Sung Bau: The "boss" of vermicelli turned the world upside down, changing his life from nothing

Thiên DiMay 17, 2024 at 10:48

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Recently, Sung Bau - a g.irl of H'Mong ethnicity and living in Dien Bien - is making a splash on social networks with Sung Bau arrowroot vermicelli dish. Before being known to everyone, she had a difficult life.

Sung Thi Bau, Sung Bau's real name, was born in 2002 and is an ethnic H'Mong living in Dien Bien. Currently, she is famous on the TikTok platform with up to 566 thousand followers and received 20 million likes. In addition, she is also known for Sung Bau arrowroot vermicelli, a dish that has caused a stir on social networks.

Sung Bau: The boss of vermicelli turned the world upside down, changing his life from nothing - Photo 1

After getting married, Sung Bau stayed at home to farm and take care of the family while her husband continued to study at university in Hanoi. When they got married, Bau's husband had just finished his first year of school, so the young couple's life was quite difficult. While the wife works in the fields to raise the children, the husband also studies and works to pay for the expensive living costs in the city.

Bau's husband studied Construction. I also don't know if this industry has a future, but my husband really likes going to school, so I support it. My family doesn't have the means, so all the tuition and living expenses are earned by my husband. Go to school in the morning, work in the afternoon until 11-12pm. I also love my husband very much, even though we don't have time, he still cares for and watches over us" - she confided.

In April 2022, Sung Bau started a TikTok channel. She shares her everyday moments and confides about becoming a mother for the first time. At that time, Bau's life was quite difficult, he was pregnant but still had to carry a hoe to the fields to do heavy work. Even when she had morning sickness and craved sweets, she didn't dare buy them to eat:

"I was pregnant but I only craved sweets. My husband was far away and had no m.oney, so I didn't dare buy food. I still remember that time when my sister-in-law gave me a bag of candy, tears kept flowing when I held it in my hand. But I didn't dare. cry in front of you".

Sung Bau: The boss of vermicelli turned the world upside down, changing his life from nothing - Photo 2

After a period of establishing the channel, Sung Bau received love and affection from everyone because of his honest and gentle appearance. No elaborate filming, no makeup or filters, simple images of her life activities such as going to the fields to farm, going to the forest to pick bamboo shoots, eating plums, cooking, going to weddings,... that day. attracting more and more viewers. Because in any situation, Bau always thinks positively and tries to overcome difficulties.

Sung Bau: The boss of vermicelli turned the world upside down, changing his life from nothing - Photo 3

Sympathetic to this thought, some people sent m.oney and old clothes to help, some people advised her to try going on an e-commerce platform to sell local products. From here, her family's life took a new turn.

After giving birth to his first b.aby, from around September-October 2022, Sung Bau started selling hand Thai vermicelli. She opened a shop on the e-commerce platform, filmed product introduction videos and posted sales information. Initially, the support for Sung Bau was all out of sympathy for her difficult life. But when using it, many people were surprised by the quality of the product, so they supported and introduced it more widely.

Sung Bau: The boss of vermicelli turned the world upside down, changing his life from nothing - Photo 4

Gradually, Sung Bau arrowroot vermicelli became a popular name, especially many food reviewers "got involved" and gave many compliments. Sung Bau himself also regularly shares videos about the process of producing vermicelli and how to make dishes made from vermicelli. In particular, she also livestreamed orders, sometimes giving instructions on how to use them, sometimes directly mukkbang vermicelli for everyone to see.

Sung Bau: The boss of vermicelli turned the world upside down, changing his life from nothing - Photo 5

Up to now, after less than 2 years of business, the large arrowroot vermicelli product alone has had nearly 160 thousand sales. Not only does it help improve life, but selling online also brings significant changes to Sung Bau's family. In April 2023, she and her husband built a new house. Even though it was just a small wooden house and the total labor cost was only 11 million, for Sung Bau it was a huge asset.

One special thing that makes Sung Bau loved by netizens is that she often shares it with everyone around her. Since life was still difficult until now it has become less difficult, when she receives gifts from netizens, she shares them with everyone.

Many people even sent m.oney to Sung Bau so she could become a bridge to support difficult situations. After each time, she makes a clip to record the things she has done such as giving support gifts, cooking for children in the village, sharing clothes,... for everyone to see.

Sung Bau: The boss of vermicelli turned the world upside down, changing his life from nothing - Photo 6

Currently, Sung Bau is pregnant with her second c.hild, a g.irl. The mother of two children looks quite heavy and tired but still goes to work every day to earn extra income.

"When I was pregnant with my second b.aby, I really liked sour and spicy foods and craved bitterness. Last time I had such a craving for morning sickness, I ate 2 meals of bitter melon and bamboo shoots, so I felt very tired and couldn't breathe when walking. People often get sick. dizzy, even if I crave too much, I don't dare to eat much.

Before the 1st internship, working overtime was 120k/day, now it has increased a bit, heavy work is 200k, light work is 160k. Pregnancy episode 2 was more difficult than the first episode, luckily I had my husband by my side," Sung Bau shared.

Sung Bau's husband is often present to help his wife in his free time, supporting his wife during the last period of pregnancy. This makes the young mother feel very lucky.

After a long time selling vermicelli and diligently filming TikTok clips, Sung Bau is still receiving a lot of love from everyone. Her simplicity and kindness have scored points in the eyes of netizens. Everyone hopes that the mother of two children will have good health and a happy family life.

Sung Bau: The boss of vermicelli turned the world upside down, changing his life from nothing - Photo 7

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