Zhencheng's sister questioned breaking up with handsome actor Quynh Ly

Vân AnhMay 03, 2024 at 07:08

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Netizens can see the dating hint, they also quickly illuminate the question of "the way everyone goes" of the couple Uyen An and Quynh Ly after more than 1 year of being exposed to a special relationship. This made many regret because the couple received a lot of love and support.

Uyen An and Quynh Ly started dating after participating in the film project "Ba Nu House". Later, the couple continued to be pointed out by netizens for evidence of having taken private trips. Although many times being scrutinized for traveling together, gathering to eat, dress in doubles, have love gestures ... However, Uyen An did not speak out about her relationship with actor Quynh Ly.

Gone for a while, most recently, social networking forums were abuzz with the news that Huynh Uyen An and Quynh Ly have "gone their separate ways" after 1 year of dating. The source of the incident stemmed from the absence of Huynh Uyen An from Mai's thank you party, while Manh Quynh was still happy to attend. Besides, Zhencheng's sister has just participated in a movie project, but the "rumored love" has not made any moves to support.

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Not only that, although often traveling with Zhencheng's close friends, participating in many projects together, on social networks, Huynh Uyen An and Ly Hao Manh Quynh do not "follow" each other. The two were last photographed during a trip to Thailand in February 2024. Up to now, the relationship between Huynh Uyen An and Li Hao Manh Quynh has made people curious. However, these are just speculations from fans. How real it is, we have to wait for insiders to speak up to clarify.

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At the time when the two began to spread dating information, Uyen An and Quynh Ly received a lot of attention from the audience. Many people support this love affair because they think that the two actors are extremely beautiful couples, their dating hints are too sweet. Therefore, despite being silent, Uyen An and Quynh Ly still have a large fan base. If the breakup rumors are true, this will probably make many fans regret it.

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Yuan An has made it clear that she will not make it public, but she also does not hide her personal romance. Explaining this choice, the actress said she was afraid of getting into a lot of trouble and unnecessary noise. "I didn't come out publicly for fear of being upset. Like Mr. Thanh also used to publicize, later every holiday or Valentine's Day is dug up old posts. I think when I go to work, people should know about my products and roles, not care about romance. I'm shy," she said.

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Her rumored boyfriend Quynh Li, whose real name is Li Hao Manh Quynh, was born in 1995. He started his career through the products of the comedy group DAMtv with Huynh Lap. He is also a member of the group "Tiny Dinosaur" - Champion of Laughter Xuyen Viet - Tieu Lam Hoi 2017.

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In front of Ms. Nu's House, Quynh Ly has appeared in many films such as Tam Bram: The Untold Story, Teaser of Whom, Twin Sisters, Virgin Soul ... He has also appeared in many TVC commercials, guest-starred in television gameshows.

After nearly 10 years of artistic activity, Ly Hao Manh Quynh's career really prospered thanks to the success of the Nu House. In the near future, the 9x actor will participate in a movie with the participation of Kieu Minh Tuan, Van Trang, transforming into a unique character.

Uyen An's full name is Huynh Uyen An, born in 1999, is one of Tran Thanh's 2 younger sisters. Before being noticed when filming the film "Grandma Nu's House", Uyen An had 4 years of diligently pursuing acting, although she did not achieve much success.

At the beginning of his career, the 9X actor worked hard to participate in web movies of familiar artists.

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The actress confided that in her career, she does not mind being labeled "Zhencheng's sister", because she understands that when she has not made a mark in the hearts of the audience, people will call her by what they pay the most attention to. That's why Yan An didn't stop trying. However, the actress admitted that thanks to being Zhencheng's younger sister, she has more opportunities in her work.

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