Park Ji Hoon (Wanna One) was accused of a.dultery, "flying around" with the female trainees

Hà HàAug 10, 2021 at 12:17

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Referring to Park Ji Hoon, everyone knows that the male idol is a popular "wink fairy" in Produce 101 season 2, then won a debut with Wanna One.

After the group disbanded, Park Ji Hoon is currently working both solo and hard at filming. "Fairy wink" has a lovely appearance with a docile image, clean of scandals. But recently, the male idol has been caught up in the suspicion of "cuckolding" his girlfriend, spending hundreds of millions of dong for 1 BJ (live broadcaster).

Park Ji Hoon (Wanna One) was accused of a.dultery, "flying around" with the female trainees - Photo 1

It all started with an anonymous accusation on Twitter. After that, this netizen received a message from someone claiming to be Park Ji Hoon's ex-girlfriend (temporarily called A). This g.irl alleged that during the dating period, the male idol used the fake name Jung Hyun Ho to have an affair, spending tens of millions of won (10 million won = 200 million VND) for a BJ who specialized in showing off his b.ody. A attached photos from her video call and Park Ji Hoon as proof, proving that she used to date the male idol.

A said she is Park Ji Hoon's real girlfriend, not a "virtual love" relationship. Before going to Hawaii, the male idol stopped by A's house and pretended not to cheat on her. After the male idol returned, A discovered that he had sent 8 million won (160 million VND), as well as bought an iPhone and a double case for the other female BJ. Meanwhile, Park Ji Hoon only bought his girlfriend a watch with a much lower value.

A continued to accuse Park Ji Hoon of spending m.oney on girls and often going to nightclubs with female trainees: "He bought that BJ for her. This is not a comparison of spending levels. I think that Park Ji Hoon always spent m.oney on girls without thinking. Not long after we broke up, he went to a nightclub with female trainees. He ordered 2 million won bottles of alcohol ( 40 million dong) and other things".

A claims that Jung Hyun Ho is Park Ji Hoon's "other personality" as he always uses it to book taxis and virtual reality game rooms. Park Ji Hoon's ex-girlfriend continued to send pictures taken at the male idol's house and affirmed that every fan would recognize it.

Park Ji Hoon's ex-girlfriend closed with the reason that she decided to e.xpose the male idol: "Now that I say it all, I feel like I'm going c.razy. In my head, I always think about whether I should e.xpose him. We tend to keep it to ourselves. Yesterday I was drunk so I texted to complain, but now I feel much more refreshed...

Looks like they were friends on Facebook so I did a little research, then got blocked again so I decided to forget about it. At first, I just wanted to get an apology, but now he's scared of me. I understand that he cheated on me. I just want him to explain why and sincerely apologize. But now he's dodging and it's frustrating me. I had feelings for Park Ji Hoon so I didn't say anything, even after seeing the name Jung Hyun Ho appear again. I endured and lived, but now I can't do it anymore."

Park Ji Hoon (Wanna One) was accused of a.dultery, "flying around" with the female trainees - Photo 2

Currently, the suspicion of Park Ji Hoon having an affair is a h.ot topic on social networks. The male idol's management company has yet to release any statement about the incident.

Right from the teenage years, Park Ji Hoon was determined to become an idol singer when joining SM Entertainment and Fantagio Entertainment as a trainee. But due to a knee injury, Ji Hoon was unable to join the final lineup to debut with Fantagio's b.oy group Astro. In the end, he moved to the management company Maroo Entertainment.

In 2017, Park Ji Hoon represented the company to participate in the survival contest Produce 101 season 2. This is considered a major turning point that completely changed the male singer's career path. During the time participating in the contest, Park Ji Hoon always kept the top position and received a lot of support from the audience. In the final night, he excellently won 2nd place and officially debuted as a member of the project group Wanna One.

Coming out of the survival competition, Wanna One has become a group with a huge fan base in Korea and internationally. However, as a project group, Wanna One can only work for a short period of 1 year and 6 months. In December 2018, Wanna One members officially ended their contracts with the management company. After Wanna One expired and had to disband, Park Ji Hoon started working as a solo singer. Entering the field of cinema, he was also praised for his good acting and concentration. That's why when the love scandal broke out, netizens couldn't help but worry and hope Park Ji Hoon will soon give a satisfactory answer to the fans.

Park Ji Hoon (Wanna One) was accused of a.dultery, "flying around" with the female trainees - Photo 3

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