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Ho Ngoc Ha and My Linh rocked together with 700 artists at the Vietnam Sea and Island Festival

Thanh Phúc09:37:40 13/05/2024
Fans are extremely excited about the news of the event with the participation of entertainment queen Ho Ngoc Ha and Diva My Linh. A rare time two A-list stars appeared with 700 other artists, performing at the Vietnam Sea and Island Festival music night.

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Phuong My Chi threw around DTAP's studio, was reminded by fans but still enjoyed it

Mi Lan07:19:05 11/05/2024
Phuong My Chi was having fun in the studio with DTAP, causing fans to remind her. Thereby, the clip quickly attracted attention from the online community, with thousands of likes and shares.

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Phuong My Chi was accused of attitude, the senior straightened, 2k3 was criticized for being older than his age

Đức Trí06:48:45 02/04/2024
Singer born in 2003 Phuong My Chi has just made people stir, when attending the show 7 Spring Smile with a cast of veteran artists, all seniors. During the exchange, the folk g.irl was corrected by a senior about how to address her.

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"Nation's husband" Lee Dong Wook arrives in Vietnam: Sisterhood surrounds the airport

Nhật Duy09:59:46 07/03/2024
Due to the large number of fans gathered at Tan Son Nhat airport, Lee Dong Wook's crew changed their plans, taking the actor to the car very quickly by VIP door. Even so, he lingered a bit to receive flowers from fans.

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Phuong My Chi was thrown onto the stage by the musician during the performance, responding unexpectedly

Châu Anh10:24:29 02/02/2024
Recently, the video posted of the Universe performance with Phuong My Chi's brother received a lot of attention. On stage, Fang My Chi wore a three-piece dress combined with dark glasses and a leaf hat, looking both fancy and cool.

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Controversy over Phuong My Chi receiving the "New Face" a.ward after 10 years of working

Phong Trần13:28:18 26/01/2024
The audience believes that Phuong My Chi has been singing for 10 years and is not really a new face. In addition, viewers debated when the female singer missed most of the nomination categories at the 26th Green Wave.

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Fang My Chi has not yet entered the competition, has revealed many hints will be crowned Miss Grand 2024?

Xuka15:31:55 04/01/2024
In the clip, the singer born in 2003 reveals a weakness in her catwalk ability that has not been professionally mastered. However, Phuong My Chi has been guided by Lan Khue wholeheartedly and meticulously such as adjusting shoulders when catwalking...

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HHHV VN contestant was taking the exam when she heard that her boyfriend died, Phuong My Chi gave up MGVN

Hoàng Phúc10:07:08 04/01/2024
According to Thomas Iris Thanh, her boyfriend died 3 days before the semi-finals of Miss Cosmo Vietnam - Miss Universe Vietnam 2023. After reaching the Top 16 overall, the beauty paid tribute to her boyfriend.

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Phuong My Chi received good news after registering for Miss Grand Vietnam 2024

Xuka12:17:16 02/01/2024
Recently, Phuong My Chi unexpectedly shared the image of the application form for Miss Grand Vietnam 2024. She also attached a caption full of subtext: Many happy new year things! Unfamiliar....

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Ngo Trung Quang: "My favorite student" Dan Truong, the once famous Bolero Idol champion

Minh Ngọc22:18:27 26/12/2023
Ngo Trung Quang became known to the audience when he won the Bolero Idol Champion 2016. After the show, he and his teacher, Dan Truong, continuously walked together through many large and small stages.

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Phuong My Chi responded very cleverly when asked directly about the video leak, hoping the audience would do one thing

Hoa Tuyết14:19:58 21/12/2023
After the scandal of r.evealing a sensitive video, Phuong My Chi was seen attending an event that took place recently. When asked about the recent incident, the female singer had an extremely skillful response.

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Quang Le revealed Phuong My Chi's move about the noise, saying exactly one sentence that made his adopted daughter profusely thank him

Phúc Sen07:24:41 21/12/2023
Male singer Quang Le caused a stir when he officially made a move related to his adopted daughter Phuong My Chi. Amid the noise, the folk singer was rumored to have leaked a sensitive clip. Just saying one sentence made the female singer profusely thank her adoptive father.

