Tuan Hung called Duy Manh about his wife and confirmed their close relationship

Phương ThảoMay 16, 2024 at 10:57

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Tuan Hung - Duy Manh were called out again by the online community because the image of Huong B.aby who starred in Duy Manh's MV was rediscovered. Tuan Hung even contacted Duy Manh to talk about this issue.

Most recently, Tuan Hung and his wife Huong B.aby appeared together at the red carpet press conference to launch the MV Golden Apple. In the MV Golden Apple, Tuan Hung invited his wife Huong B.aby to play the female lead. The image of the couple wearing traditional clothes in love on the red carpet made netizens admire them. Notably, Tuan Hung comfortably placed a kiss on Huong B.aby's lips, making those present at the press conference "melt" at the love they both had for each other.

Tuan Hung called Duy Manh about his wife and confirmed their close relationship - Photo 1

Tuan Hung's wife also humorously shared about her husband inviting her to star in the MV without being a professional actress. "If Mr. Hung invites another actress to play, I will be silent. But... silent for a long time!" - Huong B.aby's humorous sharing made the whole audience roar with excitement at the couple's love for each other.

Just yesterday, on his personal Facebook page, Tuan Hung suddenly posted a status line mentioning the relationship between his wife Huong B.aby and male singer Duy Manh. The reason is because many people often dig up the story of Huong B.aby once filming a MV for Duy Manh, drawing up all kinds of stories to tease the voice of Finding the Sky.

Tuan Hung called Duy Manh about his wife and confirmed their close relationship - Photo 2

Faced with such an unlucky move, Tuan Hung expressed his opinion: "There are some diggers who keep asking how much my wife made in the MV for Duy Manh in the past, and then make fun of it. At that time, I never I know my wife, so I don't know about that past. I don't know if Mr. Manh kissed or had anything with my wife, and it's not serious because that was before he fell in love with me and married me. I only care that when she loves and marries me, she completely belongs to me and we are happy with our current life, loving and living in the present and for the future."

Tuan Hung called Duy Manh about his wife and confirmed their close relationship - Photo 3

According to Tuan Hung, he spoke frankly on his personal page because he did not want himself and Duy Manh to be dragged into an unnecessary noisy story.

"Our lives as artists are under pressure from many sides. Sometimes when we're happy, they don't let us be happy, but when we're sad, we laugh at the sadness.

Until now, I still text Duy Manh. The two brothers asked, shared, and encouraged each other. Last night after posting the article, I immediately called Mr. Manh and said: "Dear! I just want everything to be transparent, I hope you sympathize and don't think anything!". I don't want people to talk so that we will misunderstand and be unhappy with each other," Tuan Hung shared.

According to Tuan Hung, artists all have a real life and accept virtual things on social networks, whether they like it or not.

"We can sing well today and dance well, but tomorrow we can't sing well and there will be countless harsh words. As a loved artist, we have to accept even the fact that people don't like us," he added.

Tuan Hung called Duy Manh about his wife and confirmed their close relationship - Photo 4

The singer born in 1978 said that sometimes when he reads disparaging comments, he cannot avoid negative emotions. There was a time when he chose to respond and argue with anti-fans. However, over the past few years, he has practiced vegetarianism and meditated to reduce his temper and think more positively.

After nearly 30 years of working, Tuan Hung is proud to have at least 20 hit songs, spanning many stages. Musicians Khac Viet, Tu Dua, Nguyen Hong Thuan, Hoang Duy... all have very famous hit songs performed by the male singer himself.

Tuan Hung called Duy Manh about his wife and confirmed their close relationship - Photo 5

Tuan Hung admitted that he is afraid of being "old" in people's eyes, so he always thinks about creating and renewing himself. Although the change is risky, he finds it necessary for his career at this time. "It's time for me to break out of my comfort zone to challenge myself with thorns," he said.

Tuan Hung called Duy Manh about his wife and confirmed their close relationship - Photo 6

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