However, both of her sisters were eliminated from the competition but became trainees at JYP Entertainment.

Chaeryeong (ITZY): Missing member of TWICE, career linked to her sister Chaeyeon - Photo 1

In 2015, Chaeryeong continued with her sister to participate in the program "SIXTEEN" - the survival show that created the current group Twice, but unfortunately was eliminated in the final round. She also appeared in episode 1 of the show "Stray Kids" with other group members including Yeji, Ryujin and Yuna.

In February 2019, Chaeryeong was allowed by JYP to debut in the group ITZY with 4 other members in the group's lineup: Yeji, Lia, Ryujin and Yuna respectively. This group also released their debut single "It'z Different" and the title song "Dalla Dalla".

Chaeryeong (ITZY): Missing member of TWICE, career linked to her sister Chaeyeon - Photo 2

Chaeryeong's career is also always mentioned with the name of her sister Chaeyeon. Since their debut, this pair of sisters has attracted attention because of their similar appearance like two drops of water even though they are not twins, and are members of two of the hottest g.irl groups in the Korean music industry. .

In particular, Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong also have strange similarities in their careers. They have to go through an arduous internship path and are underestimated for their appearance despite their outstanding talent. It is noteworthy that even after debuting in famous groups, the two sisters still did not receive the attention they deserved.

Chaeryeong (ITZY): Missing member of TWICE, career linked to her sister Chaeyeon - Photo 3

Chaeyeon was born in 2000, 1 year older than her sister Chaeryeong. They are not twins, but they have looked alike since childhood, and they both showed a love for music, especially dance moves, from a very early age. Their well-off family background has helped the two sisters to be given the best conditions by their family to satisfy their passion.

Not long after the failure at SIXTEEN, Chaeyeon left JYP and moved to intern at WM Entertainment - the company that manages groups like B1A4, Oh My G.irl,... Meanwhile, Chaeryeong still stuck with JYP in the hope of finding a career. Opportunity to realize your dream in your next project.

Chaeryeong (ITZY): Missing member of TWICE, career linked to her sister Chaeyeon - Photo 4

No longer in the same company, it was thought that Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong's fate would change direction. But perhaps because they are b.lood sisters, the bond between the two girls is still extremely strong, and their future paths are strangely similar.

Chaeyeon then went to the Produce 408 competition, she seemed to have become a different person with her dancing skills also improving. Chaeyeon's efforts paid off when she was the 12th contestant to make the debut lineup. She debuted in IZ*ONE as main dancer.

Chaeryeong (ITZY): Missing member of TWICE, career linked to her sister Chaeyeon - Photo 5

The two sisters Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong initially walked on the "flower path" when both IZ*ONE and ITZY attracted great attention right from their debut. If IZ*ONE has a large fan base right from the end of the program and is famous for its towering album sales compared to other g.irl groups that debuted in the same year, then ITZY deserves to be considered a "dinosaur rookie" thanks to breaking through. series of records with the debut song "Dalla Dalla".

Chaeryeong (ITZY): Missing member of TWICE, career linked to her sister Chaeyeon - Photo 6

However, things are still not going well for the two girls as they have received countless criticisms for their less sparkling appearance compared to the other members. The comments and ridicule about their beauty were so numerous that the mother of two female idols once had to write a letter begging netizens to stop "stoning" her daughters.

Although they are not highly appreciated by netizens for their beauty, Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong are not discouraged by that. Both sisters practice hard and improve day by day. Chaeyeon in particular often receives "good words" from famous Kpop choreographers. It hasn't been long since her debut, but the female idol is often among the top excellent dancers of Gen 3.

Chaeryeong (ITZY): Missing member of TWICE, career linked to her sister Chaeyeon - Photo 7

In early 2020, IZ*ONE and ITZY returned to the Kpop "arena" without an appointment, so Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong accidentally became "rivals" from "sisters". Ignoring the competition for achievements, it can be said that this comeback witnessed a spectacular transformation in the appearance of the two girls.

Returning with the song "Fiesta", Chaeyeon immediately "caused a storm" when she c.ut o.ff her long, gentle hair and changed to a youthful, stylish short hairstyle. She also lost 6kg to have a slimmer, more elegant b.ody. The efforts of IZ*ONE's main dancer paid off when netizens couldn't help but admire her confident, radiant charisma and "upgraded" beauty, through which the female idol attracted countless more fans. new.

Chaeryeong (ITZY): Missing member of TWICE, career linked to her sister Chaeyeon - Photo 8

Like her sister, Chaeryeong was also highly praised when she and ITZY made a comeback with the song "WANNABE". Right from the moment the MV teaser appeared, she attracted attention because her visual was much more sparkling than before.

Up to this point, it can be said that both Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong are enjoying the first "sweet fruits" after years of arduous training. They are members of IZ*ONE and ITZY - two extremely successful trending g.irl groups of Kpop. The two sisters also "smashed" stereotypes about their appearance with their increasingly talented talents and visuals.

Chaeryeong (ITZY): Missing member of TWICE, career linked to her sister Chaeyeon - Photo 9

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