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Tuan Hung called Duy Manh about his wife and confirmed their close relationship

Phương Thảo10:57:06 16/05/2024
Tuan Hung - Duy Manh were called out again by the online community because the image of Huong B.aby who starred in Duy Manh's MV was rediscovered. Tuan Hung even contacted Duy Manh to talk about this issue.

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Tuan Hung's wife was "dug up" about her past with Duy Manh, the male singer viciously declared that he was angry

Quỳnh Quỳnh09:13:35 15/05/2024
Tuan Hung couldn't help but feel frustrated when the past of his wife Huong B.aby and singer Duy Manh was suddenly dug up by netizens. Faced with many unfavorable words, Tuan Hung spoke up to clarify and made a statement about marriage that attracted a lot of attention.

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Tuan Hung - Duy Manh officially made peace after many years of "separation": What's going on?

N.P17:25:01 19/12/2022
After many years of "face-to-face" even writing denunciations to each other, Duy Manh recently suddenly wrote a song for Tuan Hung with the title "Let's not be mad at each other anymore" as an official move to make peace. together. Duy Manh and Tuan Hung's relationship over the...

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Ha Ho - Le Quyen, Tuan Hung - Duy Manh and the most confusing friendships in Vietnamese showbiz

Hoàng Anh10:11:13 03/10/2022
Friendship in Vietnamese showbiz is always an eternal topic, attracting the attention of many netizens. However, every relationship has its noisy, fractured times, and it's the same in the entertainment industry. Ho Ngoc Ha - Le Quyen They used to be extremely close friends...

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Tuan Hung was "played badly behind his back" by his close friends and immediately rushed to do one thing, fans reacted furiously?

N.P11:22:12 24/09/2022
Duy Manh publicly signed the denunciation and revealed that the petitioners were two close friends of Tuan Hung, the male singer was later fined 12.5 million. Before the noise when he was both fined and played badly, Tuan Hung recently did one thing publicly and was supported by...

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Tuan Hung posted a story about "taking a break" from someone after being denounced by Duy Manh?

N.P07:13:29 16/09/2022
Controversial about organizing a live show on the balcony and Duy Manh publicly "signed a denunciation", Tuan Hung recently attracted attention when he posted a story about having stopped playing someone. In recent days, social networks "wake up" before the controversy...

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