Vy Oanh responds to rumors of being returned to denounce Phuong Hang

Hậu HậuOct 04, 2021 at 15:05

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Recently, after a rumor of her application being returned when she accused a businesswoman of slandering and defaming her honor and her family, singer Vy Oanh had an official response to the media. Specifically, Vy Oanh firmly affirmed: "There is no thing that the investigating agency kicked me back or returned the application".

Vy Oanh responds to rumors of being returned to denounce Phuong Hang - Photo 1

After many months of delay due to the epidemic, Vy Oanh was invited to work once by the Investigation Agency - Ho Chi Minh City Police on September 29. She is also cooperating with the investigation agency, will provide more necessary information to support the investigation and verification of the behavior of businessman Nguyen Phuong Hang. Vy Oanh said: "Not only has she humiliated, lied, and slandered me, but Ms. Hang has also repeatedly offended many other members of my family. Therefore, I asked the investigative agency to dissect me. Ms. Hang's actions and statements to clarify and handle them in accordance with the law, these acts directly cause extremely serious harm to the honor and dignity not only of me but also of other people. This incident is still in the process of investigation and verification by the authorities." Vy Oanh also added that she is still waiting for the final results from the investigation agency and does not want to quarrel with the businesswoman on social networks.

Previously, the social network also spread widely the information that singer Vy Oanh withdrew the lawsuit against female CEO Dai Nam. With the above rumors, the voice of Dong Xanh also had a post on his personal page to clarify this story. Accordingly, Vy Oanh affirmed: "There is no return or withdrawal of the application, the investigation process has just begun and is confidential! I ask Ms. Hang to be responsible for the information that Ms. investigative agency - pv) launched the online community, there is an excuse to attack mothers and children!".

Vy Oanh responds to rumors of being returned to denounce Phuong Hang - Photo 2

Previously, Vy Oanh also filed her 2nd denunciation to the competent agency for settlement related to the case that was slandered by Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, insulted honor, and affected her reputation and honor. She also filed a complaint against businessman Nguyen Phuong Hang to the Criminal Police Department, Ho Chi Minh City Police Department.

Not only Vy Oanh but also artists such as Hoai Linh, Dam Vinh Hung, husband and wife Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien and Trinh Kim Chi also announced to denounce this businessman. In the denunciation, artist Hoai Linh said that the livestream content of Dai Nam CEO revolves around the case that Hoai Linh has not done charity work despite receiving donations of more than 13 billion VND. This information has not been verified, but Ms. Hang has many times livestream denounced Hoai Linh's lifestyle and private life with heavy and offensive words. In addition, Hoai Linh's representative said that Phuong Hang made up a slanderous story about Hoai Linh to soak a charity donation of more than 13 billion dong in her account for more than 6 months and spend hundreds of millions on her own, which is illegal. the law.

In addition, male singer Dam Vinh Hung accused Nguyen Phuong Hang of "humiliating others", "slandering", and "illegally giving or using information on computer networks and telecommunications networks". In the denunciation, Mr. Dam Vinh Hung said that over the past time, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang has taken advantage of the features of the live broadcast social network, insulting the honor and dignity of many artists, accusing many people of cheating. island, stealing people's charity m.oney without any conclusions from the competent authorities about the allegations of Ms. Hang. Dam Vinh Hung clearly lists the days when Ms. Hang broadcasts his name by name. In addition, the male singer also "accused" Hang blatantly publicizing his personal information about gender and affection with disparaging, trampling and insulting words.

Not stopping there, Lawyer Phan Vu Tuan (Head of the law office of Phan Law Vietnam), the legal representative for the couple, singer Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh also said that Thuy Tien will initiate a civil lawsuit against the singer and his wife. with individuals who commit acts of slander, fabrication, and inaccurate information in order to offend the honor, dignity and reputation of singer Thuy Tien and her family. Artist Kim Chi also said that she had been heavily insulted by the owner of Dai Nam, insulting her private life, so the female artist asked the law to intervene to regain her honor.

Vy Oanh responds to rumors of being returned to denounce Phuong Hang - Photo 3

Previously, on her livestream, female CEO Dai Nam once called the artist Trinh Kim Chi's name directly, she said: "Trinh Kim Chi claims to be a hero, claims to be a nest of fire ants, has she done anything yet? Oh my god, Trinh Kim Chi's fire ant nest is still running for council election today, vice president of the Theater Association Trinh Kim Chi said that if I touch the artist world, I'll hit the fire ant's nest. , now you're asking to run for council. I don't fear anyone, don't challenge me. I'm just an ordinary businessman, not MC, actor, singer, actor or anything, so Why do you say that?"

Vy Oanh responds to rumors of being returned to denounce Phuong Hang - Photo 4

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