The beauty queen contestant was "caught red-handed" peeking at the results, her "snitching" expression caused a fever

Nguyễn KimMay 17, 2024 at 13:59

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The moment the contestants peeked at the results on the Miss Supranational Thailand 2024 stage caused beauty fans to pay attention and share loudly on forums. At the same time, this beauty also has extremely funny expressions and actions.

The Miss Supranational Thailand 2024 contest officially ended with the victory of Kasama Suetrong. This result did not come as much of a surprise because previously, Kasama Suetrong was considered by the audience to be one of the brightest candidates for the beauty queen position.

The beauty queen contestant was caught red-handed peeking at the results, her snitching expression caused a fever - Photo 1

Kasama Suetrong's "ascension to the throne" received absolute public approval. At the final night, Kasama Suetrong impressed with her smooth performance in English. She is known as the real "talking machine" of the Miss Supranational season taking place in July 2024 in Poland.

Besides the beauty queen crown, Kasama Suetrong also won other additional prizes such as Best In Swimsuit, Most Popular Beauty... She also won the Swimsuit Challenge sub-competition within the framework of this year's competition.

The beauty queen contestant was caught red-handed peeking at the results, her snitching expression caused a fever - Photo 2

Kasama Suetrong is not a new name in beauty contests in Thailand. Before stopping at the 3rd runner-up position at Miss Universe Thailand 2021, Kasama once reached the Top 10 finals at Miss Grand Thailand 2019.

She also won the Miss Model Thailand 2018 contest; then represented Thailand at Miss Model of the World 2018 and reached the Top 36 finals (the same year as Tharina Botes).

Previously, Kasama Suetrong also won 2nd runner-up at Miss Tourism Queen Thailand 2017.

The beauty queen contestant was caught red-handed peeking at the results, her snitching expression caused a fever - Photo 3

After the final night, in addition to the heat of the new beauty queen, Thai beauty forums also spread a video recording the moment of announcing the top spot in the final night. In particular, a contestant's expression of peeking at the results attracted attention.

While the male MC was reading the results, the beauty stood right behind him intently looking at the paper recording the results. For a moment, she even turned to r.eveal the results to the beauty standing next to her.

The beauty queen contestant was caught red-handed peeking at the results, her snitching expression caused a fever - Photo 4

The video received the attention of beauty fans. Many viewers left funny comments about the beauty's expression. After the final night, she was also awarded the title of second runner-up.

The moment when contestants peek at the results in beauty pageant finals is not rare. Previously, at the Miss Grand Thailand 2023 final, the moment the contestant from Phayao province intentionally peeked at the results in the MC's hand right on the stage suddenly spread widely on social networks.

Standing in the front row, where the camera captured every moment, Onrarat Vuenchiew continuously expressed his emotions, turned around, and tried to catch a glimpse of the results. Meanwhile, other beauties take advantage of the opportunity to pose and smile friendly to appear their best to one million viewers (only counting live followers on the official page).

The beauty queen contestant was caught red-handed peeking at the results, her snitching expression caused a fever - Photo 5

Onrarat Vuenchiew's deep acting expression became a meme on social networks. Many people commented that there weren't any prizes, but the audience's attention and name calling was the biggest victory.

After the moment of peeking at the viral results, Onrarat Vuenchiew reposted his own video with a humorous share: "Sorry, I know the results but can't say. I'm just curious."

The beauty queen contestant was caught red-handed peeking at the results, her snitching expression caused a fever - Photo 6

Unlike other countries, beauty queen contestants in Thailand are not afraid to show humorous and unconventional expressions on stage. Especially the contestants of the Miss Grand Thailand contest many times overacted on stage.

Although humor and jokes are considered unique elements of the Miss Grand contest, in recent years, the competition has caused a lot of controversy and loss of sympathy, loss of beautiful image and value. value of the competition in the hearts of the audience.

The beauty queen contestant was caught red-handed peeking at the results, her snitching expression caused a fever - Photo 7

Miss Grand International - Miss International Peace is a beauty contest born in 2013. The message of this playground is aimed at propagating peace and ending v.iolence and war. Although the contest has only been held for more than 10 years, it has already created a certain reputation around the world. Miss Grand International currently owns an Instagram channel with more than 5.6 million followers.

The beauty queen contestant was caught red-handed peeking at the results, her snitching expression caused a fever - Photo 8

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