Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz?

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In a recent episode of TMI News, the audience was surprised by the list of Kpop female idols who own the most valuable house in the music industry today. Let's take a look at which female idols are right below this article!

5th place: Sunmi

Sunmi has been active in the K-pop music industry since 2007 as a member of Wonder Girls and is now a famous solo vocalist with a top-notch stage performance. Working hard for the past 15 years, it's not surprising that Sunmi can own a house of great value. According to the information given, Sunmi's house in Daechi-dong, Seoul capital is worth more than 1 million US dollars (more than 23 billion dong).

Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz? - Photo 1

Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz? - Photo 2

4th place: Yoona

Always a top name during 15 years of operation in Kpop as well as in the Korean entertainment industry and owns a total asset of about 20 million USD, so if Yoona is not in this Top 5, it will be a miracle. that's surprise. Yoona owns a luxury apartment located in the Lotte Castle system in Samsung-dong, Seoul.

Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz? - Photo 3

Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz? - Photo 4

It is known that Yoona's apartment has 4 spacious bedrooms and below, there are nearly 3 parks with many different utility services - just like a dream place for everyone. The apartment that Yoona lives in is also not cheap at all, about nearly 2.5 million US dollars (about 58 billion dong) - more than double the value of Sunmi's apartment, everyone.

3rd place: IU

Successful in both music and film, IU has long been considered the "giant" of her own life with a huge fortune. Therefore, the place where IU lives must be as valuable, luxurious and classy as her position in the current Korean entertainment industry. The place where IU is currently living is where only 0.0001% of Koreans can afford to live.

Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz? - Photo 5

Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz? - Photo 6

The multi-talented star born in 1993 currently lives in a luxury high-rise overlooking the city in Ichon-dong, Seoul. Depending on the layout and design, the apartments in this area will have different values, but the highest listed price is about 2.7 million USD (about 62.7 billion VND). IU's apartment is also worth the same.

2nd place: Krystal Jung

Surely many people will be quite surprised to see Krystal Jung surpassing 3 famous names IU - Yoona and Sunmi to get 2nd place in this ranking. Looking back, Krystal Jung is only 28 years old this year, but she has 13 years of experience in the profession - almost half of her life is being a celebrity.

Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz? - Photo 7

Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz? - Photo 8

Krystal Jung works hard in the fields of music, fashion, and movies, so if you can buy a luxury house, it's normal. The house that the beauty born in 1994 owns is located in a special complex of only 18 apartments, built on top of a hill in the residential area of Heukseok-dong, Seoul capital. Its value is about 2.8 million USD (about 65 billion VND) and has helped Krystal Jung become the "rich lady" runner-up in the Top 5 this time.

1st place: Suzy

The person who won the last one in this competition was none other than the "nation's first love" - Suzy. And Suzy was also born in 1994, so 1994lines should always be considered as having surpassed their seniors to dominate the top 2 positions in this compilation. Suzy's house is now a "suite"-style apartment with a very large area located in a European-style complex in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul.

Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz? - Photo 9

Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz? - Photo 10

In other words, Suzy's residence is more like a palace than an ordinary apartment or house. Of course, with this large area and unique style, its value must also be high - about 3.2 million US dollars (about 74 billion VND). A price just high enough for Suzy to become the female idol who owns the most valuable place in Kpop today.

Suzy - IU, who is the 'rich woman' who owns the most valuable house in Kbiz? - Photo 11

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