Thuy Tien flirted with Loi Con, Quang Linh Vlogs took a "patriarchal" tone and was scolded

Uyển ĐìnhJun 14, 2024 at 11:33

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Every time Thuy Tien and Quang Linh have a project together, people have the opportunity to "watch" the couple's adorable actions. Recently, a moment when a male YouTuber appeared "patriarchal" made people excited.

A few days ago, Miss Thuy Tien and the Quang Linh Vlogs team worked together to carry out a series of volunteer projects in Quang Nam province. Accordingly, Thuy Tien - Quang Linh went to Nam Tra My district and successfully brought electricity to two schools, Ong Dung and Noc Ong Du.

Not only did they bring electricity to the people, teachers and students, they also brought many gifts of necessary items for the living and studying of highland children.

Thuy Tien flirted with Loi Con, Quang Linh Vlogs took a patriarchal tone and was scolded - Photo 1

On their personal pages, both Thuy Tien and Quang Linh diligently update images related to the volunteer trip. However, after the series of images were posted, netizens saw many moments when it was said that Thuy Tien was creating distance with Quang Linh. Accordingly, in the photos, the two are very limited in standing close to each other. They even no longer had the comfortable interactions, fun and laughter like previous trips.

Thuy Tien flirted with Loi Con, Quang Linh Vlogs took a patriarchal tone and was scolded - Photo 2

Thuy Tien flirted with Loi Con, Quang Linh Vlogs took a patriarchal tone and was scolded - Photo 3

Also during this trip to two schools in Quang Nam, netizens also encountered many moments when Thuy Tien happily interacted with another male character. Not only did they actively interact, they also happily played together. And the face that captures the love of the queen is no stranger to the b.oy Loi Con.

Through the photos, it can be seen that Miss Thuy Tien loves Loi Con very much. She always gives special love to the b.oy with very cute gestures and caring actions such as: playing on the swing with the b.oy, giving gifts to his friends with Loi Con...

Thuy Tien flirted with Loi Con, Quang Linh Vlogs took a patriarchal tone and was scolded - Photo 4

It seemed that Thuy Tien and Quang Linh would "avoid" each other for the rest of the trip, but not long after, a clip was shared on social networks of the two happily singing a duet together. In the clip, the two wear simple T-shirts and sing together the song "Can you pretend to love me?" Quang Linh Vlogs and Thuy Tien both confidently o.ff their singing talents. In particular, the couple is said to have gradually become more comfortable in interacting and making contact when standing next to each other.

Thuy Tien flirted with Loi Con, Quang Linh Vlogs took a patriarchal tone and was scolded - Photo 5

In particular, while interacting with everyone, Quang Linh suddenly called the queen to sleep because he was worried that it was late and if he didn't sleep, it would affect his health. However, in response to Quang Linh's concern, Miss Thuy Tien immediately expressed anger mixed with a bit of cuteness. The queen replied to Quang Linh: "What are you sleeping for? When you're happy, what are you sleeping for?", accompanied by a coy expression that makes viewers "laugh to tears".

Thuy Tien flirted with Loi Con, Quang Linh Vlogs took a patriarchal tone and was scolded - Photo 6

The above moment quickly attracted the audience's attention. Below the clip, people left many humorous comments such as: "Only the family leader can take care of me, seeing Quang Linh say such prestigious words", "If this "boat" were to dock, the whole country would have to hold a party to celebrate." , "I like the way Quang Linh is so "patriarchal", Thuy Tien's reaction is so adorable"...

Thuy Tien - Quang Linh have a close friendship after a volunteer trip to Angola. Since then, the two have worked together on many meaningful volunteer projects, receiving support from a large audience.

Thuy Tien flirted with Loi Con, Quang Linh Vlogs took a patriarchal tone and was scolded - Photo 7

The Queen did not hesitate to give compliments to Quang Linh: "Mr. Linh is a very decent man, humorous but in moderation. Even before Tien became close to Mr. Linh, she thought of Mr. Linh as a person. It's admirable. Because Tien feels that Mr. Linh is too young for such a mature and mature way of thinking and living ideals."

In early May 2024, Miss Thuy Tien had the opportunity to reunite and meet when the Africa team returned to Vietnam. The moments of the 9x beauty with little Loi Con have received a lot of attention. The "little force" whose real name is Mativado (5 years old), was born and raised in Angola.

Thuy Tien flirted with Loi Con, Quang Linh Vlogs took a patriarchal tone and was scolded - Photo 8

During this meeting, netizens also noticed that Quang Linh and Thuy Tien kept their distance and were quite cautious when talking and interacting. The two have not published any intimate individual photos.

Thuy Tien flirted with Loi Con, Quang Linh Vlogs took a patriarchal tone and was scolded - Photo 9

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