Selena Gomez revealed her dating story after suffering and struggling because of being "kicked" by Justin Bieber?

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Recently, Selena Gomez had a conversation with Vogue magazine. Here, she happily shares her beauty secrets.

Selena said that she often uses red lipstick when going out to dinner. The beautiful female singer expressed, "I will definitely wear red lipstick when having dinner out. It makes me feel very classy and classic." Selena also revealed about her private life through her hobby of using lipstick. "And you know if I'm not dating anyone that's fine because I don't have to kiss anyone," she said. Selena's share is like implicitly announcing that she is single and attractive, all previous dating rumors are fake. Perhaps Selena is ready to accept new love after a long time of suffering because of a love affair with Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez revealed her dating story after suffering and struggling because of being "kicked" by Justin Bieber? - Photo 1

Selena Gomez started dating Justin Bieber from 2011. After many times of dissolving and merging, they officially "go their separate ways" in 2018. After "kissing" Selena, Justin married Hailey and ended up dating. enjoy a happy married life. Meanwhile, Selena is constantly facing health and mental problems. It took her a while to regain her balance. To this day, Selena still has to deal with the consequences of taking medication to treat her illness. As a result, she gained uncontrollable weight. Instead of being pessimistic, Gomez accepts the truth and keeps a positive attitude, seeking support from relatives and friends.

Recently, Selena Gomez tattooed a large rose on her back, causing a stir among netizens. Previously, supermodel Cara Delevingne also had a similar tattoo on her right side. Therefore, fans think that the two artists have double tattoos. Explaining on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Selena said: "This picture has many meanings. Cara used to call me Rosebud (meaning rose bud, pretty g.irl) while I also like roses. Now I got a rose and I love it."

Selena Gomez revealed her dating story after suffering and struggling because of being "kicked" by Justin Bieber? - Photo 2

The former Disney star revealed that there are many friendship tattoos with people who left an important mark on her life. In addition to Delevingne, Gomez has double tattoos with Julie Michales - musician Lose You To Love Me, her biological mother and other friends. Keith Scott "Bang Bang" McCurdy is the tattoo artist for Gomez. On Instagram, he posted a photo of the female artist and captioned: "Thank you for always being great." Delevingne's tattoo was also created by McCurdy's hand.

Insider reports that Selena Gomez has had at least 16 tattoos. In 2012, she first got a musical note tattooed on her right wrist, with the meaning of considering music as a goal of life and dedication. "My name is after the singer (Selena Quintanilla-Perez), and I'm also a singer," she explained. Gomez also has the Roman numeral LXXVI tattooed on the back of her neck, on her right thigh the words "God is my strength", the letter G (lowercase) on her neck in honor of her sister Gracie, the message "Love you" first self" tattooed in Arabic on Gomez's right back, among other tattoos.

Selena Gomez revealed her dating story after suffering and struggling because of being "kicked" by Justin Bieber? - Photo 3

When filming the "Ice Cream" MV with BlackPink in 2020, Gomez was seen tattooing the date of the kidney transplant on her right elbow. Sharing on CapitalFM, the singer said she would never forget that meaningful moment, and at the same time, she thanked Francia Raisa - a friend who donated her kidney to Gomez during surgery in the summer of 2017.

At the end of last year, Selena also received great news in her life. After many years of fighting in the music industry, the beautiful Selena Gomez has finally received her first Grammy nomination. If his ex-lover The Weeknd sulked at the Grammy, received a nomination even though he didn't submit the product, he didn't even bother to celebrate, then Selena Gomez is completely different.

Selena Gomez revealed her dating story after suffering and struggling because of being "kicked" by Justin Bieber? - Photo 4

The story is that at midnight on November 24 (Vietnam time), Grammy 2022 announced the list of nominated artists and works. In particular, Selena's Spanish album - Revelación - received a Grammy nomination in the category of Best Latin Pop Album. Originally not appreciated at the Grammy, this nomination made both Selena Gomez and fans very surprised.

Selena Gomez excitedly shared the good news on her personal Instagram with hundreds of millions of followers to celebrate. Seeing Selena happy, fans are also happy. Currently, the post to celebrate has nearly tens of millions of people sharing their hearts with the beautiful g.irl.

Selena Gomez revealed her dating story after suffering and struggling because of being "kicked" by Justin Bieber? - Photo 5

Selena Gomez can't believe she's been nominated for a Grammy: "Are you kidding me!? Revelación is nominated for a GRAMMY! This project is very special to me for so many reasons and it has would not have been possible without this amazing team by my side. I am forever grateful to all of you ️ and of course, my fans."

And there would be nothing special to say if the fans' attention didn't hit the number of people Selena Gomez tagged in the celebratory post. She was so excited that she tagged each member of her crew, record label, and even the cosmetics company she owned. Many fans joked that Selena pulled her entire family line to celebrate the first Grammy nomination. Selena Gomez is really lovely and makes fans proud.

Selena Gomez revealed her dating story after suffering and struggling because of being "kicked" by Justin Bieber? - Photo 6

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