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Photos of Y Nhi doing a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend, spending hundreds of millions to do 1 job

Bảo Nam17:30:26 09/06/2024
Recently, Miss Italy Nhi returned to Vietnam after the end of the first semester. At the airport, Anh Kiet's boyfriend and family came early to welcome the beauty born in 2002. After returning to Vietnam, Y Nhi participated in volunteer and compassionate activities.

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Y Nhi has just returned home and is close to a "strange boy", not Anh Kiet's boyfriend?

Bút Máy15:03:11 08/06/2024
The photo Y Nhi took with a guy is not Anh Kiet's boyfriend who is attracting public attention. It is known that the strange male character who appears next to Miss Italy Nhi is a famous designer.

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Y Nhi and her boyfriend revealed their determined nature, responding bitterly to malicious comments

Thảo Mai15:27:12 07/06/2024
Recently, Miss World Vietnam 2023 - Huynh Tran Y Nhi is officially present in Vietnam after more than half a year of studying in Australia. Anh Kiet's boyfriend and family were also present to welcome the queen.

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Y Nhi's father was scrutinized for "seemingly" to his daughter's lover when welcoming the queen together

Kim Oanh10:54:26 06/06/2024
On the afternoon of June 5, as soon as she landed at the airport, Miss World Vietnam - Miss Y Nhi was warmly welcomed by her family, boyfriend - Anh Kiet and the Golden Lotus family, after 7 months of studying in Australia.

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Miss Italy Nhi was shocked because her boyfriend changed from before, accused of skipping the contest to return home to run the show?

Thảo Mai10:16:36 06/06/2024
After 7 months of studying abroad in Australia, recently, Miss Italy Nhi has officially returned to Vietnam. Waiting for the queen at the airport, in addition to the appearance of her family, the company also has the figure of her boyfriend Nguyen Anh Kiet.

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Miss Y Nhi boyfriend openly said "love you", s.mashing breakup rumors

Thanh Phúc14:40:46 03/06/2024
Y Nhi after studying in Australia, information about her personal life with her boyfriend of the same age also became trickling in the media. Many bad rumors were also made at this time, recently the couple suddenly made a new move, fans buzzed.

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Miss Y Nhi returned home after nearly a year of studying abroad, preparing to reappear after a loud scandal

Nguyễn Kim13:32:05 29/05/2024
After nearly a year studying abroad in Australia, Y Nhi's side has confirmed that they will return in the near future to participate in some sports-related activities. This is considered the first comeback since the queen got into trouble after her coronation.

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Y Nhi disappeared after rumors of her wedding with her boyfriend, related to Miss World?

Bút Mực13:01:51 19/05/2024
Miss Y Nhi is facing many challenges before Miss World 2024. The queen is still quite quiet, not making many moves to show her readiness for the upcoming competition.

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Miss Y Nhi had a "misfortune" with Miss World, the possibility of "unfinishing" her studies to participate in the competition

Thiên Di14:41:25 20/04/2024
Recently, Y Nhi caused a stir by secretly marrying her boyfriend, which could lead to her losing her spot in the Miss World contest. Recently, the beauty queen was said to have to temporarily stop her studies after news broke about the time of Miss World.

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Y Nhi's biological father spoke up about the rumors of his daughter getting married and firmly affirmed one thing!

Keng14:55:47 19/04/2024
On the morning of April 19, social media was abuzz with the news that Miss Y Nhi was getting married. The reason is because the biography of the beauty born in 2002 on Wikipedia has changed from single to married with boyfriend Nguyen Anh Kiet.

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Miss World rejected Y Nhi because of her belief in getting married, a series of similar beauty queens were deposed?

Keng14:28:26 19/04/2024
A few hours ago, Miss Y Nhi's personal information was suddenly changed on social networks. Notably, in the partner section of Miss Binh Dinh, the name Nguyen Anh Kiet suddenly appeared.

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Miss Y Nhi secretly married her boyfriend even though she was preparing to compete in Miss World?

Minh Ngọc07:18:47 19/04/2024
While things were quiet, people suddenly reported that Y Nhi had married her long-time boyfriend Nguyen Anh Kiet. This makes fans extremely confused because Y Nhi is currently representing Vietnam at Miss World 2024.

