VP Ba Vuong: Student Hoang Thuy Linh is determined to pursue his passion, despite conflicts with his family

Bình MinhNov 06, 2023 at 22:20

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VP Ba Vuong is known as a multi-talented young singer of the Vietnamese music industry, coming out of The Debut 2018 contest with the runner-up prize. Recently, the guy attracted the attention of a large audience when he encroached on painting.

VP Ba Vuong's real name is Tran Ba Vuong, born in 1996 in Ben Tre; is a male singer currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. In 2020, Count King reappeared after a two-year absence with resonant works such as: Two Mad Children, There Are Too Many Things and You Are Not Good.

VP Ba Vuong: Student Hoang Thuy Linh is determined to pursue his passion, despite conflicts with his family - Photo 1

After that, Earl King surprised fans by appearing on the show The Heroes - Idol Object. It can be said that this is an opportunity for the guy to break through his career.

Since elementary school, VP Ba Vuong has had a passion for music and always nurtured the dream of pursuing art. But his family did not support the singer in pursuing a career in music. Therefore, he had to study Architecture to give his parents peace of mind.

However, after nearly 1 year of university, Ba Vuong felt that Architecture was not really suitable for him, so he decided to stop studying to pursue his passion for music. The singer entered the Military University of Arts and Culture to conquer his life's dream. But it is also because of this decision that the guy and his parents often have conflicts.

VP Ba Vuong: Student Hoang Thuy Linh is determined to pursue his passion, despite conflicts with his family - Photo 2

It wasn't until he tried "The Debut" that he completely conquered his family with his musical abilities. In the end, the singer excellently won the runner-up prize of the competition. However, 2 years after the victory, the guy was inactive and absent from the music stage.

The reason is because he wants to spend time looking for his own musical colors. Until mid-2020, the original vocalist Ben Tre returned to the music market with quality MVs. These works were positively appreciated in terms of style, imagery and melody.

Specifically, on 26/5/2020, VP Ba Vuong released a music product he loves called "You're Not Good" composed by himself. This is also the song marking the return of the young man to the music genre that he is pursuing. With a new melody and quality investment MV, the work after its debut has been loved and received by the audience.

VP Ba Vuong: Student Hoang Thuy Linh is determined to pursue his passion, despite conflicts with his family - Photo 3

Many people commented that few people have fast rapping speed but still clear words, good vocals like VP Ba Vuong and especially the orchestration gives them goosebumps when listening. According to the singer, "You're Not Good" was prepared from June 2019 to March 2020, but due to the complicated development of the Covid epidemic, in early May, the product could be filmed and released.

The content of the MV is about the problem of "mining" often found in love, so it also attracts the attention of many people. VP Ba Vuong's product features his friend Tung Duong to transform into bad boys who are really passionate about materialism, vanity and deceiving the heroine.

The song has a clear message, subtle metaphors through apples with hashtags like #chơitáosẽbịquảbáo make the community curious. After its release, this song has formed a trend on tiktok that many people respond to and search.

VP Ba Vuong: Student Hoang Thuy Linh is determined to pursue his passion, despite conflicts with his family - Photo 4

"You're Not Good" was inspired by the true story of a friend who was horned by his lover. This MV also has no sponsorship from any brand, completely made by the guy himself.

The 9X guy also shared about spending his own m.oney to make his own song, which put a lot of pressure on him: "First of all, I want this song to make my relatives and fans happy. Whether the product will be widely accepted by the public or not, I have not thought about it yet. Let it be natural. I will try my best to give the next one in the near future.

If the product is successful, it will be an incentive for him to continue to do his best. If the product fails, I will take everyone's suggestions and comments to do better. I am determined to follow the artistic path that I have been passionate about for so long."

VP Ba Vuong: Student Hoang Thuy Linh is determined to pursue his passion, despite conflicts with his family - Photo 5

VP Ba Vuong also wants his music to be closer to more audiences, especially GenZ young people. Therefore, the singer prioritizes songs with melodies that lift the spirit and confidence of listeners, inspiring new motivations for everyone.

In July 2020, the MV "There Are Too Many Things" was released by VP Ba Vuong when browsing the stories of friends on Facebook. The singer, born in 1996, saw a thoughtful post from his friend and came up with the melody of the song. Half a year later, the multi-talented guy has completed the song and refined it to fully convey the content through the song.

VP Ba Vuong: Student Hoang Thuy Linh is determined to pursue his passion, despite conflicts with his family - Photo 6

The R&B Chill song has a catchy melody and became popular all this time. This song helps listeners neither tragic nor overly grieving and brings reflection.

The music video tells the true story of the young singer's love affair with his high school girlfriend. The b.oy used to think this was his last love, but the two broke up because of many conflicts. After 2 years of seeing him again, he felt "too much" had passed and wanted to say.

This is a product invested 100% of his own m.oney loved by a large number of audiences, helping to mark the career path of VP Ba Vuong in the first days. After that, the singer continued to carry out his next activities.

VP Ba Vuong: Student Hoang Thuy Linh is determined to pursue his passion, despite conflicts with his family - Photo 7

In May 2021, Ba Vuong continued to try his hand at the TV show "The Heroes - Idol Idols. Here, the singer competed with 11 other famous artists of Vpop. His companion in this contest is producer TDK.

Interestingly, Hoang Thuy Linh was the teacher in "The Debut" that VP Ba Vuong participated in. The singer gave suggestions and communication to help the b.oy achieve high rankings in The Debut contest. Therefore, his products also have extravagant features and attractive melodies like his master.

VP Ba Vuong: Student Hoang Thuy Linh is determined to pursue his passion, despite conflicts with his family - Photo 8

In early October this year, Ba Vuong encroached on the painting field, held an exhibition at the Reunification Hall (HCMC), displaying 10 works that attracted attention from the public.
Each painting of the singer will be associated with a song in the album, in order to spread the artistic value as well as the core message of the project to the public; especially young audiences and art lovers.

VP Ba Vuong shared that he is a guy who likes romance, so when he falls in love, he becomes a c.hild, expresses his feelings and confides in his "other half" naturally. The ideal type of the singer is girls who are small, verbal, nimble and especially shorter than themselves. If you know a little about art, it will be an advantage.

VP Ba Vuong: Student Hoang Thuy Linh is determined to pursue his passion, despite conflicts with his family - Photo 9

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