Thuy Tien harshly mentioned Khanh Thi's name in the debt collection case, the creditor's actions caused frustration

Uyển ĐìnhMay 22, 2024 at 15:31

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Recently, Thuy Tien and Thu Minh were called out when Khanh Thi mentioned "the singer of Dancing with the Stars borrowed 80 million VND for 13 years without paying back". Although Khanh Thi later apologized to the two female singers, it still did not alleviate criticism from public opinion. .

Recently, Khanh Thi caused a stir when she publicly announced a debt collection list of more than 20 people, with an estimated amount of m.oney up to billions of dong. Notably, among those who lack m.oney, the dancesport grandmaster has a female singer. According to her, this person participated in a reality TV show 13 years ago and borrowed 80 million VND from Khanh Thi.

Thuy Tien harshly mentioned Khanh This name in the debt collection case, the creditors actions caused frustration - Photo 1

Very quickly, from this information, the audience found out that there were two singers who participated in Dancing with the Stars 13 years ago: Thu Minh and Thuy Tien. Many people mentioned the names of these two female singers to mock and even criticize them because they thought they owed m.oney and did not pay.

When the two female singers were called out, Khanh Thi spoke up to confirm that Thu Minh was not involved in this incident. Immediately, all public opinion pointed straight at Thuy Tien.

Thuy Tien harshly mentioned Khanh This name in the debt collection case, the creditors actions caused frustration - Photo 2

Unable to stand the noise "falling from the sky", Thuy Tien angrily shared that she encountered a lot of trouble because she was entangled in Khanh Thi's "idle debt collection": "When Ms. Khanh Thi said that a certain singer I borrowed 80 million VND from her and didn't pay it back for 13 years. Many people even texted me and scolded me.

Ms. Thi only corrected that Thu Minh was not the borrower. So it's like telling everyone that the person who borrowed the debt is me."

Thuy Tien also emphasized that she and Khanh Thi have never even contacted each other, so there is no debt. The female singer reminded her seniors: "Money debt is a sensitive matter. I hope you can clearly state the name of the person who borrowed the debt to avoid any influence."

Thuy Tien harshly mentioned Khanh This name in the debt collection case, the creditors actions caused frustration - Photo 3

Below the article, many viewers left sympathetic comments when Cong Vinh's wife was blamed for no reason and thought that Khanh Thi should quickly correct it so as not to affect her colleagues.

On the afternoon of May 21, Khanh Thi updated more about the debt collection situation from those who owe m.oney. She also shared the incident of a singer who owed 80 million that was of interest to many viewers: "Thank you friends for sharing about Thi's borrower prolonging the time. From being familiar to not being familiar anymore due to no news. Regarding the artist's "status", the borrower has responded. To be exact, this "status" is not related to Ms. TM and TT. We are very sorry that many of the comments here have affected you two me".

Thuy Tien harshly mentioned Khanh This name in the debt collection case, the creditors actions caused frustration - Photo 4

Thuy Tien harshly mentioned Khanh This name in the debt collection case, the creditors actions caused frustration - Photo 5

While Khanh Thi posted an apology, netizens also paid attention to Thuy Tien's new move. Accordingly, after posting the extremely harsh status, many netizens left mixed comments. Besides agreeing with Thuy Tien's approach, a few netizens made sarcastic comments.

Attracting attention, a social network account "taunted" Thuy Tien with the content: "When others haven't mentioned your name, you shouldn't jump up, you're not classy." Not staying silent, Cong Vinh's wife frankly responded: "If you don't say anything, you will be told to keep quiet. Surely he has taken the debt. When you say it, you say you haven't mentioned the name yet but jump up and look uncool. Then you want me to live." Why? Just let me go, my friend, I feel the worst about debt-grabbing."

Thuy Tien harshly mentioned Khanh This name in the debt collection case, the creditors actions caused frustration - Photo 6

As for Khanh Thi, even though she made a correction, Khanh Thi still could not appease public opinion. Many people also criticized the female grandmaster for being irresponsible and uncivilized in debt collection. Khanh Thi herself also admitted that she used social networks to pressure "debtors" to pay.

According to Khanh Thi, five people contacted her about a refund. Phan Hien's wife said she always listens and tries to support her friends when possible. But this "idle" debt collection also hurt Khanh Thi herself and at least two people unrelated to the incident.

Thuy Tien harshly mentioned Khanh This name in the debt collection case, the creditors actions caused frustration - Photo 7

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