Vu Cat Tuong suddenly announced his girlfriend: Calling each other by special nicknames

Trường NguyễnFeb 26, 2024 at 16:26

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Singer Vu Cat Tuong surprised fans when she announced her girlfriend on her personal page. Everyone gushed over the female singer's lovely public way of showing off her "other half".

Recently, on his personal Facebook page, Vu Cat Tuong attracted attention when he posted a sweet photo of him holding his girlfriend's hand. The singer Normal People also attached a sweet status line: "This day has come. I have been waiting for this day for a long time. I have chosen this g.irl."

Although she revealed her love story, Vu Cat Tuong very cleverly did not r.eveal the identity of her "other half". This makes netizens even more curious about the appearance of the singer's girlfriend.

Immediately after the photo of the two holding hands was posted, many viewers and friends sent congratulations to Vu Cat Tuong. Everyone expressed their emotions when looking at the happiness of the 9x singer.

Vu Cat Tuong suddenly announced his girlfriend: Calling each other by special nicknames - Photo 1

Previously, in March 2023, Vu Cat Tuong caused surprise when he first publicly announced his girlfriend in a video posted on YouTube. In the 8-minute clip, the singer Rain Spots and her lover sit and talk to the moon. The female singer also called her lover with the nickname "Pumpkin" and called him "brother". However, the singer born in 1992 did not clearly r.eveal her lover's appearance.

Vu Cat Tuong suddenly announced his girlfriend: Calling each other by special nicknames - Photo 2

According to Vu Cat Tuong, she does not place much importance on calling herself "brother" or "sister". Because Vu Cat Tuong only needs the audience to love and understand her feelings. The female singer also advised people in the LGBTQ community to admit their emotional orientation when they are truly ready.

Vu Cat Tuong suddenly announced his girlfriend: Calling each other by special nicknames - Photo 3

In another post, Vu Cat Tuong revealed that she would choose one lucky fan to attend her wedding: "Tuong did not expect everyone to support her like this, this feels like an equally important milestone in her career." career, an achievement of maturity. I chose to speak to my audience, meaning I consider them family, want them to understand me better, and the connection between me and them to be closer."

Vu Cat Tuong was the runner-up of the Vietnamese Voice contest in 2013. The singer is loved for a number of songs such as Mo, Long Love, Yesterday's G.irl, Rain Traces...

Previously, Vu Cat Tuong shared: "I have no need to explain myself. But because after the 30th milestone, many people will wonder when they will get married, when they will start a family. I think I should say ' I'm gay' (I'm gay). Everyone should ask when Tuong will get married, instead of getting married. The story of who he is, whether he loves a b.oy or a g.irl, Tuong doesn't hide it but also never once makes it clear because Tuong has too many fears. At this time, Tuong realized that before the age of 30, if you don't live true to yourself, it will be very miserable."

Vu Cat Tuong suddenly announced his girlfriend: Calling each other by special nicknames - Photo 4

The singer said: "For those who don't know Tuong, you can just call Tuong 'sister' or 'aunty', it's comfortable. From a long time until now, fans still call Tuong 'Tuong', actually It's not necessary to call Tuong 'brother'. Having one person call me 'brother' is enough, I don't need much else."

Vu Cat Tuong once revealed her sexuality to her family about 10 years ago, after she "cut her hair". The family, especially the mother, accepted Tuong's true self and still loved and supported the singer's decisions.

In particular, Vu Cat Tuong's girlfriends have never been active in showbiz. She considers herself a traditional person when it comes to love, loves everyone seriously, thinks about long-term stability, so it takes a long time to open up. The female singer likes girls who are beautiful, have a kind heart, think of others and put family first.

Vu Cat Tuong suddenly announced his girlfriend: Calling each other by special nicknames - Photo 5

Since opening up about the process of "coming out", Vu Cat Tuong has always received a lot of support from the audience. The female singer said she felt happy when the audience welcomed her and sent her encouragement.

Vu Cat Tuong suddenly announced his girlfriend: Calling each other by special nicknames - Photo 6

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