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Taylor Swift and her boyfriend "stick like sam" after the show, falling in love in front of fans

Uyển Đình15:24:13 07/07/2024
After publicly dating, Travis and Taylor Swift always appeared comfortable together. Travis also went to Taylor's concerts with his colleagues and flew around the world to visit his girlfriend while she was on tour.

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Taylor Swift caused a stir when her boyfriend rushed onto the stage, as comfortable as Lisa

T.P11:55:41 25/06/2024
Globally famous female singer Taylor Swift just made the internet excited when she suddenly let her boyfriend come on stage to perform with her in a recent show. Taylor Swift's public display of her lover was quickly compared to Lisa (BlackPink).

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Taylor Swift gets support from her boyfriend and flies to Australia, Jay Chou "plays for fame"

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:05:42 22/02/2024
Taylor Swift's The Eras tour in Melbourne recently attracted the attention of world media. During this time, Jay Chou was suddenly criticized by netizens for borrowing Taylor Swift for color, and at the same time pointed out a series of evidence accusing the male singer.

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Taylor Swift was mistreated by Tiktok and will have her entire song "discolored" on the platform

Uyển Đình14:53:54 31/01/2024
The news that TikTok will completely delete all of Taylor Swift's songs has fans excited. The reason is Universal Music Group (UMG) and TikTok after failing to reach an agreement on royalties.

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Taylor Swift dresses boldly, "sticky like sam" with boyfriend on New Year's Eve

An Nhi13:32:03 03/01/2024
On New Year's Eve, Taylor Swift had a great moment with her boyfriend. During the transition of the old year to the new year, the couple did not hesitate to exchange a passionate kiss in front of many people, making everyone admire.

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Taylor Swift got angry in the middle of the stadium, screaming while watching her boyfriend play, revealing an attention-grabbing expression

Uyển Đình16:31:46 19/12/2023
Present at her boyfriend Travis Kelce's match, Taylor Swift had an attention-grabbing expression that caught the camera's lens. Accordingly, the female singer revealed a moment of anger and shouted loudly while watching her boyfriend's match.

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Taylor Swift "abandoned" her boyfriend after a short time going public, the b.oy's strange attitude attracted attention

Uyển Đình17:34:56 27/11/2023
The love story of Taylor Swift and American football player Travis Kelce received a lot of attention from fans around the world. Recently, while Taylor Swift was on tour in South America, her boyfriend was in a strange mood back home.

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Taylor Swift becomes a billionaire, will marry boyfriend Joe Alwyn after world tour?

Phương Nam14:45:17 04/04/2023
After many years of artistic activity, Taylor Swift will now become a billionaire after her latest tour ends in September. Besides, the singer and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn are also currently reported to be holding an upcoming concert. wedding ceremony. Taylor Swift is currently...

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Taylor Swift is suspected of having a miscarriage through 1 detail: What happened?

N.P17:01:19 25/10/2022
Taylor Swift's new song recently made fans excited, many questioned whether the singer was talking about one of her miscarriages. Recently, Taylor Swift became the focus of attention when fans questioned that a song on her latest album - Midnights might have told about a...

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Taylor Swift is about to get married to Joe, has done all the shopping to prepare for the day to come home together?

N.P17:02:28 19/10/2022
Recently, Taylor Swift was caught by netizens with her fiancé shopping in New York City. Previously, the singer was proposed by her boyfriend and is currently said to be preparing to go home together. Media reported that on October 17, Taylor Swift had a rare outing with fiance...

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