Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIX's Most Sought-After Idol

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Bae Jin Young is a famous young artist with many achievements in the field of music and acting. The guy has just had a tour in Vietnam, making fans stand still.

Bae Jin Young (born May 10, 2000 in Seoul) is a talented singer, actress, and model. With his handsome appearance and impressive voice, Jin Young has attracted the attention of many fans.

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 1

Similar to many other stars, the young man began his career through reality shows. In 2017, he participated in "Produce 101: Season 2" - where he was selected to become a member of the b.oy band want to One. This is considered an important beginning in the singer's career.

Initially because of his lack of self-confidence image, Jin Young was placed in the F class and constantly placed in low positions. Gradually, the guy became more and more confident on stage and began to receive the love of the audience.

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 2

During the recording of the "Spring Day" performance, the singer suddenly hurt his eye, so he was f.orced to go on stage with a bandage. However, despite covering one eye, Jin Young still performed confidently, enough to cause memories, even "break the heart" of fans with his attractive appearance.

In the finale of the show, Jin Young finished 10th overall and became a member of the b.oy band project want to One managed by YMC Entertainment, Stone Music Entertainment and later Swing Entertainment; works together for 1 year and 6 months.

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 3

On August 7 of the same year, he officially debuted with "want to One Premier Show-con" at Gocheok Sky Dome with his debut mini-album titled 1X1=1 (To Be One). Jin Young is also one of the 3 members of the unit "No.1" in want to One's album "Undivided" with Park Jihoon and Lai Guan Lin with the song "Eleven" composed by senior Dynamic Duo.

At this time, want to One became one of the most popular b.oy bands in Korea and globally. Jin Young was an important face contributing to the group's spectacular success.

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 4

want to One is known for a series of h.ot hits such as Energetic, Beautiful, Spring Breeze and quickly achieved a certain position in the hearts of the public, as well as its position in the domestic music market.

The group has also won many prestigious awards in the Korean entertainment industry. Although only short-lived, their influence still exists today.

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 5

Jinyoung graduated from Lila Arts High School on February 12, 2019 and did not take the 2019 CSAT exam. Instead of going to college, he wants to focus on working with want to One before his contract officially expires on December 31, 2018.

On February 18, 2019, cosmetics brand I'M MEME announced the selection of two former want to One members, Bae Jin Young and Park Jihoon, as models to represent its products.

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 6

After the group disbanded, Jun Young took a 4-month break before debuting as a solo artist on April 26 with his 1st single album "Hard To Say Goodbye". After its first day on release, the album sold 30,816 copies and the first week sold 54,154 copies. The singer then continued his music career by joining b.oy band CIX, under his agency C9 Entertainment.

On July 23, CIX officially debuted with their debut mini album titled "Hello Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger" with the title song "Movie Star". On August 27, C9 Entertainment announced that the group had signed a contract with Warner Music Japan to debut in Japan.

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 7

On October 23, CIX officially debuted in Japan with the Japanese version of the mini-album "Hello Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger", including the title song "My New World". On September 8, 2020, Bae Jin Young and Kim Yohan suddenly appeared in the teaser of the Pepsi x Starship music project called Heritage 2020 with the hashtag "For The Love Of It", signaling a joint vocal song. This project has brought many unexpected collabs such as Kang Daniel x Zico, VIXX Ravi x GFriend Eunha or Rain x Soyu.

Jin Young proves himself to be a multi-talented artist as he takes on everything from singing and dancing, to writing lyrics and producing music. The outstanding songs of this guy must be mentioned as: Movie Star, Jungle, Cinema ,....

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 8

In February 2023, Allkpop and Koreaboo suddenly put together a series of evidence that it seems that Bae Jin Young was ostracized by fans and members of the CIX group.

Accordingly, the boys described Jin Young in a rather harsh way on a radio show, even making a move like agreeing with isolated fans, disparaging male idols born in 2000. And yet, fans of the other members also spread false rumors and threw things on him violently.

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 9

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 10

Netizens were extremely upset by the suspicion that Bae Jin Young was being bullied by CIX members and fans. They argue that the singer should be respected because he is the one who brings a lot of fame to the group. 1 Some comments also accused CIX members of being jealous of the male idol's success.

On October 20, Bae Jin Young along with members of CIX and the duo Leeteuk - Shindong (Super Junior) landed at Tan Son Nhat Airport after a long flight from Korea. The famous Kpop idols are present in Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC, to perform at the WOW K-Music Festival event taking place on October 21 in Van Phuc City.

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 11

There were a lot of fans who didn't mind late at night, coming to the airport to welcome the boys to the S-shaped s.trip. Despite the long journey, Jin Young and the CIX member as well as the Super Junior duo all kept their looks fresh and radiant. constantly greeting Vietnamese fans.

It is known that this is the 2nd time CIX has come to Vietnam, but many fans joked that it seemed that the boys had watched the wrong weather in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM because everyone is dressed quite "high gate" compared to the h.ot and humid weather.

Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIXs Most Sought-After Idol - Photo 12

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