Best Eyed Female Star: Jisoo surpasses Lee Young Ae, surprises No. 4

Hoa TuyếtFeb 10, 2024 at 09:37

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Not only possessing the beauty of thousands of people, but Jisoo also entered the ranking of female stars with the most beautiful eyes. In addition to the eldest sister BLACKPINK, many other popular beauties also appear on this list.

Accordingly, doctors specializing in cosmetology voted to choose the Korean actors with the most beautiful eyes. Coincidentally, the names in the top 4 are all beauty icons of kimchi, which are standard aesthetic models.

Best Eyed Female Star: Jisoo surpasses Lee Young Ae, surprises No. 4 - Photo 1

"The nation's first love" Son Ye Jin is currently at the top of the list of beauties with the most beautiful eyes. Meanwhile, the eldest sister of the popular group BLACKPINK - Kim Jisoo also holds a high ranking, competing with the "big sister".

Mentioning the beauty with the most beautiful eyes without ignoring Son Ye Jin is a big omission. Because Hyun Bin's wife possesses rare and hard-to-find smiling eyes of the entertainment industry. According to cosmetologists, her eyes reach the golden ratio, the length of the eyes is moderate, in harmony with the eyebrows.

Best Eyed Female Star: Jisoo surpasses Lee Young Ae, surprises No. 4 - Photo 2

More specifically, the eye shape of the beauty surnamed Son can also change amazingly, when it is large and round and attractive, sometimes curved in the shape of a crescent looks very lovely.

Because of possessing beautiful eyes, Son Ye Jin's overall face becomes harmonious and fresh. Her appearance brings a sense of fragility, wanting to be protected, in accordance with the title "first love of the nation" that everyone bestows. Even though she is in her 40s, the actress's eyes are still very bright, always filled with happiness.

Best Eyed Female Star: Jisoo surpasses Lee Young Ae, surprises No. 4 - Photo 3

Jisoo is also a special case of Kbiz, as she possesses eyes that are not too big, but are very harmonious with her face. When standing next to her fellow members, her eyes were brighter and more inspiring.

Perhaps that's why the idol born in 1995 achieved success when she turned to acting. Remember the time when the beauty surnamed Kim played "Snowdrop", although she is a new actress, but her ability to act with eyes makes everyone admire.

Best Eyed Female Star: Jisoo surpasses Lee Young Ae, surprises No. 4 - Photo 4

According to experts, the ratio of white to black in the eyes of vocalist Flower is also ideal. This helps her eyes look glittering, her pupils dilate beautifully without the help of contact lenses. A perfect "window to the soul" makes it easy for Jisoo to "weigh" a variety of makeup.

Lee Young Ae is the beauty symbol of Korea, comparable to Kim Hye Sun. One of the factors that makes the heroine Dae Jang Geum stand out is her large round double eyelids.

Best Eyed Female Star: Jisoo surpasses Lee Young Ae, surprises No. 4 - Photo 5

Especially when the eye pupils are naturally brown, not jet black like normal people. This makes the gaze of the actress surnamed Lee become captivating and mysterious.

Currently, Young Ae has turned 60 years old, but her beauty is still very well maintained. The older she gets, the more beautiful her eyes are, always giving a sense of attraction whenever she appears at big events. In the recently released movie "Maestra: Strings of Truth", the actress's eyes are beautiful despite the camera angles.

Best Eyed Female Star: Jisoo surpasses Lee Young Ae, surprises No. 4 - Photo 6

Maybe, many people will be surprised by Jo Bo Ah's appearance in this ranking, because compared to the rest of the names, she has not really stood out in terms of fame and beauty.

However, after seeing the recent images and her ability to act with her eyes, the audience has a much different view. According to cosmetologists, the actress possesses larger than usual eyes, and the length and height of her eyes are also ideal.

Best Eyed Female Star: Jisoo surpasses Lee Young Ae, surprises No. 4 - Photo 7

In response to rumors of Jo Bo Ah's eye cosmetic intervention, experts have confirmed that her beauty is completely natural. They cite that, from youth to adulthood, her eyes have barely changed.

Best Eyed Female Star: Jisoo surpasses Lee Young Ae, surprises No. 4 - Photo 8

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