Wanna One: From the dinosaur rookie that surpassed BTS to the reuniting of the shocking miracle of Kbiz

Như ÝNov 25, 2021 at 12:56

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Coming out of the hottest Korean survival show, Wanna One has become the most successful name in Kpop.

However, it was only a golden past for a while because after more than 1 year of operation, this group had to disband because of the end of the contract. This left many regrets in the hearts of fans, so that nearly 3 years after Wanna One's disbandment, the miracle finally appeared.

After disbanding, the Wanna One boys all chose their own path, some continued their idol dreams, some made their solo debut, and others tried their hand at acting. It is said that youth will never come back, this is true but there are exceptions. And that exception is Wanna One's reunion on the stage of MAMA 2021, which is scheduled to take place on December 11th.

Wanna One: From the dinosaur rookie that surpassed BTS to the reuniting of the shocking miracle of Kbiz - Photo 1

Earlier on November 3, Korean media reported that Wanna One is planning to reunite before the MAMA 2021 awards ceremony. Sources like the above are released every year, so obviously it doesn't get the attention of the fans. netizens. But surprisingly, on November 15, Mnet confirmed that Wanna One will officially have a reunion at MAMA 2021. And the return of the dinosaur rookie year is expected to overwhelm MAMA this year. Wanna One's journey from the peak of glory to the regretful disbandment and then reuniting can only be described in two words.

Dinosaur rookie surpasses EXO, BTS

The groups that come out of the survival program are proof of the young people's efforts to pursue their passion for music. With Wanna One, that dream is extremely burning and passionate, at the expense of their sweat and tears. From the preschoolers who are still babbling to the artists who have been debuted, they have joined in the same effort to work and bring out really quality music products.

Right from the debut, the group's debut song "Energetic" quickly caused a global storm. This song has won a series of trophies on music stages and set countless unbelievable records for a K-pop rookie. Energetic stayed at number one for nearly six hundred days on the prestigious Melon chart for a long time.

Four months later, the re-released mini-album with the title song "Beautiful" helped Wanna One win the first Daesang in the Song of the Year category at the 2018 MBC Plus x Genie Music Awards. After that, Wanna One still did not. cooled down when the album 0 1=1 had a pre-ordered number of more than seven hundred thousand copies, which was the album with the highest sales volume at that time (statistics of Gaon chart).

In 2018, there was a term Ex-Bang-Wan (EXO-Bangtan Boys-Wanna One), which is proof of the group's level of success. Remember at the 2017 MAMA Awards, the Best B.oy Group a.ward did not belong to BTS or EXO, but to the rookie group Wanna One. It is this surpassing that has made Wannable bitter by EXO-Ls and ARMYs.

Wanna One: From the dinosaur rookie that surpassed BTS to the reuniting of the shocking miracle of Kbiz - Photo 2

In addition, Wanna One also received nearly fifty wins on Korean music shows and many prestigious awards at awards ceremonies such as Mnet Asian Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Seoul Music Awards, Melon Music Awards or Gaon Chart Music Awards.

Promises are not just promises

At the end of October 2018, Wanna One released a reaser for the group's first studio album titled 1=1. This will also be the last album that Wanna One dedicates to their fans before disbanding. If the first song Energetic is as vibrant and fun as it is, the last ballad called Spring Breeze is just as poignant. Billboard charts call this song a smooth song when the sound of the heart and the music blend together.

The image of Wanna One boys standing together on the last stage, one by one saying goodbye to Wannable is so painful. Even though the years have passed, the image of these 11 boys still r.emains in the fans' minds. There is no separation without sadness and regret, but separation is the beginning of a new journey, a new life.

Wanna One: From the dinosaur rookie that surpassed BTS to the reuniting of the shocking miracle of Kbiz - Photo 3

Someone said this: "If fate and fate brought us together, it was fate that forced us apart. I can reverse the hourglass, but I can't make time. He's back, everything's over and the only thing left is a promise." Wanna One promised Wannable that they would come back one day soon, a day when the eleven members of Wanna One would stand on the same stage and perform under the stage with Wannable's harmony. Fortunately, that promise was not just a promise, it became a reality. In the end, the boys did it and finally Wannable can be immersed in that youth again, can sit under the stands and shout: "All I wanna do".

That reunion is a miracle, though short, but promises to be extremely brilliant, like fireworks. But there are incomplete fun, this time standing on stage with only 10 members, your little maknae can't attend. Lai Kuan Lin was unable to attend due to a busy schedule in China and due to the current epidemic situation. But even if that maknae is absent, he will still be in Wannable's heart, because Wanna One is always 11 irreplaceable pieces.

Wanna One: From the dinosaur rookie that surpassed BTS to the reuniting of the shocking miracle of Kbiz - Photo 4

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