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Yi Nhi contested Miss World, her boyfriend immediately had a strange reaction, r.evealing her love status

JLO11:59:07 02/04/2024
Miss Y Nhi rarely revealed to the media about the relationship between her and her boyfriend after being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2023, as well as the reaction of her other half when she becomes the representative of Vietnam to compete at Miss World 2025

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The new Miss World is similar to Y Nhi in one point, but Miss Vietnam is still better

Minh Ngọc16:18:28 11/03/2024
Vietnamese beauty fans have found similarities between the new Miss World 2024 and Miss World Vietnam 2023 Huynh Tran Y Nhi. However, in this regard, perhaps Y Nhi is still better than Krystyna Pyszková when she still maintains complete happiness after the coronation.

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Suspecting that runner-up Dao Hien followed in the footsteps of Y Nhi to study abroad, Minh Kien alone shouldered the Top 3 MWVN?

Keng17:28:02 04/12/2023
At noon on December 4, the 1st runner-up of Miss World Vietnam 2023 - Dao Thi Hien made headlines when sharing photos at Singapore Changi International Airport. The beauty confirmed a safe landing .

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Gavin - Bau Krysie's lover is compared to Y Nhi's boyfriend, causing sadness because they did the same action

Đình Như17:00:23 30/11/2023
In the last night of The Face Vietnam Final, to support Bau Krysie's spirit, Gavin was also present. The guy hugged flowers to give to his lover and quickly attracted attention from netizens.

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Do you think you secretly went to Australia, turned out to "bypass" the media to pay for fans to surround the airport?

Gia Linh15:51:39 06/11/2023
Earlier, social media circulated a photo of Y Nhi and her boyfriend quietly checking in at the airport during the night, causing people to be surprised. But recently, the image at the airport that day 1 once again caused a stir.

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Y Nhi before going to Australia 2 years: Restoration round 1, attitude worth discussing, fans always release undeniable photos?

Huỳnh Phúc07:04:23 03/11/2023
Recently, on social networks suddenly spread the image of Miss Y Nhi at a beauty establishment. Accordingly, with her strange appearance, the attitude of avoiding the camera made her question cutlery before studying abroad.

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Y Nhi boyfriend announced surprise when taking his girlfriend to the airport, talking wholeheartedly during 3 noisy months

Nguyễn Kim15:51:12 01/11/2023
From the time she was crowned Miss World 2023 until she got into a fuss, Miss Y Nhi has always been accompanied by her boyfriend. On the day of taking his girlfriend to the airport, Mr. Kiet had messages to his girlfriend that attracted attention.

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Y Nhi and her boyfriend's photos were revealed at the airport in the middle of the night. Aunt Dung personally came to see them off. Netizens speculated that they were going to study abroad

Pinky07:00:22 01/11/2023
Miss Y Nhi and her boyfriend Anh Kiet just made people stir when they suddenly showed photos of them appearing together at Tan Son Nhat airport. The beauty queen personally came to see them off, suspecting the queen of leaving showbiz and studying abroad. .

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New Miss Grand made Y Nhi "face-palm" just because of a special action with her post-coronation boyfriend

JLO13:48:51 29/10/2023
On the evening of October 25, the final of the Miss Grand International 2023 contest officially ended with the final victory belonging to the beauty from Peru - Luciana Fuster.

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Y Nhi is ready to reappear: surpassing My Tam, HieuThuHai - in the top 10 most "influential" people in social media

Khánh Tự15:55:07 19/08/2023
As usual, recently, Kompa released its list of the 10 most influential artists on social media for July 2023. It is known that this is a measured result - recorded across all social network activities of each individual and discussions mentioned by name...

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Huan Hua Hong advised Brother Jie to break up with HH Yi Nhi, promising to marry her daughter, her boyfriend after mysterious disappearance?

Hoàng Phúc15:01:39 14/08/2023
In recent days, Huynh Tran Y Nhi is a name that has received a lot of attention from the audience, most of which are not very positive. In it, the statement regarding her boyfriend made her reel.

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Y Nhi's boyfriend was suspected of "turning the car", the family ignored it when the future daughter-in-law had an accident, did they break up?

Thảo Mai14:46:28 03/08/2023
Only been crowned for 2 weeks, but the name Y Nhi of the reigning Miss World Vietnam 2023 is always a h.ot topic. She is one of the few Queens who dare to r.eveal their lover right after wearing the crown.

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