"Thai Prince" Nichkhun was asked to "behead" Kim Than for an unbelievable reason

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"Shine! Super Brothers" (roughly translated: Chase the light! Brother) is a competition that brings together male idols of different ages and styles to compete on the same stage.

They will "tear off" the idol label and bring fierce battles. Finally, an artist who represents the spirit of "always shining" under any circumstances will be selected to become the charity ambassador of Alibaba Charity Foundation.

"Thai Prince" Nichkhun was asked to "behead" Kim Than for an unbelievable reason - Photo 1

The lineup to participate in season 2 with the appearance of Chinese star Truong Ve Kien, "Thai prince" Nichkhun and 19 other male gods promises to cause fever in the online community in the near future. The 21 male artists in "Immortal Lineup" will make a grand appearance on stage to showcase their talents, professionalism, and love for art through impressively staged and well-presented performances.

"Thai Prince" Nichkhun was asked to "behead" Kim Than for an unbelievable reason - Photo 2

Some famous names appearing in the program can be mentioned as Truong Ve Kien, Nichkhun, Ngo Kien Hao, Luu Da, "Hong Kong Photo Emperor" Ngo Tran Vu, Chu Hieu Au... "Pursue the light" Go!" is a way for the program to remind the shining youth of Chinese male gods 6x to 9x. Although they have debuted for a long time, in this show, they will once again return to the thrill of standing in the limelight, seeking to bring out their talents in front of judges and audiences to successfully attract the attention of the audience. Take care of people and win.

"Thai Prince" Nichkhun was asked to "behead" Kim Than for an unbelievable reason - Photo 3

The program not only attracted the attention of the teen audience, but above all, the 8x age group because of the appearance of the star Truong Ve Kien, who made a splash in the 80s - 90s through movies. famous television. Compared to the first season, this show has a change in form when the "contestants" are not only diverse in age and nationality but also in artistic activities such as singers, actors, and dancers. .. It's Dimash Kudaibergen - Kazakh "prince" with surreal voice; Nichkhun - the idol from the Korean group 2PM, or the actor Bie KPN with two Chinese-Thai bloodlines...

After a week of rest because it coincides with the New Year, Chasing the Light! Shine! Brothers season 2 returns, bringing new challenges. In this episode 7, the teams were brought to experience traditional Chinese culture, creating opportunities for the artists to be excited and creative for the next competition night. More than just a tour, the teams must complete the challenge well to get an advantage in choosing songs for the elimination night.

"Thai Prince" Nichkhun was asked to "behead" Kim Than for an unbelievable reason - Photo 4

Tran Vu's team made everyone laugh when they came up with a more humorous scenario to rescue Kim Than. Nichkhun is the great hero to rescue the beauty when he receives a request through a dating application, while the eldest brother Tran Vu follows only to do the translation task. When he saved the beauty, Tran Vu personally asked "Thai Prince" to... behead Kim Than because her beauty was too different from the pictures on the internet. This situation made the audience unable to hold back their laughter.

"Thai Prince" Nichkhun was asked to "behead" Kim Than for an unbelievable reason - Photo 5

Nichkhun is an American idol of Thai origin and is famous in Korea. When he debuted with 2PM, the star born in 1988 was considered a successful foreign singer in the land of kimchi. He is in a group of Gen 2, at the same time as SNSD, Super Junior, Big Bang... This is the period when Kpop flourished, idol attraction spread throughout Asia. 2PM in general and Nichkhun in particular have made a certain impression. When he first debuted, the 2PM member was called "Thai prince" by fans. The beauty of the student in contrast to the toned b.ody helps the male singer to be admired by many fans. When they appeared in We Got Married - a celebrity dating game show - with Victoria from f(x), the two stars proved even more attractive.

From Korea, the male singer entered the Asian market. In 2012, he returned to Thailand, for the first time acting in the TV series Seven Something. In the following years, Nichkhun starred in One and a Half Summer, Forever Young (China), The Kindaichi Case Files (Japan)... His name is far beyond the Korean border, making his mark in many awarding villages. the great mind of Asia.

As a Thai-American, Nichkhun had a lot of problems with the language. It wasn't until 2016, after a period of practice and fluency in Korean, that the male singer confidently played his first leading role in a Korean drama. Participating in Magic School, although it did not make a big splash, the 32-year-old idol's acting was recognized by the audience.

"Thai Prince" Nichkhun was asked to "behead" Kim Than for an unbelievable reason - Photo 6

In 2018, Nichkhun went to Thailand to participate in the movie Brother of the Year. The work was a resounding success, topping the box office on the day of its release, becoming the second highest-grossing film in the Golden Temple country in 2018. The same, he released the album Me, held a solo concert in Japan, appeared in the Chinese web drama Shall We Fall in Love.

In 2019, the male singer continued to play a small role in "Arthdal Chronicles" - a historical drama with the participation of actors Jang Dong G.un, Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won... When playing with a famous star , Nichkhun's acting proved inferior. However, he is still considered by fans to have a handsome look like when he was famous

Currently, Nichkhun is still hard at work in art, acting in movies, and singing no less than any other star. However, the male singer's charm is no longer the same, even in Korea. The heyday of Gen 2 is over, Nichkhun is still a big name in Korea but gradually giving way to junior groups like Black Pink, BTS, Seventeen... Compared to other singers like G- Dragon (Big Bang), Siwon (Super Junior), "Thai prince" are rarely mentioned by the media as before. At the age of 34, Nichkhun still retains a youthful face and toned b.ody. Loyal fans of the male singer still follow his every step. However, the "Thai prince" has not been able to regain the same glory as before, in both acting and singing.

"Thai Prince" Nichkhun was asked to "behead" Kim Than for an unbelievable reason - Photo 7

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