Suri Cruise - Shiloh Jolie Pitt: 2 unfortunate "princesses" and a spectacular makeover that shocked Hollywood

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According to SCMP, Tom Cruise - Katie Holmes and Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie are the most noticed couples in Hollywood, although they are now divorced.

Both couples welcomed their first c.hild together in 2006. Tom Cruise's family welcomed b.aby Suri on April 18, actor Troy's family welcomed b.aby Shiloh on May 27 (previously Jolie-Pitt and Jolie adopted three people. c.hild). Recently, the Hollywood media had an article comparing the unbelievable coincidences between Suri and Shiloh that caught the attention of netizens.

Suri Cruise - Shiloh Jolie Pitt: 2 unfortunate "princesses" and a spectacular makeover that shocked Hollywood - Photo 1

Being welcomed by the media like an A-list star

In 2006, Shiloh and Suri were welcomed by the two biggest magazines of all time, Vanity Fair and People, and awarded a beautiful position on the cover. According to the New York Post, People had to spend $ 4.1 million to receive the nod of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This is an exclusive photo and the first time the powerful star couple let their daughter appear in public. The Jolie-Pitt family then donates all proceeds to charities. In the following years, Suri and Shiloh appeared densely on the covers of prestigious magazines. At the same time, two Hollywood "girls" are constantly being discussed by the press because of their branded clothes, lavish childhood, and appearances with famous parents.

It is not wrong to say that these are the two "golden spoon" girls of Hollywood. However, the marriage of the two girls' parents ended in regret. Suri is the only c.hild in a five-year marriage (2006-2012) between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. The divorce between the two stars took place quickly. Custody of b.aby Suri was given to Katie Holmes 11 days after the couple took each other to court. Currently, Suri Cruise lives with her mother in New York.

After many years together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their separation in 2016. The AP reported that this was one of the most regrettable divorces in Hollywood history. After 5 years of noisy litigation, Pitt and Jolie decided not to give in. They are in an intense legal battle over custody of Shiloh and his five siblings.

They are all affected by the discordant divorce of their parents

The biggest thing Suri and Shiloh have in common is that two Hollywood girls have a close relationship with their mother. In a conversation with InStyle magazine, Katie Holmes is confident about raising children alone. "I love her very much. My biggest goal in life is to raise her, to help her have her own personality. I want my c.hild to 100% decide who he is, to be as strong and confident as possible." .

Suri Cruise - Shiloh Jolie Pitt: 2 unfortunate "princesses" and a spectacular makeover that shocked Hollywood - Photo 2

Shiloh often appears next to her mother and sister Zahara from going down the street to eat, to the red carpet for the premiere of Angelina Jolie's movie. Recently, the 15-year-old g.irl was noticed when she wore her mother's Dior dress to the premiere of Eternals in London, England. "I kept saying she's prettier in a dress than me. I'm her mother. Now it's her turn to shine," the actress told E! Online. On the contrary, both Shiloh and Suri had a bad relationship with their father after their parents divorced.

During the time living with Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise was constantly called the "model father" by the media. The actor of the Mission Impossible series is constantly being recorded holding his daughter in crowded places, taking her to lavish events. When the court announced that the actor and Katie Holmes were officially single, Tom Cruise was reported by the media that he had not seen his children again. Previously, the court granted custody of the British actress. Top G.un movie stars are only allowed to visit their children 10 days a month. The last time Tom Cruise took pictures with Suri was in 2012, when the actor took his children to Disneyland. It has been 9 years, he has not seen his daughter again.

In October, Tom Cruise went to San Francisco, USA to watch basketball with his adopted son. The reunion of the father and son caught the attention of the Western media. However, the newspapers questioned why he did not visit his biological daughter Suri Cruise after many years. SCMP believes that the relationship between Brad Pitt and his daughter Shiloh is also difficult. After filing for divorce, Angelina Jolie has custody of 6 children. According to Page Six, the Maleficent star does not want Brad Pitt to raise children. The actress's representative said Brad Pitt is not a good father, having had a quarrel with his son Maddox. That makes it difficult for Brad Pitt to heal with his children, especially his daughter Shiloh. For many years, Brad Pitt has not had a photo or intimate moment with 6 children. The actor is now determined to share custody of the children with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, according to the New York Post.

Hollywood's shocking makeover

Shiloh and Suri are both "Hollywood royalty". However, only Shiloh still enjoys the family aura. Jolie-Pitt's first daughter lives in Los Angeles. She is often seen appearing with her mother at famous events in the city. Shiloh became the focus of the media when she decided to change her style from tomboy to feminine. The image of Shiloh with long hair, wearing a skirt constantly appeared on the newspaper pages. SCMP thinks that she makes a strong impression when pursuing a feminine and elegant image.

Suri Cruise - Shiloh Jolie Pitt: 2 unfortunate "princesses" and a spectacular makeover that shocked Hollywood - Photo 3

Contrasting Shiloh's popularity is Suri's idiosyncrasies. Tom Cruise's daughter is often photographed walking down the street with her mother. She has a normal life with her famous mother. The 15-year-old g.irl is currently attending a private school in Manhattan. Suri often goes down the street with friends at school.

Suri Cruise - Shiloh Jolie Pitt: 2 unfortunate "princesses" and a spectacular makeover that shocked Hollywood - Photo 4

SCMP believes that Suri is a miniature version of Sarah Jessica Parker - a famous star with a stylish style in New York. Tom Cruise's daughter does not wear designer clothes or appear on the red carpet, major fashion events, but she scores with an impressive street style. At the age of 15, Suri is associated with a crop top, high-waisted pants, matching accessories. SCMP says her style inspires fashion bloggers. Photos of Tom Cruise's daughter constantly appear on pages that suggest style and dress well.

Suri Cruise - Shiloh Jolie Pitt: 2 unfortunate "princesses" and a spectacular makeover that shocked Hollywood - Photo 5

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