Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each other's exception

Phương ThảoApr 17, 2024 at 14:54

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On April 12, Trieu Lo Tu was present at an event of the fashion brand Versace. Immediately afterwards, a video recording the scene of Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu embracing each other passionately when attending the event was widely shared.

During many years of filming, Trieu Lo Tu, despite being caught up in some "fake love movies" rumors with her male co-stars, later on, the actress always used her actions to prove that all the rumors were unfounded. .

So, when they saw Trieu Lo Tu proactively go and hug Vuong An Vu in a recent event, netizens couldn't help but be surprised. According to Trieu Lo Tu's fans and fan couple, the male star named Vuong is the first friend of the opposite s.ex that the actress is so close to after finishing collaborating and promoting the film.

Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each others exception - Photo 1

The video quickly became a topic of discussion among fans, especially those who were in love with the Than An couple. Appearing at the event, Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu both wore luxurious black outfits. After hugging and greeting each other, the two actors comfortably chatted and happily posed for photos.

Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each others exception - Photo 2

If Trieu Lo Tu considers Vuong An Vu a special friend, then she is also an exception to the handsome Vuong. Netizens have discovered that "The Saint of Time Travel" is the first female star that Vuong An Vu posted on Douyin's personal page.

Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each others exception - Photo 3

Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu are destined to pair up in the project Hidden Spirit , the film has been on air since the end of November 2023. Although the work did not meet the audience's expectations, it still brought some of the best achievements. Specifically, the character A Am played by Trieu Lo Tu is also certified as the first female character to break the heat index of 70 million in Tencent Video history.

Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each others exception - Photo 4

In Than An, Trieu Lo Tu plays two completely opposite roles: the innocent and cute A Am in the early stages and the bold Phuong An in the later stages. Her progressive acting in the second role was loved by the audience the most. This makes her role contribute to 60% of its popularity and attract moviegoers. Especially at the c.limax, Trieu Lo Tu's performance achieved 83% positive feedback.

Playing the male lead role of Nguyen Khai, Vuong An Vu was highly appreciated for his flexible acting ability and clear, clear diction. When standing next to Trieu Lo Tu, he and she were commented to be a beautiful couple in both age and height.

Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each others exception - Photo 5

However, the awkward acting and interaction between the two in the movie were not really compatible at times, causing the audience to suspect that the real-life relationship between the two was somewhat unstable.

Previously, in an interview with the media, Vuong An Vu himself revealed that Trieu Lo Tu responded to his messages very slowly, and often disappeared while texting. The actress also embarrassedly admitted that she sometimes forgets to respond to her co-star's messages for 2 days.

This shows that the two do not have much chemistry or interaction with each other when working together to film.

Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each others exception - Photo 6

In addition, at a Tencent Video program, the audience also saw the image of Vuong An Vu trying to hold Trieu Lo Tu's hand on the red carpet to take photos but she refused. This made fans extremely surprised.

Accordingly, many people speculate that Trieu Lo Tu may not be comfortable being paired with Vuong An Vu, so he deliberately avoids joint activities outside of movies.

However, the two later became much closer, and negative rumors about the couple's relationship gradually disappeared.

Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each others exception - Photo 7

Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each others exception - Photo 8

Both of them plan to reunite in the future in a suitable modern project. Thus, both can bring the audience a truly complete work.

Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each others exception - Photo 9

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