BLACKPINK received extremely good news after leaving YG, Jisoo was the most shocking

Mộc TràJan 11, 2024 at 14:21

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After publicly announcing that they would not renew their personal contract with YG, BLACKPINK's "every move" received enthusiastic attention from the public.

According to Naver, Jisoo re-signed Blackpink's contract with entertainment company YG Entertainment. However, her personal activities are managed by another company. As soon as this information was announced, YG Entertainment also moved to remove Jisoo's name from the group of actors under the company's management.

BLACKPINK received extremely good news after leaving YG, Jisoo was the most shocking - Photo 1

Korean media said that Jisoo decided to join her brother's company - BioMom.

BioMom is originally a functional food company for children, but has announced it is recruiting more employees to open an entertainment business called Blissoo, in which Jisoo is the main artist.

Since January 3, recruitment information believed to be from Blissoo company has been continuously shared. The company said that they are rapidly expanding their domestic and international entertainment business to receive more love from Kpop (Korean youth music) fans.

Jisoo's image is also used in the company's recruitment announcement. Many Blackpink and Jisoo fans invited each other to apply for the idol's company. They are excited to know that their idols are going out on their own and taking the initiative in their personal artistic activities.

On January 9, pictures of Jisoo filming outdoor scenes for a new project were widely shared on Asian social networks. Some opinions say that Jisoo is filming for the drama project Influenza , a film with an apocalyptic theme.

Influenza is based on the novel of the same name by author Han Sang Woon and the script is written by Han Jin Won - the screenwriter who won an Oscar for Parasite (Parasite).

BLACKPINK received extremely good news after leaving YG, Jisoo was the most shocking - Photo 2

Jisoo's character is described as a young g.irl going through a difficult time after breaking up with her boyfriend. She gradually has to become stronger to f.ight in the war of survival with zombies.

Jisoo (born 1995) is famous for her beautiful appearance and singing ability. She officially joined YG Entertainment since 2011, debuting as a member of the Blackpink group since 2016.

In addition to her achievements with the global group Blackpink, Jisoo also has notable personal achievements. In 2023, her song Flowers became globally famous and reached nearly 500 million views on YouTube.

The beauty born in 1995 is the Blackpink member with the most filming experience. She made a good impression on fans when she first took on the female lead role in the Snowdrop project (2022).

In 2023, she took on a supporting role in the project Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman and was invited to participate in the Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint project with Lee Min Ho, Ahn Hyo Seop and Nana.

Jisoo is said to have a sweet, innocent appearance, very suitable for filming. Fans also hope that, when proactively managing and orienting their work, the 9X generation female idol will have more interesting and diverse experiences with cinema.

The Circle Chart Music Awards 2023 (CCMA 2023) ceremony was held at the BEXCO convention center (Busan, Korea).

Although there are no big names participating, the awards ceremony still brings together a lineup of quality artists: NCT DREAM, Akmu, Zerobaseone, Hwasa (Mamamoo)...

BLACKPINK received extremely good news after leaving YG, Jisoo was the most shocking - Photo 3

Compared to Korea's Billboard music awards, most w.inning artists received approval from the audience.

Because most of CCMA's titles are based on the achievements of music charts instead of the evaluation of a professional council.

This regulation is also a key factor that has helped Circle Chart Music Awards create its reputation and objectivity over the past 12 years.

BLACKPINK received extremely good news after leaving YG, Jisoo was the most shocking - Photo 4

However, the point that makes many audiences complain is that this year the Circle Chart Music Awards has innovations in terms of awards, when the Artist of the Year title is divided into four categories including:

- Album sales.

- Online music revenue.

- Unique Listeners (number of online listeners).

- Global Streaming (global streaming).

While last year, this prestigious Daesang a.ward was only divided into online music revenue and album sales segments.

BLACKPINK received extremely good news after leaving YG, Jisoo was the most shocking - Photo 5

At this year's Circle Chart Music Awards , NewJeans, (G)i-dle, Ive and Jungkook won Artist of the Year awards in many categories. Specifically:

Artist of the year (Global Streaming category): (G)i-dle - Queencard , Ive - I AM , NewJeans - Super Shy , Jungkook - Seven , Jisoo - Flower .

BLACKPINK received extremely good news after leaving YG, Jisoo was the most shocking - Photo 6

Artist of the Year (Unique Listener category): NewJeans - Ditto , Le Sserafim - Unforgiven , Ive - I Am, aespa - Spicy , (G)i-dle - Queencard.

Artist of the Year (Album category): Stray Kids - 5 Star , Seventeen - Seventeenth Heaven , NCT Dream - ISTJ, TXT - The Name Chapter: Freefall , Jungkook - Golden .

Some other awards of Circle Chart Music Awards 2023

Album of the year: NCT Dream - ISTJ.

Social network star of the year: BlackPink.

World K-pop star: NCT Dream.

Rookie of the Year: Zerobaseone (Album category), Babymonster (Global Streaming category), Riize - (Streaming category).

Best retail album of the year: Seventeen's FML .

Long-distance song of the year: Hype B.oy by NewJeans.

New icon of the year: Hwasa (Mamamoo), StayC.

BLACKPINK received extremely good news after leaving YG, Jisoo was the most shocking - Photo 7

BLACKPINK received extremely good news after leaving YG, Jisoo was the most shocking - Photo 8

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