Chompoo Araya shows off her beauty in Cannes, her billionaire husband immediately does something cool

Bút MáyMay 24, 2024 at 16:10

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Recently, on her personal page, Chompoo Araya posted a photo of herself attending an event on the sidelines of Cannes wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier dress and high-end Boucheron jewelry.

Sanook newspaper described that in front of the "forest" of cameras, the Thai star confidently posed, "shining like a flower". Many viewers praised the attractive actor.

Chompoo Araya shows off her beauty in Cannes, her billionaire husband immediately does something cool - Photo 1

In the comments section, billionaire Nott Visrut dropped his heart and praised his beautiful wife. According to Thairath, Chompoo Araya brought six suitcases of costumes and accessories during the days of the film festival. For many years, she has been a familiar guest at this event, considered by Thai media to be the most powerful artist in the country.

A few days ago, Chompoo Araya attracted attention at Cannes thanks to her powerful appearance like a queen on the red carpet. Wearing a uniquely designed and sophisticated black dress, Chompoo Araya quickly attracted camera lenses as soon as she appeared in Cannes. The Thai star's sharp visual and luxurious and powerful charisma make fans admire her.

Chompoo Araya shows off her beauty in Cannes, her billionaire husband immediately does something cool - Photo 2

However, it was the diamond jewelry set that Chompoo Araya wore that became the focus and attracted the attention of netizens. According to Teenee, the Tbiz queen wore necklaces, rings and earrings from Boucheron's Hiver Impérial high-end jewelry collection with a total value of more than 120 million baht (more than 83 billion VND). Many people were surprised by Chompoo Araya's great "playfulness" at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Chompoo Araya shows off her beauty in Cannes, her billionaire husband immediately does something cool - Photo 3

Chompoo Araya, born in 1981, is a famous actor, model, host and fashion icon in Thailand. She is an exclusive actress of CH3 (Thailand) and one of the best-earning female stars in Thailand.

Thanks to his outstanding appearance with a height of 1.7 m and mixed British and Thai b.lood, Chompoo quickly became a charming "hybrid rose" of the Thai screen. She appeared in more than 40 television films. Many famous projects with Chompoo's participation include The Lover's War, Fiery Sand, Strawberry Garden of Love or the movie Crying G.irl, The Badass Avatar...

Chompoo Araya shows off her beauty in Cannes, her billionaire husband immediately does something cool - Photo 4

According to Khaosod, Chompoo Araya is known as the fashion icon of the Thai entertainment industry. She has repeatedly attracted attention with her different and diverse style, especially each season of the Cannes film festival. Currently, Chompoo Araya does not act regularly but focuses on business. However, the actress is still the representative for more than 20 brands with many international fashion brands in Thailand.

Chompoo Araya has been passionate about art since 1999 and up to now, she has built a strong foothold in the Thai entertainment industry. Chompoo Araya is called the "glamour queen", "big sister of Thai entertainment", "red carpet queen" or "Thailand's Fan Bingbing" by the media and fans thanks to her wide coverage. media waves and striking appearance.

Chompoo Araya shows off her beauty in Cannes, her billionaire husband immediately does something cool - Photo 5

At the age of 43, "big sister" Chompoo Araya has everything every g.irl wants such as beauty, wealth, a flourishing career and a perfect marriage with her rich husband. Her husband is a young Thai billionaire - Nott Witsarut. He has the inheritance of a large company and is as handsome as movie stars.

Chompoo once shared that there were many temptations around her and many suitors, but she only loved and was faithful to Nott Visrut. In 2015, young billionaire Nott Witsarut stirred up Asian public opinion when he held a luxurious wedding with a beautiful Thai actress.

Chompoo Araya shows off her beauty in Cannes, her billionaire husband immediately does something cool - Photo 6

After getting married, Chompoo was still given the opportunity by her husband to participate in entertainment activities. He accompanied her to attend many major events abroad such as Cannes Film Festival, Paris Fashion Week...

On his personal page, businessman Nott Visrut often shares happy family moments and is proud of his woman. When not busy, he takes the opportunity to take his wife and three children on trips abroad.

Chompoo said that although her husband did not prevent her from doing artistic activities after getting married and having children, she decided to refuse long projects or multi-episode filming shows because she wanted to spend time with her children.

Chompoo Araya shows off her beauty in Cannes, her billionaire husband immediately does something cool - Photo 7

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