Thuy Tien reacts when Miss Grand Thai commented that she is a "copy" of Nayeon (Twice)

N.PSep 08, 2022 at 07:14

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For a long time, Thuy Tien has always been commented by the public as having extremely similar features to K-pop star Nayeon of Twice. The recent reaction of the queen to this comment made many people excited.

Since the coronation until now, the current Miss Grand International 2021 - Thuy Tien has always received much love from the public. The queen is considered to have a clear Asian beauty, with big round eyes and white skin. In particular, many beauty fans commented that Thuy Tien has a beauty that is very similar to the main vocal of K-pop group Twice - Nayeon, which can even be considered a "perfect copy".

Thuy Tien reacts when Miss Grand Thai commented that she is a "copy" of Nayeon (Twice) - Photo 1

Not only fans recognize this, but recently, Thuy Tien continues to receive the same comment from her close sister - Miss Grand Thailand 2019 (MGT) Coco Arayha Suparurk. It is known that the queen has just taken a flight to Vietnam to attend the Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 press conference and had the opportunity to reunite with Thuy Tien.

Thuy Tien reacts when Miss Grand Thai commented that she is a "copy" of Nayeon (Twice) - Photo 2

In the shared video, Thuy Tien and CoCo had a fun chat together at the press conference to a.ward sash of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022. During the talk, the Thai beauty was surprised that Thuy Tien has the same beauty as Nayeon. In response, Thuy Tien also humorously admitted this, however, the queen noticed that her face was smaller than Nayeon's.

Specifically, Thuy Tien excitedly replied: "Yes, I see it too. But I think my face is a bit smaller than her. I think Nayeon and I would be more similar if my face was a little more chubby. Nayeon looks so cute."

Thuy Tien reacts when Miss Grand Thai commented that she is a "copy" of Nayeon (Twice) - Photo 3

Thuy Tien reacts when Miss Grand Thai commented that she is a "copy" of Nayeon (Twice) - Photo 4

Before that, Thuy Tien and Nayeon were also repeatedly pointed out by netizens to have similarities, not only in their facial features and even their expressions were strangely similar. The pure beauty of both is highly appreciated and even the humorous memes of the two beauties are surprisingly similar.

Before that, in a chat on her personal page, the post-natal g.irl born in 1998 wore a black T-shirt while eating and chatting with fans. Coincidentally, Nayeon also wore the same shirt to interact with fans in the previous livestream. Many angles make the two beauties look very similar and it is easy to see the similarities when the frames of the two beauties are placed side by side.

Thuy Tien reacts when Miss Grand Thai commented that she is a "copy" of Nayeon (Twice) - Photo 5

Thuy Tien and Nayeon are Asian girls with pure and beautiful beauty. Both of them have faces that are easy to sympathize with with big round eyes, slim noses and heart-shaped lips. It is this similarity that has made many fans feel that the two beauties have a certain "wear and tear".

Thuy Tien reacts when Miss Grand Thai commented that she is a "copy" of Nayeon (Twice) - Photo 6

Thuy Tien reacts when Miss Grand Thai commented that she is a "copy" of Nayeon (Twice) - Photo 7

Thuy Tien reacts when Miss Grand Thai commented that she is a "copy" of Nayeon (Twice) - Photo 8

All possessing a clear and beautiful beauty, Thuy Tien has been repeatedly commented on as similar to Twice's main vocalist - Nayeon. The reigning Miss Grand International is also very happy and positive when it comes to this. In addition to beauty, it can be seen that both of them have in common that they are very talented and successful on the path they have chosen. If Thuy Tien is currently having a brilliant term as the reigning Miss, Nayeon is Asia's top favorite female idol when working with Twice.

Thuy Tien reacts when Miss Grand Thai commented that she is a "copy" of Nayeon (Twice) - Photo 9

For more than 8 months in office, Thuy Tien has always kept the image of a comprehensive queen in all aspects of Vbiz. Not only have beautiful actions with the compatriots, the beautiful people have also scored many times with delicate and warm gestures with foreigners. This helps 9x beauties spread the benevolent beauty of Vietnamese people to friends around the world.

Since w.inning the first Miss International Peace 2021 crown for Vietnam, Thuy Tien not only owns a "huge" fan base but is also the face of many brands. The charm of the beauty born in 1998 was also recognized by the President of Miss International Peace, Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil.

At a party with the presence of Mr. Nawat and the Miss Peace Thailand, he praised Thuy Tien's intelligence as well as the way she works with brands. In addition, he also said that the reigning Miss Peace International brought a lot of contracts of great commercial value, even helping the Miss Grand contest to be more widely known.

Thuy Tien reacts when Miss Grand Thai commented that she is a "copy" of Nayeon (Twice) - Photo 10

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