Thuy Tien's alcohol tolerance is "not average", Quang Linh gave up and had to ask for help

Châu AnhJun 21, 2024 at 09:03

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Thuy Tien is loved by fans because of her simple, cheerful, and sociable personality. However, what makes people quite surprised is the queen's "not average" alcohol tolerance during fun events.

Recently, Thuy Tien - Loi Con - Quang Linh have continuously climbed the "hot search" with a series of activities together. The two sides have had the opportunity to meet thanks to community and social activities and joint volunteer projects since 2 years ago. Up to now, their frequent appearances together still attract attention from the online community nationwide.

Thuy Tiens alcohol tolerance is not average, Quang Linh gave up and had to ask for help - Photo 1

Recently, a video recording of the cultural exchange between the Viet Phi team and the teachers of a highland school in Quang Nam province was posted by the project team. After only a few hours, attention focused on Miss Thuy Tien. Many viewers expressed surprise about the alcohol tolerance of the beauty born in 1998.

Not only was she judged by her simplicity during the project implementation process, her behavior also received many compliments. At the beginning of the party, Thuy Tien and Quang Linh Vlogs, representing the Viet Phi team, invited the teachers for a meaningful drink. The queen confidently filled it and drank it pure. Realizing that Quang Linh was tipsy, she also took subtle actions to help her teammates. Thuy Tien drank more than half a glass.

Thuy Tiens alcohol tolerance is not average, Quang Linh gave up and had to ask for help - Photo 2

During the party, the queen ran out of drinks many times. She invited teachers working at the school and members of the Viet Phi team. To ensure fairness, Thuy Tien also jokingly told Quang Linh Vlogs: "How much you drink, I will drink. No forcing." The queen's enthusiasm and dynamism seemed to answer everyone's hospitality.

"What should I drink? I don't know how to drink any beer or alcohol. Tien doesn't know how to drink alcohol, everyone. I'm scared of those things, I can't drink them...

At dinner that night, the brothers had a great time drinking. The whole group didn't drink much, but as soon as they entered, they f.orced me to drink. Drink a bunch, but in the end, Ms. Le, Mr. Nam Hoang, and Mr. Linh got drunk.

I'm not drunk, everyone. I'm not drunk at all. No matter how much you drink, you'll get drunk. I'm very awake even though I'm a little lightheaded," Miss Thuy Tien revealed.

Thuy Tiens alcohol tolerance is not average, Quang Linh gave up and had to ask for help - Photo 3

It is known that this is not the first time the queen's alcohol tolerance has attracted people's attention. During reunions in Vietnam, Miss Thuy Tien and the African team many times held parties to celebrate. The queen confidently finished her drink, whether it was beer or wine.

Remember that in early May, the Quang Linh Vlogs team had a meeting to eat with Thuy Tien and the three queens in Ho Chi Minh City, attracting attention from netizens. In particular, the moment of emptying the cup of Thuy Tien's father and the brother duo Tien Nguyen - Quang Linh received a huge amount of interaction on social networking platforms. At the same time, the "barley smoothie" drink was also given by the group as a game punishment.

Thuy Tiens alcohol tolerance is not average, Quang Linh gave up and had to ask for help - Photo 4

In addition, what attracts people's attention the most is the move of Miss Grand International 2021 and Nhat Le - Quang Linh's older sister. The two sat close to each other at the party and later posted photos together on their personal pages. In a daily movie, viewers were delighted when Quang Linh's sister volunteered to drink to help Thuy Tien. This move dispels all negative doubts about the relationship between the two.

Thuy Tiens alcohol tolerance is not average, Quang Linh gave up and had to ask for help - Photo 5

Below the comments section, the members of the intimate meeting even "slipped" to r.eveal a photo of "president" Quang Linh with a natural style like at home, making viewers couldn't help but laugh. The famous male vlogger wearing shorts and t-shirts does nothing to "create an image" in front of beauties and the fan community.

Thuy Tiens alcohol tolerance is not average, Quang Linh gave up and had to ask for help - Photo 6

However, this also shows that Quang Linh is extremely comfortable with the queen and his expression cannot hide his joy when meeting Thuy Tien's father. Seeing the guy's red face, everyone understood how happy this meeting was.

Looking back at the fun events with Quang Linh and Thuy Tien, it shows that alcohol tolerance is really not average.

Thuy Tiens alcohol tolerance is not average, Quang Linh gave up and had to ask for help - Photo 7

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