Thu Phuong canceled her marriage after 12 years with Dung Taylor, what is the truth?

Khánh HuyềnApr 11, 2024 at 08:52

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The media suddenly had a lot of information related to the couple "beautiful sister" Thu Phuong and her fiancé Dung Taylor, according to which the couple revealed the time of their marriage, surprising the audience.

On April 8, singer Thu Phuong had a press meeting in Ho Chi Minh City to share about her upcoming activities. The female singer surprised everyone when she revealed that she had just "joined" the same management company as other gen Z artists such as: Phuong My Chi, DTAP...

Thu Phuong canceled her marriage after 12 years with Dung Taylor, what is the truth? - Photo 1

Thu Phuong said she had to overcome a lot of pressure when making this decision. The female singer shared: "After many years of independent activities, I think this time I should relax and be more comfortable. When participating in Beautiful G.irl, I get to work with young people. This This made me change my thinking a lot. Therefore, I decided to step beyond my comfort zone to accept the challenge."

Thu Phuong canceled her marriage after 12 years with Dung Taylor, what is the truth? - Photo 2

The female singer also said that due to many work and projects arising, the wedding between her and showgirl Dung Taylor had to be postponed, even though the two had announced they would get married last year. The couple said that on paper, they were husband and wife, but the wedding was just a formality.

Singer Thu Phuong was proposed to by Dung Taylor in 2012, but it wasn't until 11 years later that the two registered their marriage to become officially husband and wife. In May 2023, Thu Phuong said she planned to return home and hold a wedding in Hai Phong on December 12. However, after accepting the invitation to participate in Beautiful G.irl , Thu Phuong had to postpone the wedding to fully focus on the competition. However, on social networks, there are some rumors that Thu Phuong and Dung Taylor "broke their relationship" and canceled their marriage.

Thu Phuong canceled her marriage after 12 years with Dung Taylor, what is the truth? - Photo 3

When appearing at a recent event, Dung Taylor spoke up to clarify this information. Specifically, the husband of "beautiful sister" Thu Phuong said: "On legal documents, we are already husband and wife, the wedding here is just a formality. Many people think that Thu Phuong and I have canceled it." I'm married but it's not really like that, we are legally husband and wife, nothing has changed. The only thing that has changed is that one day I will become the groom in everyone's eyes, I want to held a wedding for Thu Phuong" .

Meanwhile, singer Thu Phuong happily said that she initially planned to get married, but did not expect that work and other projects would come up so much after the show "Pretty G.irl." Especially at this time, she also appeared in a new role in a management company full of young people.

Thu Phuong canceled her marriage after 12 years with Dung Taylor, what is the truth? - Photo 4

"I don't know yet, I'll try, but Phuong also told Mr. Dung that if that's the case, we should wait until we finish working, then we can fully concentrate on the wedding, we'll go on our honeymoon, No one will bother or affect us anymore, maybe when we are 70 years old," the Hai Phong-born singer told her husband.

"At that time, I could no longer walk. If someone had to lead me, I wouldn't be able to. When I got married, according to custom, I had to have the strength to carry my wife," Dung Taylor replied.

Thu Phuong canceled her marriage after 12 years with Dung Taylor, what is the truth? - Photo 5

Dung Taylor's real name is Nguyen Anh Dung, he was an engineer before turning to the art field. Overseas, he is famous as a show host and husband of singer Thu Phuong.

Since meeting each other, Dung Taylor has supported and supported Thu Phuong when she worked as an artist in the US. The two have two children together, Gia Bao and Thanh Thuy. Thu Phuong's two stepchildren currently live together in the family.

During their marriage, Dung Taylor proposed to Thu Phuong many times, but she did not agree. On her birthday in May 2023, she accepted the invitation and went with her husband to register their marriage.

Thu Phuong canceled her marriage after 12 years with Dung Taylor, what is the truth? - Photo 6

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