Zhencheng was criticized by the famous diva for "not knowing how to sing", saying profound sentences that stirred up social media waves

Kim LâmApr 04, 2024 at 16:50

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Zhencheng's voice is always a topic that people have to mention a lot on forums. Recently, a clip of diva Ha Tran frankly criticizing her husband Hari Won for "not singing" quickly went viral on social media.

Recently, the performance After Zhencheng's refusal during an overseas concert has attracted great attention from the online community. Worth mentioning, the reaction of listeners to Hari Won's performance was not very positive, most of them were mixed opinions, disparaging Zhencheng's limited singing ability.

Zhencheng was criticized by the famous diva for not knowing how to sing, saying profound sentences that stirred up social media waves - Photo 1

The performance caused a lot of controversy with comments such as: "Like the way he doesn't follow any tone", "Bad singing but likes to play notes", "You should only sing faded rose wings", "Not bad voice but dirty treatment",...

After that performance, netizens suddenly dug back a comment by diva Ha Tran about Zhencheng. Specifically, in September last year, diva Ha Tran held a music night to celebrate her birthday at 1 tea room in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. In the audience row, besides the usual guests who admire Ha Tran's singing, there is also the appearance of Tran Thanh. Nam MC has long been a true "hard fan" of Ha Tran when this is not the first time, Tran Thanh spent his own m.oney to buy top tickets to watch Ha Tran show.

Zhencheng was criticized by the famous diva for not knowing how to sing, saying profound sentences that stirred up social media waves - Photo 2

When meeting seniors on stage, Ha Tran had some sharing about Tran Thanh, the diva gave the male MC many compliments when having extensive research about music as well as knowledge. However, Tran Thu Ha still emphasized that Tran Thanh "does not know how to sing" just like the diva who loves painting but does not know how to draw:

" Then I started talking to Zhencheng and found out that Zhencheng not only loves my music, but is also a real music lover. A person who is very passionate about music, but his song must be like mine.

I love painting but I don't know how to draw and this guy loves music, is very pure, loves dedication but still can't sing. He was 'on the astronomical pine, under the geographical wall', knew a lot of the singers and songs themselves. Many times when making music that I am secret, I also turn to Thanh, he will give me data on who is 'trendy', which songs are hits,... like a 1080 switchboard!"

Finally, she closed in a very humorous way: "I hope Thanh keeps trying, one day maybe Thanh can sing and you can draw."

Zhencheng was criticized by the famous diva for not knowing how to sing, saying profound sentences that stirred up social media waves - Photo 3

Before that, the male artist repeatedly showed off his voice on professional stages. He never hid his intense passion for singing. Zhencheng even seriously studied vocal music to perfect his voice.

Zhencheng was criticized by the famous diva for not knowing how to sing, saying profound sentences that stirred up social media waves - Photo 4

Just a few days ago, Zhencheng was also criticized by colleagues for his voice that attracted the attention of netizens. Accordingly, Tran Thanh and his wife Hari Won, Ali Hoang Duong, NS Le Giang, Le Duong Bao Lam ... currently on a long business trip abroad.

Following a series of interesting skits on American soil, Le Giang and Le Duong Bao Lam transformed into the role of maids to badmouth the landlord, Tran Thanh. Specifically, Le Giang disparaged: "Every morning I wake up to howl (sing) all the time, like a zoo. And yet I thought I was singing well."

Zhencheng was criticized by the famous diva for not knowing how to sing, saying profound sentences that stirred up social media waves - Photo 5

Meanwhile, Legion Bao Lam was blunt: "Bad singing, not good singing. The voice didn't work. And whoever criticizes is angry. Shift, get in the car too. To go up and not to karaoke is to sing, not to let anyone sing." The clip made viewers laugh because of the sisters' extremely graceful juggling, which was constantly shared on social media and garnered a large amount of interaction.

Zhencheng was criticized by the famous diva for not knowing how to sing, saying profound sentences that stirred up social media waves - Photo 6

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