Charmaine Charmaine was thrown at her by the assistant director and the bitter moments of the unknown star Cbiz

Hoàng PhúcOct 03, 2022 at 09:55

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When the name is not widely known, the career is still fuzzy, many Cbiz stars have to overcome difficulties in the profession. They even had to swallow bitterly when they were looked down upon by their own employees, discriminating, leading to humiliation.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba was severely criticized

"Beauty of Xinjiang" Dich Le Nhiet Ba is a name that has attracted the attention and love of the public for many years. As one of the most famous actors in China, but few people know how hard it was to get to that position.

Charmaine Charmaine was thrown at her by the assistant director and the bitter moments of the unknown star Cbiz - Photo 1

It is known that the beauty was once scolded by the director for unsatisfactory acting. The reason is because Dich Le Nhiet Ba, when he first entered showbiz, did not have much experience in role-playing the character. After that, the actress took a long time to accumulate experience, gradually improving her ability in the acting field.

Trieu Le Dinh was humiliated

According to Sina, in China, many A-list stars with ordinary backgrounds who are not strongly promoted by the company have to go through a difficult process when they are not famous. Actor Hoang Bot once summed it up bitterly as follows: "When you're not famous, anyone can yell at you. When you're famous, everyone is a good person."

Charmaine Charmaine was thrown at her by the assistant director and the bitter moments of the unknown star Cbiz - Photo 2

Trieu Le Dinh comes from a rural background and has no formal training in acting. She came up from unknown small roles, so inevitably being pinched.

When she was not famous, Trieu Le Dinh played an unnamed supporting role in a television project. She was publicly scolded by the director among dozens of staff: "Why do you pout like that, it looks like a pig's mouth". It is also because of such disrespected days that Sam Sam risked her life to act in movies to be famous, to be treated fairly and kindly.

Yangtze was replaced

Today, Yangtze is the leading 9X flower g.irl, sought after by many film producers, and even invited her three times to "save" the project. But when he was not a h.ot star, Duong Tu was suddenly replaced.

Charmaine Charmaine was thrown at her by the assistant director and the bitter moments of the unknown star Cbiz - Photo 3

"At that time, my mother and I went to the set to wait, but just before the s.hooting day, the assistant director walked into the room and said: 'The investor's daughter wants to act in this movie. Please leave." Yangtze shared in an interview.

The incident has passed many years, but it still leaves a wound in Yangtze's soul that she will never forget.

To Xiaotong was kicked out of the set

Young actress To Hieu Dong, before being famous for the movie Ngu Tu Tieu, was directly pointed out by the director and kicked out of the set.

Charmaine Charmaine was thrown at her by the assistant director and the bitter moments of the unknown star Cbiz - Photo 4

In the show Beats of 20 years old, To Hieu Dong shared that in 2019, she played a very small role in the TV project Win and Los (played by Tran Khon). But after filming for a few days, To Hieu Dong was replaced without any notice. Frustrated and wanting to find justice for herself, the young actress went to the director and was asked in return: "Who are you? Go out".

"At that time, I understood the cruelty of the entertainment world," To Xiaodong choked.

Tham Dang - Ma Le was despised by the staff

Currently, Tham Dang and Ma Le are known as the "comedy king" and "comedy queen" of the Chinese entertainment world. When they were unknown comedians, they wanted to do movie projects, they used to bring scripts everywhere to find investors. During this period, the two suffered a lot of sarcasm, derision, even closing the door.

Charmaine Charmaine was thrown at her by the assistant director and the bitter moments of the unknown star Cbiz - Photo 5

Actress Ma Le was also despised by staff, criticizing her appearance as fat and ugly, fashion brands also did not lend her costumes. Things completely changed when the two were famous for the huge success of the films Goodbye Mr. Loser (Life-changing idiot), Hello Mr. Billionaire or Solo Moon.

Charmaine Charming was thrown at her by the assistant director

When Charmaine was new to the entertainment industry, she was criticized for her acting and suffered a lot of bitterness. The actress was scolded by the assistant director in front of dozens of people. "At that time, I felt that I had no dignity left," Charmaine said.

Charmaine Charmaine was thrown at her by the assistant director and the bitter moments of the unknown star Cbiz - Photo 6

This assistant also angrily grabbed a nylon bag and grabbed the actress's head because she failed to shoot many times. "For a person with such a bad temper, I never want to see them again," said the star of the Civil War.

The photo after Truong Tieu Phi was scolded by the staff and cried

Truong Tieu Phi can be considered a late bloomer of the Chinese entertainment world. She was a classmate with Duong Mich, but it was not until 2021 that Truong Tieu Phi's career flourished thanks to the success of the movie Hello, Ly Hoan Anh.

Charmaine Charmaine was thrown at her by the assistant director and the bitter moments of the unknown star Cbiz - Photo 7

Before that, Truong Tieu Phi suffered a lot of humiliation because of his lack of popularity. Actress Gia Linh, director of the film Hello, Ly Hoan Anh shared: "I once caught Truong Tieu Phi standing in a place crying because he was scolded by two staff behind the scenes. I did not witness the incident from the beginning, but To make her cry, it's probably not an easy word to say."

According to Sina, Zhang Xiaofei is a clear example of being discriminated against before and after being famous. Before becoming the "national mother", the actress only wore unbranded outfits that cost a few hundred yuan. After that, she was favored by many brands, lent her dresses from several tens of thousands to hundreds of yuan.

Charmaine Charmaine was thrown at her by the assistant director and the bitter moments of the unknown star Cbiz - Photo 8

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