"Bad boy" Huynh Tong Trach is lonely, a.ge 44: What is the price for cheating on Ho Hanh Nhi?

Nhật DuyFeb 26, 2024 at 13:25

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At the age of 44, actor Huynh Tong Trach is not anxious to get married and have children. The famous Hong Kong actor spends a lot of time on his passion for acting and business, leaving marriage to fate.

Huynh Tong Trach was born in 1980 (44 years old), known as a famous superstar from Hong Kong. He joined the entertainment industry as an actor - singer, in all fields he achieved many remarkable achievements. Huynh Tong Trach used to be an exclusive actor of TVB, emerging from the TV series "Immense Sky" in 2003.
The male superstar is admired by the audience because of his handsome face and attractive, masculine acting. Huynh Tong Trach is also known by the public as the "bad boy" of the Chinese screen. Despite this, the actor is still chosen as one of the most popular gentlemen in Hong Kong.

Bad b.oy Huynh Tong Trach is lonely, a.ge 44: What is the price for cheating on Ho Hanh Nhi? - Photo 1

Although he is famous as a "bad boy", Huynh Tong Trach had a nearly 10-year relationship with "TVB Queen" Ho Hanh Nhi. At that time, the couple was considered the "pearl fairy" of Hong Kong's entertainment industry. However, few people know that during their relationship, the actor cheated many times behind his girlfriend's back.

Even though Ho Hanh Nhi forgave him many times, Huynh Tong Trach still had his own problems. Finally, "the last drop of water", the two officially "went their separate ways" in 2012 despite the regret of their fans.

After breaking up, Ho Hanh Nhi married businessman Ly Thua Duc and had 3 children. The actress's life is currently very fulfilling, making many people admire her.

Bad b.oy Huynh Tong Trach is lonely, a.ge 44: What is the price for cheating on Ho Hanh Nhi? - Photo 2

Bad b.oy Huynh Tong Trach is lonely, a.ge 44: What is the price for cheating on Ho Hanh Nhi? - Photo 3

As for Huynh Tong Trach, he dated many showbiz beauties such as Duong Tranh, Duong Gia Han, Tran Gia Hoan, Truong Sa Sa... but they all soon broke up because of the actor's "promiscuous" habits.

After embarrassing love scandals, Huynh Tong Trach chose to leave TVB in 2017, turning to business. The actor also quickly became a successful businessman, owning many valuable real estate scattered throughout Hong Kong.

Bad b.oy Huynh Tong Trach is lonely, a.ge 44: What is the price for cheating on Ho Hanh Nhi? - Photo 4

Regarding love, at the age of 44, the actor still chooses to live a single life. He revealed that he has no intention of getting married even though he has a wealthy life. Huynh Tong Trach once shared in the media that he never thought about what age he would get married or how many children he wanted to have. His mother never urged her son to get married, so the actor was very comfortable and did not receive pressure from his family.

"To be honest, I currently have no intention of building my own family. Maybe because I was born and raised in a single-parent family, I have no desire for an ideal family. I "I don't set certain rules or time frames about getting married or having children. I will leave that to fate," Huynh Tong Trach shared with the media.

Bad b.oy Huynh Tong Trach is lonely, a.ge 44: What is the price for cheating on Ho Hanh Nhi? - Photo 5

However, many people believe that with a rich love life, it is difficult for Huynh Tong Trach to "settle down", accept a restrictive marriage and lose his freedom. He is likened to an unruly horse, no g.irl has been able to restrain this man.

Even though Huynh Tong Trach was criticized for being promiscuous, many people praised him for being close and friendly. Recently, he was spotted eating at a Japanese-style noodle shop with a simple appearance. When he saw fans asking to take pictures, he still happily responded without showing a distant attitude. Thanks to these things, Huynh Tong Trach is still loved and admired by the audience.

Bad b.oy Huynh Tong Trach is lonely, a.ge 44: What is the price for cheating on Ho Hanh Nhi? - Photo 6

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