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Tieu Chinh Nam: Was m.urdered because of a joke, became a "chan king", rich thanks to his wife

Keng15:49:10 14/05/2024
Tieu Chinh Nam is a talented actor of the TVB small screen. Entering the profession since 2002, he has worked diversely in the fields of singer, MC and made his mark as an actor. However, just because of one sentence, his career was in trouble.

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Duong Tu Ky, Ho Dinh Han and TVB stars almost died while filming

Yang Mi10:43:31 30/03/2022
In order to create a name and bring genuine works to the audience, many TVB artists have to sacrifice, scratch to the point of b.leeding for their roles. Assume that filming forgetting to eat or sleep is also a daily problem and is a characteristic of the actors' work. However...

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Tieu Chinh Nam - The poor b.oy was deprived of his way to live at TVB and ended up with a trillion dong

Hà Hà22:39:39 25/10/2021
Tieu Chinh Nam was born in 1977, is a famous actor of the Hong Kong entertainment industry. He works in parallel in both film and music fields. Some of the typical works of Tieu Chinh Nam can be mentioned such as: "Qua Hiep Nhat Chi Mai", "Dai Thai Giam", "Decode Nhan Tam 2"...

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