Duong Mich announced great news that threatened Trieu Le Dinh's career

Đông NguyênMar 20, 2024 at 16:45

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The news that Duong Mich will return to the screen with two new projects is currently causing a stir on Chinese social networks. The audience expressed their excitement because they were about to witness the moment when two little flower girls of the 85th generation confront each other.

Up to now, Duong Mich - Trieu Le Dinh have always been known as rivals in the Chinese entertainment industry. Therefore, the two little flower girls of the 85th generation are often compared to each other by people.

Meanwhile, recently, Trieu Le Dinh continuously stirred up the media when launching the project Du Phuong Hanh. Immediately after airing, the film received a lot of positive feedback from experts and audiences. On the contrary, Duong Mich is quite quiet, without any notable projects.

Duong Mich announced great news that threatened Trieu Le Dinhs career - Photo 1

However, recently, the beauty named Duong suddenly received great news when the spy film project Harbin 1944 was officially granted a broadcasting license. Specifically, the TV series project starring Duong Mich and Tan Hao will be broadcast with 40 episodes. Thus, if you add in the project Love Lover Tieu Hong Nuong - Nguyet Hong Thien, Duong Mich has up to 2 movies waiting to be shown on this platform.

Duong Mich announced great news that threatened Trieu Le Dinhs career - Photo 2

Immediately after being announced, the information quickly received a lot of attention from the Chinese online community. Many viewers believe that it is very possible that Duong Mich's Harbin 1944 will be broadcast before Love Story: Little Hong Nuong - Nguyet Hong Thien. Thus, the possibility that Cbiz's two famous flower girls of the 85th generation will face each other in April is very high. Currently on Chinese social networking platforms, netizens are eagerly waiting to see which of Duong Mich's works will compete with Trieu Le Dinh's Du Phuong Hanh.

Duong Mich announced great news that threatened Trieu Le Dinhs career - Photo 3

At the present time, Du Phuong Hanh is the film project dominating the movie rankings. The new historical fairy tale project by Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan continuously established a series of great achievements when it aired. This puts great pressure on historical dramas from the 85s that air later. Among them, the most affected people are probably Duong Mich and Ho Yeu Tieu Hong Nuong - Nguyet Hong Thien.

Duong Mich announced great news that threatened Trieu Le Dinhs career - Photo 4

It can be seen that after a period of exciting activities, Trieu Le Dinh's career is increasingly "rising like a kite". She has countless successful works in her hands, most recently including the movie The 20th Thing and the television work Du Phuong Hanh that just aired on March 18.

Trieu Le Dinh recently caused a stir when she achieved huge achievements on the social networking platform Douyin. Accordingly, the total views of the Trieu Le Dinh hashtag on Douyin exceeded 140 billion views, this achievement helped the little flower g.irl become the first female star with the highest views on the platform. This is an extremely large number that makes her fans proud, proud and happy.

It is known that Douyin is a quite popular social network in China, not only Trieu Le Dinh but many other famous stars also use it. Even though she only created a Douyin account in mid-2020, Trieu Le Dinh has surpassed many colleagues to become the first female celebrity with record views on Douyin.

Duong Mich announced great news that threatened Trieu Le Dinhs career - Photo 5

Previously, in early March 2023, Trieu Le Dinh also excelled in becoming the first female artist to set a record for having the highest views on Douyin with more than 90 billion views. However, with the explosion after a series of successful films, Trieu Le Dinh has not only maintained her achievements but even continued to conquer new remarkable milestones.

Duong Mich announced great news that threatened Trieu Le Dinhs career - Photo 6

Trieu Le Dinh started entering Cbiz in 2006 but was only assigned small roles and received little attention. Currently, after 8 years of hard work in the arts, the little flower g.irl has "surpassed" a series of other co-stars and has a solid position in Cbiz. Trieu Le Dinh gradually proved her strength and received many prestigious awards such as Golden Eagle Goddess, "Best Actress", "Most Favorite Actress by the Public",... Fame The title "Queen of the Screen" was also born from there.

Duong Mich announced great news that threatened Trieu Le Dinhs career - Photo 7

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