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Vy Oanh acted extremely tense when Mrs. Phuong Hang wanted to sue her to the end: 'I believe in kindness'

Thư Kỳ07:31:08 23/09/2023
After the trial of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang and saying that as long as the rich woman apologizes, Vy Oanh will ignore everything, recently the singer Dong Xanh has made the latest move through the social platform. .

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Vy Oanh suddenly reappeared, r.evealing her life during the "evaporating" period, showing off her new music project

Thư Kỳ16:40:26 24/06/2023
After more than 4 months of locking down social platforms just because of the controversy surrounding the lawsuit with the giant female Binh Duong - Nguyen Phuong Hang, recently, the voice of Dong Xanh suddenly reappeared on the social network and received attention.

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Vy Oanh appeared on a music show in the midst of the noise banning exit, what did she say about the noise to Mrs. Hang?

Kiko13:36:26 24/04/2023
Vy Oanh's mysterious disappearance is currently receiving much public attention. It is not clear what the truth is, so recently people were surprised when the name of the female singer appeared on a music show. Specifically, at the program "Sea of Hope" - a weekly music show on...

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Putting Phuong Hang in prison, Vy Oanh "confessed" an unexpected truth

Juni Nguyễn15:58:51 11/05/2022
Since the day the giant female Binh Duong is eating and sleeping, the female singer Dong Xanh - Vy Oanh has made significant positive changes with a peaceful life. In a series of artists who have been feuded with female giants Binh Duong - Nguyen Phuong Hang, not only Dam Vinh...

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Phuong Hang has just been sent to prison, Vy Oanh confused netizens when she silently 'erased the evidence'?

Thư Kỳ22:17:33 16/04/2022
The fanpage of the female singer "Green Dong" suddenly "evaporated", causing many people to be confused and concerned about what happened. In the past time, perhaps the name Vy Oanh has attracted more attention than anyone else because the female singer was suddenly called by...

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Vy Oanh announced that she would win the lawsuit against Ms. Hang 101%, about to open a "trillion billion" company

Rosé19:08:56 07/02/2022
The singer's statement made netizens pay a lot of attention! Recently, when asked by netizens: "Have you sued the giant female Binh Duong?", Vy Oanh will definitely win. "In the near future, we will process a series of individual lawsuits against Ms. Phuong Hang, including...

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Vy Oanh boldly said that Mrs. Phuong Hang was a 'devil', reminding her that 'you should keep your strength when you're old' and don't run away for 1 billion

Thư Kỳ07:59:27 26/01/2022
With the drama of fights and accusations between a series of Vietnamese artists and Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, the singer Dong Xanh recently excitedly announced good news in the lawsuit with the female CEO of Binh Duong.

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The case between Ms. Phuong Hang and Vy Oanh has a remarkable new development

Rosé14:10:40 17/12/2021
After a period of silence, this litigation scandal has new details. More than 8 months of making the community "wake up" with livestreams of the nature of "exploitation", Ms. Phuong Hang is currently facing a series of criminal accusations and civil lawsuits.... But Ms. Hang...

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Vy Oanh revealed a photo to the police to denounce Phuong Hang: The dirty past was repeated 9 times in the livestream.

Rosé11:32:00 25/10/2021
The new mother still wants to go to the end in denouncing the "trillion streamer". Last month, Vy Oanh attracted attention when she said that she was invited to work at the investigation agency and is coordinating with the investigating agency to clarify the incident about the...

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Hang "let go" last time, Vy Oanh posted happy photos with her husband, taking advantage of showing off her diamond ring

Rosé18:38:47 11/09/2021
Vy Oanh seems to have completely avoided showbiz dramas at the moment. In July, the Criminal Police Department - Ho Chi Minh City Police just sent a notice confirming that it had received a denunciation from Nguyen Thi My Oanh (singer Vy Oanh) about Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang's use...

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Vy Oanh was mocked by netizens for making "a farce" when she donated 50 loaves of bread for frontline medical staff to f.ight the epidemic.

Rosé11:06:29 27/07/2021
This well-intentioned action made many netizens feel "itchy". About 10 days ago, Vy Oanh attracted attention when she announced that she had given birth to her third c.hild. On her personal page, the singer and her crew updated the birthing journey in quite detail. The voice of...

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Vy Oanh officially sued Miss Thu Hoai after the controversy

Rosé12:05:15 11/07/2021
Vy Oanh shows that she will make "corn and potatoes" with those who touch her. On July 8, Miss Thu Hoai surprised when the livestream accused Vy Oanh of being a book lover, demanding a high price when she was invited to advertise for a beauty salon. Miss Hau constantly uses...

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