Xuan Ca released a 5-minute recording, appearing to correct the "friendship kiss" noise.

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H.ot tiktoker "ideology" Xuan Ca recently spoke up officially about the series of dramas that have surrounded her in recent days, greatly affecting her name. Accordingly, Xuan Ca released a 5-minute recording explaining the truth.

In recent days, Xuan Ca is a name that makes many people worried when they are constantly called out for their boyfriend's cheating drama. Accordingly, this noise originated from a super h.ot c.lip on social networks. They did not hesitate to call Xuan Ca directly and said that this is the truth about this female Tiktoker that everyone should know. This Tiktok channel has posted one-sided information, claiming that Xuan Ca is a "little" person and was caught "wrongly kissing" his best friend's girlfriend.

Xuan Ca released a 5-minute recording, appearing to correct the friendship kiss noise. - Photo 1

Next is a clip of Xuan Ca talking to the couple, witnessed by friends on both sides in front of a bar. The clip began to spread widely from April 17. After the clip spread on social networks, Xuan Ca received a lot of criticism from netizens. Faced with this backlash, she chose to block comments on all platforms. In the early afternoon of April 21, 4 days after the incident happened, Xuan Ca suddenly spoke up.

Xuan Ca released a 5-minute recording, appearing to correct the friendship kiss noise. - Photo 2

Releasing a more than 5-minute recording on her personal page, she first explained the reason for being silent all this time because she had just undergone surgery and apologized to everyone, including her female friends. for affecting this person's private life. Summarizing the recording, netizens distill the main ideas that Xuan Ca wants to convey. As follows:

Xuan Ca and his female friend were not close friends and had never known each other before.

- Xuan Ca and his male friend met for the first time on February 24, 2024, at that time the male friend confirmed that he was single.

- After that, the male friend proactively texted Xuan Ca and on March 1, he texted "I broke up, so we both entered the courtship phase like other couples.

- On the evening of March 4, Xuan Ca and his male friend went to the club and had intimate acts with each other. She affirmed that she did not use banned substances as some pages said.

- On the evening of March 4, a female friend texted Xuan Ca and 2 hours later, the same group of friends came to meet her to talk. The whole group went out to solve the problem - this is the clip that was spread on social networks.

Xuan Ca released a 5-minute recording, appearing to correct the friendship kiss noise. - Photo 3

- Here, Xuan Ca and his female friend discovered that the male lead lied to both of them. Accordingly, the female friend said that they are still lovers but they are both angry with each other and there is no reason to break up.

- Meanwhile, the male friend still claimed that he and the female friend had broken up, so Xuan Ca knew that the male lead lied to both girls.

- Xuan Ca and his girlfriend decided to settle the matter amicably, resolve the misunderstanding and apologize to each other right then and there.

Xuan Ca released a 5-minute recording, appearing to correct the friendship kiss noise. - Photo 4

Currently, Xuan Ca has posted this content on all platforms and opened comments. Below the posts, netizens continued to leave many comments discussing the incident. Some people believe that Xuan Ca is also a victim in the story when he was deceived by the other guy. Others were angry that Xuan Ca was the only one receiving criticism all this time while the one who made all the mistakes was that other male friend. Currently, the incident is still receiving a lot of public attention as the b.oy's side has not yet made any statement about the incident.

Xuan Ca released a 5-minute recording, appearing to correct the friendship kiss noise. - Photo 5

It is known that Xuan Ca was born in 2001 and is from Binh Thuan. Xuan Ca was once a member of the music group SGO48. While working, Xuan Ca always maintained the image of a pure g.irl. After leaving the group, she completely changed her seductive image. Currently, she is a tiktoker with more than 2 million followers on this platform. She often impresses with her hip-shaking and seductive dance to the music.

Xuan Ca released a 5-minute recording, appearing to correct the friendship kiss noise. - Photo 6

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