Lai Quan Lam - Debuted with Wanna One and his private life was scandalized with constant scandals

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Despite working very hard and constantly participating in reality TV shows, Lai Quan Lam did not receive much attention from the audience.

Lai Quan Lam comes from a wealthy family, his father is a director at a famous company in Taiwan. Born in Taiwan, Lai Quan Lam lived in the US for more than 5 years.

Lai Quan Lam has had a burning desire to stand on stage since his childhood days. During his days in the US, he learned about the developed music scene on his own and became interested in the Korean entertainment industry.

Although he has a great love for music, Quan Lam has always been an excellent student, his achievements are always in the top group of students, his last test in high school was when Lai Quan Lam passed. ranked second in the whole school.

Besides, Lai Quan Lam also has excellent language ability when speaking many different languages. Due to his passion, in 2016, Lai Guanlin hid from his parents and voluntarily participated in the trainee selection contest of Cube entertainment company in Taiwan. The final result Lai Quan Lam was the only contestant out of more than a thousand people who passed the selection round.

Lai Quan Lam - Debuting with Wanna One and a scandalous private life with constant scandals - Photo 1

In the end, because he realized Lai Quan Lam's real talent and seriousness on the way to becoming a professional singer, his family agreed to let him drop out of school and move to the land of kimchi.

Guanlin again and the turning point of Produce 101

In 2017, Lai Quan Lam's career was in front of a great opportunity when he was suddenly nominated by the management company to participate in season 2 of Produce 101, even though he had only trained for a short time in Korea. .

Standing on the threshold of life, Lai Guanlin has prepared very carefully for his first television appearance. Right from the first episodes, Lai Quan Lam has attracted a lot of attention thanks to his perfect appearance like stepping out of the pages of a book. He gained a huge fan following after the show aired.

Towards the end of Produce 101, Lai Quan Lam became more famous, his talent and outstanding appearance helped him receive a lot of attention from the public, his name always entered the list of most searched keywords. best in Korea.

Finally, after many difficulties and hardships, Lai Quan Lam's name was resounded in the final season 2 of Produce 101. He excellently finished in seventh place overall and was in the group of members who will debut together.

Debut with Wanna One

After the great success of Produce 101 season 2, fans are looking forward to the debut of the group that is considered the "dinosaur rookie" of 2017.

Finally, with the expectation of the audience, Lai Quan Lam was released with Wanna One with the first album called To be one. Wanna One, right after debut, has achieved extremely admirable achievements, the group's songs continuously topped the music charts. Besides, Wanna One's album sales are also extremely respectable compared to a group that just debuted not long ago.

Lai Quan Lam - Debuted with Wanna One and his private life was scandalized with constant scandals - Photo 2

It can be said that Lai Quan Lam and Wanna One have achieved a lot of success within the first year of their debut in both the Japanese and Korean markets.

The most special thing to mention is the two prestigious awards that Wanna One won at the MAMA awards ceremony of the same year, Best New Male Group and Best Male Group, closing an extremely successful year of the group.

Preparing for a personal career

Continuing the momentum for an extremely successful first year, Lai Quan Lam and Wanna One members continue to promise to bring fans more quality products in 2018.

With Wanna One's global popularity, the name Lai Quan Lam also received a lot of attention from big brands in the world.

At the beginning of 2018, Lai was invited by Valentino brand to attend the IFC Mall brand launch event in Hong Kong. Besides individual activities, Lai Quan Lam continues with the rest of the members to prepare to release Wanna One's second album and tour to 14 countries around the world.

Not up to fans' expectations, Wanna One's first mini-album I Promise You, right from its debut, swept all major and small music charts in Korea and ushered in the peak period for fans. Wanna One and Lai Guanlin.

All the members of Wanna One became extremely popular around that time, which is considered the group's golden age. The group continued to release the special album "Undivided" in collaboration with senior Dynamic Duo and achieved many other achievements.

Despite many great achievements over the past year, the time to promote together under the name Wanna One is slowly passing. Finally, Wanna One's first full album titled Power Of Destiny has been released, this is the farewell of Lai Guanlin and the members to the fans who have spent a wonderful time with them. spring.

Return to Guanlin and the faint journey in China

While everyone is speculating about Lai Guanlin's future activities, suddenly in early 2019, Cube Entertainment announced that from here on Lai Guanlin will focus more on activities. in China.

As soon as he opened an account on Weibo, the largest social network in China, his account immediately reached more than a million followers. In addition, his first flight back to China was also welcomed by a large number of fans, proving the huge attraction of Lai Quan Lam.

It is thought that with such a large number of fans, Lai Quan Lam will easily achieve success in the world's most populous market. But the reality turned out to be contrary to Lai Guanlin's expectations, he constantly encountered difficulties on his career development path.

Despite working very hard and constantly participating in reality TV shows, Lai Quan Lam did not receive much attention from the audience. Even when Lai Quan Lam announced that he would be the male lead for the TV work A little thing called first love (2019), he also received a lot of doubts about his acting ability.

Until the legal problems with Cube Entertainment

At the end of 2019, Lai Quan Lam announced to unilaterally terminate the contract with his management company in Korea, Cube Entertainment.

The reason given by Lai Guanlin is that Cube did not respect him when he sold his exclusive contract to a third party in China without the consent of him and his family. Accordingly, Lai Quan Lam provided information that Cube will receive a compensation value of ten times the original number.

Lai Quan Lam - Debuted with Wanna One and his private life was scandalized with continuous scandals - Photo 3

Therefore, feeling that the two no longer have faith in each other, Lai Guanlin unilaterally filed an application to be able to terminate the exclusive contract with the company. However, because the two sides cannot come to an agreement, the results both sides will have to confront each other in court.

Continuity of seals in China

Lai Guanlin constantly appears on the top of searches in China because of a long series of scandals in his private life. It all started when the singer-actor was caught smoking and spitting indiscriminately on the street while walking with friends. On the morning of November 24, 2020, this incident was widely shared on Chinese-language news sites and he received heavy "brick and stone" and was scolded as a less civilized person.

Then, through his personal page, Lai Quan Lam quickly apologized. However, Lai Quan Lam's apology was not accepted by the audience. A series of Lai Quan Lam fanpage in China and Vietnam also announced to stop working.

Notably, a part of fans not only left the fandom but also returned to release more rumors of Lai Quan Lam. These "former fans" accuse the former Wanna One member of scolding fans when they stood near him at the airport, secretly dating his girlfriend. Some people even suspect that the first love movie star naively took gifts from fans and silently gave it to his lover.

Lai Quan Lam - Debuted with Wanna One and his private life was scandalized with continuous scandals - Photo 4

Before the above negative news, Lai Quan Lam immediately shared a handwritten apology letter on weibo. He deeply apologizes for hurting those who love him, promises to reflect and correct himself, not to repeat the same incident.

However, Lai Guanlin's apology letter once again received mostly negative feedback. The online community mocked him for his bad handwriting, misspelling, and lack of sincerity. Those who used to be fans of the handsome 9X male also frankly criticized him for writing words like children. However, there are also many comments that should be forgiven and let Lai Guanlin have the opportunity to correct his mistakes. Up to now, Lai Quan Lam's scandal still attracts many discussions. Most were disappointed with the scandalous private life of this young man.

Lai Quan Lam - Debuted with Wanna One and scandalous private life - Photo 5

Lai Quan Lam - Debuting with Wanna One and a scandalous private life with constant scandals - Photo 6

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