Binz has a strange move in the middle of the student being "unmasked", netizens say "save Kellie"?

Duyên TrầnJan 22, 2022 at 15:40

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Right on the eve of the final of Rap Viet season 2, Kellie - the female warrior of the Binz team, suddenly met with a scandal with the old management company.

Amidst the students' noise before the final, on the personal page, Binz - Kellie's teacher at Rap Viet also made a move on his personal page. Specifically, the male rapper posted a reflection image with the status line: "Silently watching life and learning".

Binz has a strange move in the middle of the student being "unmasked", netizens say "save Kellie"? - Photo 1

Although it is not known if Binz has any hidden meaning behind the student's controversy, but referring to the two words "life game", the online community has paid attention and even reminded the coach to "save" Kellie.

Binz has a strange move in the middle of the student being "unmasked", netizens say "save Kellie"? - Photo 2

Regarding Kellie, it is known that the old management company has posted a post saying that it has cooperated with Kellie since March 2020 and facilitated, planned and produced articles for her during the Rap Vietnamese competition. The company also confirmed that the female rapper's exams were all penned by members of the company.

However, the company informed about the contradictions, not with the same voice when Kellie entered the program Rap Viet deeply. Specifically, Kellie's side and her family wanted to stop cooperating with this company, but when the company wanted to work and pay production costs during the cooperation period, the female rapper avoided it, even having an attitude. indecorous.

Binz has a strange move in the middle of the student being "unmasked", netizens say "save Kellie"? - Photo 3

Kellie's former management company said that from now on, the female rapper will no longer be related to the company, but the company will carry out legal procedures if she continues to use the songs she is currently using. under the copyright ownership of the company with related parties.

In addition, a member of Kellie's former company also posted a complaint that she took advantage of her brain and confirmed that many times she evaded and refused to meet the company's side. This person also said: "I hate being used for my effort and brain. Art is a brain that can't be taken advantage of. Making art is not free (except for the community)".

Binz has a strange move in the middle of the student being "unmasked", netizens say "save Kellie"? - Photo 4

Immediately after being "unmasked" by her old company, Kellie also made a move on her personal page. Accordingly, she implied that the old company could not sign the contract, so "blame" and "smash". She also asserted that the evidence or contract is just a word of mouth and does not give up all her efforts.

Binz has a strange move in the middle of the student being "unmasked", netizens say "save Kellie"? - Photo 5

Originally posted on Kellie's old company fanpage:

"OFFICIAL NOTICE" the case of KIM ANH - (Kellie) and 1Billion Records.

After not being able to come to a consensus with Kellie's representatives (family and management), 1Billion Records regrets to announce the case of Kellie - formerly a member of 1Billion Records.

Kellie is a talented and promising g.irl who was brought in by a shareholder of 1Billion Records (1B) to cooperate with the company in March 2020. It was at that time that Kellie had just terminated her contract with another entertainment company. And 1B was happy to facilitate and manage Kellie from that point on. As a member of the family of a 1B shareholder and also entrusted by Kellie's family to the company, 1B created the best conditions and planned for her activities and competitions. From producing and creating songs for Kellie to participate in the Vietnamese Rap competition to building Kellie's image and communication. Team 1B has been involved in that process from the very beginning, simply because that's what a music production company and artist manager needs to do (those who've been following 1B for a long time will know for sure. This). Again, the songs that Kellie used to enter the Vietnamese Rap competition were all written by the members of 1Billion Records.

However, it is worth mentioning that when Kellie entered the Vietnamese Rap program, the Kellie family wanted to stop all cooperation with 1Billion Records. Because it is a case that has not signed a management contract, 1B has agreed with Kellie's family to not continue to cooperate as a management company and artist.

However, the real problem started here when Kellie's family wanted to shake their hands and ignore all the effort that 1B team put into Kellie from day one. There have been many times when party 1B wanted to meet with Kellie's family to agree on the termination of cooperation and payment of production costs during the operation at 1B. But the things received from Kellie's family and manager (formerly Kellie's manager was also an employee of 1Billion Records) are all avoidance, even in a very...not polite way. 1B has emailed the voucher and all related documents so that Kellie's family has a payment plan for the company. However, after many attempts to negotiate 1B did not come to a final agreement because Kellie's side did not have goodwill to cooperate.

With 1Billion Records, Kellie is a cute l.ittle g.irl full of talent and promise, she's not to blame for this. But the avoidant and defiant behavior of Kellie's family and representatives made 1B f.orced to speak up because we think this is an act of a.buse and theft of the brains of the 1Billion Records team.

After the official announcement of this case. 1Billion Records has confirmed that it is no longer related to Kellie. However, the company will proceed to the next legal issue in case Kellie will continue to use the songs currently under the copyright of the company with the related parties. Hopefully Kellie's family and representatives will have a more reasonable, polite and civilized way of dealing with this matter and with future partners for the future of this young g.irl and her family. talent."

Binz has a strange move in the middle of the student being "unmasked", netizens say "save Kellie"? - Photo 6

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