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Van Hau was suspected of having a disagreement with Doan Hai My's father, and was not wished well on special occasions

Bình Minh09:25:54 22/04/2024
This year's birthday of Van Hau is more special than ever because he has his wife and first c.hild by his side. However, on this occasion, he was suspected of having a disagreement with his father-in-law, making fans worried.

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Doan Van Hau's mother-in-law U50 looked like an 18-year-old g.irl, her b.ody was dazzling

Đức Trí07:09:11 05/03/2024
Doan Hai My's mother made people praise when she possessed a rare beauty despite turning 50 years old. Doan Van Hau's wife when standing next to her mother, many people mistakenly believe that they are two sisters, difficult for anyone to recognize because she is so young.

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Doan Van Hau's mother-in-law caused a fever again, posting photos of herself as a teenager, making fans stir

Snow16:26:45 23/02/2024
Recently, Ms. Doan Phuong Mai has received a lot of attention from the public when she continuously competes with her daughter Doan Hai My, showing off her beauty no less than that of a young woman in her twenties.

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Doan Hai My showed off her straight legs, "gourd" but so shapely?

Nguyễn Tuyết15:58:14 19/02/2024
Recently, Doan Hai My was involved in the question of being pregnant with Doan Van Hau's first c.hild, it is worth mentioning here that her physique is still very slender, especially her impeccable slender legs.

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Doan Van Hau's mother-in-law made a strange move after the wedding ceremony, r.evealing the secret to keeping fit at the age of 50

Bình Minh07:42:16 02/12/2023
The recent action of Doan Hai My's biological mother, although different from the majority, has a meaning that makes many people ponder, especially those who have daughters to marry.

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Doan Van Hau revealed a text message with his mother-in-law, the conversation mentioned extremely shocking information about Doan Hai My

Tuyết Ngọc17:44:51 30/11/2023
Recently, the reason Doan Van Hau did not go with Doan Hai My to try on the most beautiful wedding dresses for the wedding in Hanoi was revealed. Turns out, the Thai Binh-born defender had everything planned out.

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Doan Hai My's mother did something special for Van Hau before the wedding, will her daughter be "out"?

Phượng Vũ14:36:38 24/11/2023
After a series of feverish photos from her youth, recently, Ms. Doan Phuong Mai - biological mother of Doan Hai My continued to attract the attention of netizens when excitedly sharing the wedding invitation video of her daughter and Doan Van Hau.

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