MCK - Talented rapper caught in the drama "insulting" Rosé (BLACKPINK) wants to be as elegant as Ha Anh Tuan

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MCK's real name is Nghiem Vu Hoang Long, born in 1999. He is a rapper known by the indie and hip hop community before participating in the program "Vietnamese Rap". However, thanks to the program "Rap Viet", this rapper is more widely known to the audience.

MCK - Talented rapper caught in the drama "insulting" Rosé (BLACKPINK) wants to be as elegant as Ha Anh Tuan - Photo 1

This guy also has an impressive and skilled rap melody style that is both entertaining and sharp. In particular, this rapper's Autotune live ability was praised by Wowy as a "genius". MCK's personality and confidence always shows his best in each song to brighten up the stage.

MCK: A talented 10X male rapper emerging from the Indie world

Previously, MCK entered the indie and underground world with the name "Long Nger" in the group CDSL ART COLLECTIVE. According to information on MCK's personal page, this guy also had time to study abroad in Japan. From a young man less than 20 years old, but MCK has shown his artistry when he can both rap in the style of "rap melody" with a very personal voice, and can compose and perform songs at the same time. ballad in the "chill" genre of Indie-Folk. In addition, MCK is also good at composing music and he was once noticed by many people when he wrote a dizz song of singer Osad.

The musical heritage of 10X vocalist has many rap songs that are supported by many indie music lovers such as: Vuong, Suy, Drunk in the car... and especially the song "Love is as bitter as a cup of coffee." coffee" combined with Nan was born in 2018 and has quickly attracted a lot of listeners on Youtube.

In 2019, MCK is also a rare young name to participate in the music night gathering famous Indie artists of the WeChoice Awards 2019. This guy has stirred up the whole room with his hits. By 2020, MCK will participate in the program Rap Viet. And right from the first round, he was praised by all the coaches for his talent and full of praise for his performance. In it, Justatee called MCK the successor to the "rap melody" style, while Coach Wowy praised MCK as a "genius".

MCK - Talented rapper caught in the drama "insulting" Rosé (BLACKPINK) wants to be as elegant as Ha Anh Tuan - Photo 2

When it comes to RPT MCK, many people immediately think of the skillful and entertaining Trap driving but also extremely sharp with this guy's "rap melody" style. A huge plus for MCK is his confidence every time he steps on the ring, his every movement and gesture along with the "Flow sure and dress" system is enough to convince all the players. judges and audience at the studio. If anyone has ever seen MCK perform live, they will surely see the energy and fire full of enthusiasm emanating from this guy.

Along with that, MCK's recent products always make listeners want to hear more because of his care and trendy words along with a special flow system, distinctive voice and above all, MCK's ability to exploit topics is good.

MCK - Talented rapper caught in the drama "insulting" Rosé (BLACKPINK) wants to be as elegant as Ha Anh Tuan - Photo 3

Shining after the program "Vietnamese Rap"

What MCK has shown not only helps him to be in the Top 8 of "Vietnamese Rap" but also helps MCK become a name that is considered a potential factor of Rap music in the future. The name MCK is almost covered in all bars and big and small rap shows in the country. In addition, this guy also released many promotional music products and collaborated with some other rappers such as: "You are a treasure" with female rapper T Linh or "Chapter 2 of the future" with a double sword show. With rapper WEAN... In particular, MCK and his girlfriend T Linh were nominated at the WeChoice Awards 2020 and MCK persuaded "holding" the first a.ward in their career that was "Promising Rap / Hiphop Face" ".

MCK's short, sweet love affair with female rapper T Linh

MCK - Talented rapper caught in the drama "insulting" Rosé (BLACKPINK) wants to be as elegant as Ha Anh Tuan - Photo 4

In addition to being known for her singing and composing abilities, MCK also has a beautiful love affair with rapper T Linh. They often show their affection for each other and often post close pictures of each other on social networks. However, the love story of the two people did not "bear fruit". Recently, the two confirmed that they have broken up and will still be friends and support each other wholeheartedly.

The drama that insulted Rosé (BLACKPINK)

MCK - Talented rapper caught in the drama "insulting" Rosé (BLACKPINK) wants to be as elegant as Ha Anh Tuan - Photo 5

In October of this year, MCK received a series of bricks and stones for using a collage of Rosé (BLACKPINK) and the internet gangster Kha Banh - a famous criminal known to young people for his fan dance and the saying "go underground". , to talk about his love story. Not stopping there, MCK continued to argue with Vietnamese BLINKs (BLACKPINK's fandom in Vietnam) on personal stories. MCK even reposted the controversial photo twice to defend his point of view.

This action of MCK seems to add fuel to the fire, making the BLACKPINK fan community more and more angry. The peak of an international fanpage with more than 1.3 million followers called on the community to report this male rapper's account. At the same time, international fans and Vietnamese fans simultaneously told each other to push the hashtag #apologizetorosé on Top Trending Twitter. Right after that, MCK said that he still expressed his personal opinion that he was not very interested in what BLACKPINK's fandom was doing.

Towards an elegant image like Ha Anh Tuan

MCK - Talented rapper caught in the drama "insulting" Rosé (BLACKPINK) wants to be as elegant as Ha Anh Tuan - Photo 6

Recently, in an interview, MCK revealed his intentions and plans in 2022. The male rapper confidently affirmed that there will be many new music products in 2022 and has perfected the idea for his first album. . Instead of a familiar, slightly rebellious look, MCK wants to become more elegant and elegant in 2022 through the fashion style in the 30s that singer Ne-yo and Ha Anh Tuan is the most inspirational person. In particular, all of the above ideas will be brought into the upcoming album.

MCK - Talented rapper caught in the drama "insulting" Rosé (BLACKPINK) wants to be as elegant as Ha Anh Tuan - Photo 7

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