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Cong Phuong did not attend his teammate's wedding, deliberately avoiding Hoa Minzy?

Phong Trần15:24:40 12/04/2024
In recent years, Vietnamese football players have taken turns getting married and holding weddings that have shocked the online community. Cong Phuong was also continuously absent from his teammates' weddings, while his ex-lover Hoa...

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Van Toan met a serious opponent and flirted with Hoa Minzy very smoothly

Vân Anh21:33:06 11/04/2024
Hoa Minzy has a close relationship with many Vietnamese players. Recently she was pushed in the boat with her close friend Van Toan, but now fans have discovered a small interaction with another player that could cause Van Toan to be left out.

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Hoa Minzy was "begged" not to attend Van Toan's wedding, and responded harshly to Cong Phuong

Thiên Di15:27:58 10/04/2024
Hoa Minzy is the most mentioned name in the series of weddings of famous football players recently. Many people realized that Cong Phuong was absent from the weddings where the singer was present. Therefore, one person pleaded with Hoa Minzy to attract attention.

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Van Toan was harsh with Hoa Minzy, saying 3 words correctly when paired with Bo's mother

Keng17:31:13 08/04/2024
The wedding of Quang Hai and Zhou Qingxuan is the most eye-catching news in recent days. On this happy day, singer Hoa Minzy and player Van Toan also occupied the spotlight for their close moments together.

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Cong Phuong returned from Japan and rarely showed his son's image. The online community praised him for his outstanding genes

Phi Đức20:44:08 16/12/2023
Because he is quite secretive about his personal life, fans rarely see the appearance of Mito, the son of Cong Phuong and Vien Minh. Most recently, pictures of the male player's entire family were shared on a friend's Facebook page.

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Top 5+ fastest players in Vietnamese football

Bá Cương11:47:08 16/12/2023
One of the factors that helps players score easily and defend or attack effectively is speed. Therefore, fast players always receive high appreciation from experts.

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Hoa Minzy corrected the fans when being paired with Van Toan, saying 1 thing that made the people mute

Gia Nhi06:03:35 07/12/2023
Singer Hoa Minzy caused a stir when she suddenly spoke out about her relationship with football player Van Toan. The attitude of the online community for constantly being pushed into a couple, emphasizing only close friends.

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Van Toan is close and has affection for Hoa Minzy, especially telling one thing that makes netizens excited

Thiên Di16:14:42 30/11/2023
The relationship between Van Toan and Hoa Minzy has always been of public interest for many years. The two's chemistry has many times been enthusiastically pushed by people, but the two sides share that they are just close friends.

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What about Van Toan r.evealing the reason for his absence at the wedding of Doan Van Hau, Cong Phuong, and Duy Manh?

Tuyết Ngọc09:41:53 25/11/2023
After many years of being single, Van Toan caused a stir in the online community when he showed off taking wedding photos. Is this the reason this guy was absent on Van Hau - Hai My's big day in Hanoi?

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Van Hau - Hai My r.eveal a huge lineup of guests at the wedding in Hanoi. Will Hoa Minzy meet her old lover?

Mẫn Nhi15:37:38 24/11/2023
The huge wedding of couple Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My is always a h.ot topic of special interest to the online community. On November 26, the guests will arrive at the wedding in Hanoi, which is also something that makes many people curious and guess.

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Doan Hai My acted delicately with her mother-in-law from the first day she became a daughter-in-law, but when it came to Cong Phuong's wife, she misunderstood

Keng10:22:30 18/11/2023
At weddings in some Northern and Central provinces, there is often a custom of the mother-in-law giving the hat to the daughter-in-law on the wedding day. This is a beautiful image, with a symbolic meaning that not everyone knows.

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Doan Van Hau "followed" Cong Phuong, held a wedding in a special place, fans were frightened by the willingness to play

Uyển Đình09:40:03 06/11/2023
After more than 3 years of knowing each other, Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My have officially returned to the same house. According to the image of the wedding invitation revealed, the couple will hold it in an extremely special and monumental place, predicting that there will be another super wedding of Vietnamese football village.

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Cong Phuong rarely talks about Vien Minh, but just two words made fans exclaim: "Love your wife like an egg."

Gia Linh18:03:38 27/09/2023
Although he chooses a private life and rarely mentions his wife to the media, Cong Phuong's recent sharing about Vien Minh's wife has made many women openly jealous.

