Taylor Swift dresses boldly, "sticky like sam" with boyfriend on New Year's Eve

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On New Year's Eve, Taylor Swift had a great moment with her boyfriend. During the transition of the old year to the new year, the couple did not hesitate to exchange a passionate kiss in front of many people, making everyone admire.

In the video fans shared on social media, the Lover singer was seen hugging Travis Kelce's cheek as they locked lips passionately. Taylor wore a silver open-back dress while Travis wore an elegant black suit.

The pair kissed during the New Year's Eve moment as everyone cheered for the new year. The exact location of the party Taylor and Travis attended is unknown, but according to Page Six , they were in Kansas City, Missouri, where Travis lived.

Taylor Swift dresses boldly, sticky like sam with boyfriend on New Years Eve - Photo 1

On the morning of Jan. 1, the lovebirds were seen driving a $400,000 Rolls-Royce Ghost in Kansas. The two looked a little tired after the all-night party.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce also spent Christmas together a week earlier in Travis' home city. Later, the 34-year-old singer and her family took to the stadium to cheer on her boyfriend and his Kansas City Chiefs. This is Taylor's 8th time coming to cheer on Travis Kelce since they publicly dated in September.

Taylor Swift dresses boldly, sticky like sam with boyfriend on New Years Eve - Photo 2

In recent Travis games, Taylor has often attended and become a focal point in the audience. However, it is also because of this that the singer is criticized by Kansas City Chiefs fans. Specifically, netizens pointed out that the team's performance has suddenly plummeted since Taylor regularly went to the stadium to cheer on the player's boyfriend.

From here, fans of the team suddenly "pointed the finger" at the Bad B.lood singer, emphasizing that she was the cause of Travis Kelce's distraction in the competition leading to the team's poor performance.

Taylor Swift dresses boldly, sticky like sam with boyfriend on New Years Eve - Photo 3

This isn't the first time Taylor has run into trouble with rugby fans. Nearly 2 weeks ago, the beauty born in 1989 was suddenly booed by the audience when she came to the stadium to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce in the match against the New England Patriots. These netizens claim that Taylor's presence with such frequency may distract many viewers from watching the matches.

Taylor Swift dresses boldly, sticky like sam with boyfriend on New Years Eve - Photo 4

DailyMail recently revealed that she spent $ 1,200 to buy 5 Kansas jerseys. Witnessing the couple's emotional actions, some fans think that the couple may soon return to the same house. "I think they'll get engaged or get married before this spring," one user commented.

In fact, it has recently been reported that Travis has also planned to propose to the famous singer. However, the 34-year-old has so far not responded to this information.

Taylor Swift dresses boldly, sticky like sam with boyfriend on New Years Eve - Photo 5

Taylor and Travis Kelce have been dating since May 9. The relationship between the two American stars began when Travis went to Taylor's concert in July and tried to give her a bracelet with her phone number. Although Travis' donation was unsuccessful, Taylor noticed the player when he told the story on a podcast and was covered by many newspapers. Later, Taylor surprised by coming to watch Travis play and h.anging out with him. The singer spends a lot of time with her boyfriend in September and October before going on tour.

Taylor Swift dresses boldly, sticky like sam with boyfriend on New Years Eve - Photo 6

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Travis Kelce rarely spoke about his new girlfriend. Travis confessed he "never dated someone so temperamental" and praised Taylor as a smart, sweet g.irl.

Besides, Taylor took the time to meet Travis' relatives and quickly left a good impression on her boyfriend's parents. Speaking to People, Travis Kelce's father praised Taylor as a smart and sweet singer. During a match in October, the Bad B.lood singer also put his mother's arm around Travis and cheered him on.

Taylor Swift dresses boldly, sticky like sam with boyfriend on New Years Eve - Photo 7

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