Tran Thanh shows off rare photos during puberty, fans call Truong Giang's name for an unexpected reason

Bút MàuMay 15, 2024 at 11:08

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Recently, on his personal page, Tran Thanh made many viewers excited when he posted a photo of mother and daughter taking pictures together several decades ago.

The billionaire male director humorously wrote: "Where can I find a photo that makes me look shockingly beautiful! Why was I so ugly in the past?".

Tran Thanh shows off rare photos during puberty, fans call Truong Giangs name for an unexpected reason - Photo 1

Many viewers guessed that the photo was taken when Tran Thanh was in puberty, with a tall, thin figure and dark skin. There are comments teasing the actor for "successfully going through puberty" as his current appearance is quite stylish and handsome.

Meanwhile, Tran Thanh's two younger sisters, Uyen An and Huynh Mi, were praised by many netizens for having a pretty and adorable appearance since they were young and still maintain the same features as when they grew up.

Another interesting detail is that below the post, many viewers said that the appearance of Tran Thanh's biological mother when she was young and actress Truong Giang had... similarities.

In response to the audience's comments, Tran Thanh also spoke up: "My mother, everyone talks like Truong Giang. I'm choking on laughter." The actor even humorously put photos of his mother and Truong Giang next to each other to compare: "Not much alike, haha."

Tran Thanh shows off rare photos during puberty, fans call Truong Giangs name for an unexpected reason - Photo 2

Recently, on Mother's Day, Tran Thanh and his two younger sisters took their parents out to eat and the whole family gathered together. In the photo, the actor's biological mother is praised for still maintaining her youthful and luxurious features.

Tran Thanh once confided that his family had difficult times that led to bankruptcy and there were times when he had to put his hands on his forehead and think about where his family would go tomorrow and where they would sleep at night. Even in the house his aunt let him live in, his family had to feel anxious because they didn't know if they would have their own plans or sell it at any time.

Tran Thanh shows off rare photos during puberty, fans call Truong Giangs name for an unexpected reason - Photo 3

"If Tran Thanh was a thoughtless b.oy at that time, I would have been very discouraged because I was quite useless. Besides acting, I can't think of any other profession that can support myself." me.

Tran Thanh's childhood only focused on art, I watched everything related to art. And I would be very lonely if I couldn't do this job, which saved my family from the most exhausting time," the male artist said.

In a program, Tran Thanh admitted that he was a naughty and "stubborn" c.hild. Because he did not want to be imposed by his parents, he worked hard from a young age. After the family incident, Tran Thanh became more mature and realized that he had to try and help his parents.

Tran Thanh shows off rare photos during puberty, fans call Truong Giangs name for an unexpected reason - Photo 4

"Since 10th grade, Tran Thanh has made his own m.oney. Since then, I have not asked for any m.oney from my parents. In 12th grade, entering theater university, Tran Thanh also began to be independent. Luckily, "After studying for 1 year, Tran Thanh won the MC a.ward and has been working until now," the male MC once confided.

Currently, Tran Thanh is considered an "undercover tycoon" in the entertainment industry as he is among the top A-list stars with expensive shows and advertising contracts. Notably, after many popular movies, many people could not help but be stunned by the news that Tran Thanh owns a "huge" amount of assets. Hearing the number, everyone was amazed.

Tran Thanh shows off rare photos during puberty, fans call Truong Giangs name for an unexpected reason - Photo 5

Tran Thanh is the first Vietnamese director to have a total revenue of nearly 1,400 billion VND, with Dad 427 billion VND, Nha Ba Nu 475 billion VND and Mai 480 billion VND. According to analysis units, after sharing with theaters, minus some fees such as distribution fees, filmmaking costs... Tran Thanh pocketed about more than 450 billion VND from three works with revenue of nearly 1,400 VND. billions dong.

Tran Thanh shows off rare photos during puberty, fans call Truong Giangs name for an unexpected reason - Photo 6

For many years, MC Tran Thanh has been "chosen for gold" by television stations from central to local levels, hosting many famous broadcast programs with good ratings. With their current good income, Tran Thanh and Hari Won are living in a luxury apartment designed like a 5-star hotel, worth about 20 billion VND.

Tran Thanh shows off rare photos during puberty, fans call Truong Giangs name for an unexpected reason - Photo 7

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