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Hoa Minzy revealed her pregnancy suspicion, fans suddenly shouted Van Toan's name, how did the insiders react?

Hoa Tuyết10:48:48 26/09/2023
When Hoa Minzy was rumored to be pregnant for the second time, she did not hesitate to respond immediately. The keyboard battle between the female singer and her fans quickly attracted the attention of many netizens.

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Identity Assistant coach - HAGL died in a tragic car accident: was the teacher of Cong Phuong, Van Toan

Đình Thi10:24:44 13/08/2023
The sudden d.eath of Assistant Coach - Duong Minh Ninh in a tragic traffic accident made football fans feel sorry. It is known that he is a companion teacher with Cong Phuong, Van Thanh and has 20 years working with HAGL Club.

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Hoa Minzy revealed her criteria for "choosing a husband", people looked back and forth to express interest

Gia Linh13:26:25 09/08/2023
Recently, the mother of one Hoa Minzy has just publicized her criteria for choosing a husband on her personal page, making people finish watching it and feel excited and can't help but exclaim, it is also very strange.

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Miss Y Nhi again encountered a problem, appeared on the advertisement of the g.ambling website, fans got angry!

Hoàng Phúc07:54:14 07/08/2023
On the fanpgae Phe Football 365 Days used the image of Miss Huynh Tran Y Nhi and many other stars to advertise the g.ambling website FB88. This made netizens extremely frustrated.

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Hoa Minzy expressed a "harsh" attitude when she was "pushed the boat" with Van Toan, repeating the love story with Cong Phuong?

Minh Lợi10:31:38 18/04/2023
Hoa Minzy is one of the most popular young female singers today. In addition to the hit songs, the stories about Hoa Minzy's private life are equally interested. Although Hoa Minzy has repeatedly affirmed that she is currently a single mother, focusing on taking care of her son...

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Striker Tien Linh: People play brand name, buy a house to buy a car thanks to early possession of a huge fortune

Hoàng Anh09:23:07 10/02/2023
Tien Linh is currently said to be one of the most outstanding young players of the Vietnamese national team, alongside names like Hoang Duc, Quang Hai, and Cong Phuong. It is thanks to her talent, even though she is only at the age of 26, Tien Linh has a huge fortune that many...

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Hoa Minzy took her son to date a "special person" at the beginning of the year, breaking up with Cong Phuong still kept this

pipi12:28:33 26/01/2023
Although he has broken up with Cong Phuong player for a long time, Hoa Minzy still maintains a close friendship with the old team of fellow players. At the beginning of the year, the singer caused a fever when taking her son to date Van Toan. Hoa Minzy is a famous female singer...

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Phuong Thanh continues to have a new boyfriend: American male acquaintances were born in 2000, carrying each other intimately?

Nắng22:11:20 08/09/2022
Recently, the social network suddenly appeared a clip of Phuong Thanh being carried by a young man on the road. In the clip, the "Empty" singer wears a simple white shirt and trousers, and honeycomb sandals. As soon as it appeared, the clip quickly became the focus of attention...

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Hoa Minzy treated differently after breaking up: Protecting Minh Hai, Cong Phuong - the only silence with 1 person

Nam Phương10:31:19 07/09/2022
Beautiful and talented, but Hoa Minzy's love life is quite messy. The time of parting with Tung Acoustic to love Cong Phuong, the female singer was criticized for being greedy for fame and passion for fame. After w.inning the Star Academy a.ward, Hoa Minzy constantly strives to...

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Cong Phuong appeared old after 2 years of marriage and taking care of children

Hoàng Anh11:34:02 15/08/2022
It seems that because he is busy taking care of his football career and spending a lot of time taking care of his children, male player Cong Phuong does not seem to pay attention to taking care of his appearance. A recent image was recorded at the press conference before the...

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Hoa Minzy had an unexpected attitude when she met Cong Phuong's wife at Ha Duc Chinh's wedding

Nắng11:10:35 11/05/2022
The fact that both Hoa Minzy and Vien Minh were present at the same event, of course, it was difficult to avoid the attention of the public. On the evening of May 10, Ha Duc Chinh held a wedding with Mai Ha Trang at a famous hotel in Hanoi. Attending this important day were many...

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