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Phuong My Chi changed dramatically because of this character, netizens suddenly discovered strange details

Snow15:37:47 17/12/2023
Amidst the noise of r.evealing sensitive videos, interesting information about Phuong My Chi has just been widely shared by people on platforms. The female singer also made a new move after the Cyber Security Department confirmed the investigation of the incident.

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In Phuong My Chi's case, a sensitive clip was rumored to be leaked: the Cyber Security Department stepped in and directed the investigation

Hoàng Phúc18:07:17 16/12/2023
The Department of Cyber Security and High-Tech Crime Prevention (A05) said it had received information about the sensitive video scandal allegedly related to female singer Phuong My Chi. This agency is currently in the process of investigating and verifying the case.

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Phuong My Chi suspected that she had not reported to the police, saying that there was a sensitive clip incident, so the crew responded

Thanh Phúc06:32:41 16/12/2023
Amidst the uproar about the spread of a sensitive clip, Phuong My Chi immediately denied it and announced that she had sent an application to the Cyber Security Department to clarify the truth. However, recently the news that the female singer was just saying it for the sake of it started to spread again.

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Phuong My Chi revealed something no one knew after the sensitive video leaked, the authorities got involved

Nguyễn Tuyết15:29:32 14/12/2023
After being called out on forums because of the sensitive clip, Phuong My Chi recently continued to share to clarify false rumors, seriously affecting her work and life.

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The g.irl rumored to be the female lead "replacing" Phuong My Chi spoke up angrily and firmly affirmed one thing.

Minh Lợi15:45:46 11/12/2023
Phuong My Chi is still a keyword that receives a lot of attention from the online community. It all stemmed from the fact that many posts appeared on social networks claiming that the female singer was the female lead in a clip with offensive content.

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Phuong My Chi and her rumored boyfriend suddenly revealed pictures of their intimate embrace, is the "other half" a celebrity?

Kim Lâm16:57:21 10/12/2023
Phuong My Chi's love story in recent days has received special attention from the online community. Recently, intimate images of the female singer and her rumored boyfriend were widely shared, attracting everyone's attention.

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Quang Le's actions were scrutinized amid Phuong My Chi's noise, r.evealing details of the 'adoptive father - daughter' conflict

Đức Trí09:33:13 10/12/2023
Male singer Quang Le is being called out in the middle of the drama Phuong My Chi, rumored to have a sensitive clip, illuminating his attitude after the suspicion of discord. After 4 years, this news became even more true when Quang Le acted strangely with the folk singer.

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Phuong My Chi was rumored to have exposed a sensitive video and her handling was "1-0-2", even saying thank you!

Nguyễn Tuyết07:57:52 09/12/2023
After getting caught up in the leak of a sensitive video clip that caused a stir on social networks in recent hours, Phuong My Chi has officially responded. She asserted that her reputation was defamed.

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Fang Meizhi who harmed Zhencheng was mercilessly mocked, still praised at this point!

Snow15:24:44 07/11/2023
Phuong My Chi is known as a talented young singer of the Vietnamese music industry, when continuously launching many extremely quality products; increasingly popular with the audience thanks to the maturity in music as well as appearance and taste.

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DTAP: The team that created the hit "See Tinh" for Hoang Thuy Linh, making music when everything was just zero

Bảo Tiên11:54:26 26/10/2023
They are the people behind Hoang Thuy Linh's successful songs, collaborating with famous global artists. But the combination of the 3 musketeers in the beginning were just completely strange names, no one paid attention.

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Phuong My Chi reacts when being scrutinized for her position as president at the age of 20: 'It's embarrassing to say it, but calling it that is not wrong'

Đức Trí11:16:25 11/10/2023
Female singer Phuong My Chi had success early on, when she became president even though she was only in her 20s. However, this was still more or less scrutinized by people, causing her to have to officially speak up.

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The female Vbiz star carried her pregnant belly to the antifan's house, angry because she was slandered for "working in the industry", something that was lost in the market

Minh Lợi08:35:23 11/10/2023
Accordingly, social networks recently couldn't help but stir over the drama of female singer Hana Cam Tien carrying a pregnant belly and going to an anti-fan's house to confront her because she was insulted and questioned by this person.

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