Nha Phuong announced her affair, "tormenting" her husband while Nam Em was causing chaos

Châu AnhFeb 28, 2024 at 14:30

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After many days, social networks "exploded" with Nam Em's statements, especially about past love affairs, causing netizens to call Truong Giang's name. Recently, people "unearthed" a comment shared by Nha Phuong when talking about a.dultery.

Not long ago, the couple Nha Phuong - Truong Giang suddenly got into trouble because Nam Em went on a livestream to bring up the past, accusing the couple of using them for media purposes.

The source of the incident came from Nam Em watching Nha Phuong and Phat La's livestream. She happily sent the couple a lion-shaped icon worth more than 10 million VND. After that, comedian Muoi Kho's wife did not say thank you and immediately turned off the livestream. The online community left many comments on Nam Em's personal page and said that she wanted to attract attention.

Nha Phuong announced her affair, tormenting her husband while Nam Em was causing chaos - Photo 1

After that, the drama between Nam Em and Nha Phuong and his wife in the past was recounted by the beauty born in 1996 on livestream. Nam Em said that a few days before his ex-lover prayed for his girlfriend's soul on television, he even stopped by the restaurant and celebrated her birthday with her. From here, dozens of shocking statements were uttered by Nam Em. In many livestream sessions, Nam Em just spoke empty words without any real evidence.

Nha Phuong announced her affair, tormenting her husband while Nam Em was causing chaos - Photo 2

At the same time, Nha Phuong's statements related to a.dultery were dug up again. Specifically, when participating in promoting the movie Love Before the Wedding, Nha Phuong shared her views on the issue of a.dultery.

The reason Nha Phuong brought up this topic is because the character Minh Anh she played was cheated on by her long-time lover. Loyal to her boyfriend for 10 years, even living together as husband and wife, but when they were about to get married, Minh Anh's boyfriend had a change of heart and broke up to be with someone else.

Nha Phuong announced her affair, tormenting her husband while Nam Em was causing chaos - Photo 3

Referring to the affair, Nha Phuong expressed: "There is never a time when I would fall for such a person (the adulterer - PV). Even though inside he is a very decent person, always fighting with himself. If you were in real life, you would die with me. Don't ever let me be like that. I'll give it away."

At the same time, Nha Phuong also shared: "When you love someone, you will love them to d.eath, and do everything for the person you love, for your family. That means Phuong also loves and loves you, but there comes a stage when I feel I can't Just keep trying and see that it doesn't make you happy. Phuong will choose the best option for both of you."

Nha Phuong announced her affair, tormenting her husband while Nam Em was causing chaos - Photo 4

The scandal between Nam Em and Truong Giang in 2018 was a scandal that shook the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Nam Em unilaterally announced to the media that he had a romantic relationship with Truong Giang while he was still Nha Phuong's boyfriend. After that, she was denied by Truong Giang and declared that she would not leave alone if she dared to touch Nha Phuong.

Nha Phuong was born in 1990, is a famous actress in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Before marrying Truong Giang, Nha Phuong acted in many television series and movies and created her own place in showbiz. In recent years, she has participated in a number of works such as Apple Tree in Bloom, 1990, Love Before the Wedding, Parallel...

Nha Phuong announced her affair, tormenting her husband while Nam Em was causing chaos - Photo 5

Nha Phuong gave birth to her second c.hild in October 2023. After just a few days of giving birth, the actress surprised many people by showing off her waist without any excess fat and regaining shape quickly. During her postpartum stay, the actress was pampered and well cared for by her husband, Truong Giang. Every time she appears, she is commented that her beauty is getting better and better, more beautiful and loving.

Nha Phuong announced her affair, tormenting her husband while Nam Em was causing chaos - Photo 6

Faced with scandals "falling from the sky" recently, Nha Phuong did not say anything related and kept a positive attitude, updating her life and work on social networks. with the audience. Truong Giang's wife also confidently affirmed: "Nha Phuong enters 2024 with gratitude, grateful that she always loves and is loved."

Nha Phuong announced her affair, tormenting her husband while Nam Em was causing chaos - Photo 7


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